Branded Fitness Supplement Dropshipping Fulfillment

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Dropshipping supplements can be wonderful or terrible. It’s easier to avoid the pitfalls associated with drop shipping supplements if you have eyes open. However, this also means that you must see the potential benefits and understand the risks.

Let’s now discuss six things that you should know before you begin dropshipping.

DropShipping Supplements: 3 Benefits

Dropshipping is a popular e-commerce model. Dropshipping is low-risk, easy to set up, and you don’t need to keep inventory. The product will go directly from the supplier to the customer.

These are just a few of the many benefits of drop shipping supplements…

A great way to quickly build a business

Dropshipping is an excellent way to quickly build your business. Dropshipping is a service that does the hard work of sourcing products and completing fulfillment.

It’s not necessary to order inventory or wait for shipments before you can sell. There are no need to worry about finding the right fulfillment option or purchasing any equipment.

You can build your website in a matter of minutes and then start selling. It all depends on how technical you are and what platform you use.

Supplements are highly in demand

Dropshipping supplements is a fascinating option, as supplements are highly in demand. They are a $121.6 billion industry, and they will grow to $278.02 million by 2024. Dropshipping the most sought-after supplements can help you jumpstart this market.

An astounding 68% of Americans use dietary supplements. This is a huge market that will only continue growing.

A Cheap Way to Start Your Own Company

Dropshipping supplements can be built quickly and inexpensively. Dropshipping supplements are popular because they don’t require you to purchase or keep inventory. Dropshipping is a way to only pay for the product you actually sell.

Private label supplement companies usually require at least 50 orders. This can quickly add up depending on which supplement you buy. You will still need to label the product and ship it yourself.

Dropshipping supplements can be a great way of testing the market, even if your supplement company is already established.

Three DropShipping Pitfalls to Avoid

Dropshipping supplements offer many benefits, but don’t let rose-colored glasses blind you to the dangers before you dive in.

Some Supplement Drop Shippers are not good

Dropshipping companies that sell supplements are not working directly with the manufacturer. Instead, they work with a supplier. It can be difficult to determine where the product came from or if it is genuine.

Before you start to sell the products to your customers, it is important to research any drop ship company.

Legally responsible

We now get to the next point. It is your legal responsibility to ensure the quality of the product you sell.

If the product that you sell to customers causes them to become sick or is of poor quality, it’s you who are at risk. Not your supplier. It is important to research drop ship companies and the products you will be dropping shipping.

You are not building your own brand

Dropshipping fitness supplements have one major disadvantage: you are not building your brand; you’re building another’s. You can think of yourself as a Walmart retailer. While you may be selling a product from another brand and making money, your customer could find the same product at Target.

Dropshipping is a competitive business model that often focuses on customer loyalty and price. This is a way to promote someone else’s products and brand, not your own.

One of the fastest-growing markets is dietary supplements right now. In 2016 the supplement industry was worth $122 billion with some forecasts predicting it will reach $278 billion by 2024.

The industry is booming and now seems the right time to start your own supplement business. You can even do it from your own home in this modern age of business.

No longer are you required to manage a warehouse or ship packages out of your basement. You don’t even need to manage a single product.

Dropshipping fitness supplements are a very attractive option.

DropShipping Fitness Supplements 101

Dropshipping is what? Dropshipping is essentially a fulfillment option where the seller works with a supplier who holds the inventory and ships it for them. Your supplier is only paid when the customer places an order. The customer receives the product directly without the seller having to handle it.

You only have to market and sell the product to customers. The rest is taken care of by the third-party supplier.

Dropshipping is an attractive and affordable option to start a business since you don’t need to purchase and stock inventory.

Drop Shipping Supplements: The Pros and Cons

Traditional drop shipping companies have many advantages and disadvantages.

There are some pros to this:

  • Purchase or keep any inventory
  • Lease a warehouse
  • Warehouse staff
  • Don’t worry about inventory management

Dropshipping products has one major drawback. While you may be creating an eCommerce store, you are still selling other people’s products and promoting their brands. Dropshipping is a highly competitive business where margins are almost non-existent.

There is a way out, private label fitness supplements.

How to build your own brand

Private labeling is the best way to create your own brand and business. Then drop shipping the products you wish to sell. Private labeling allows you to put your name and brand on any products you sell.

This way, you won’t waste time or money marketing products and brands of others only to have them beat on price.

If a customer falls in LOVE with the product you sell, it will be YOUR product and not another. Dropshipping fitness supplements and private labeling could be the perfect combination to help you build your brand.

Why on Demand Fulfillment?

On Demand Fulfillment can be your one-stop shop for drop shipping and private labeling.

We carry a wide range of the most popular fitness supplements on the market like:

  • Turmeric
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Ashwagandha
  • Chlorella
  • CLA

All our products are stored in-house so that they can be packed, labeled, and shipped directly to your customers. We only charge when customers purchase. We’ll even help you design labels for your products.

On Demand Fulfillment is a company with over 10 years experience in private labeling and shipping products. We can help you create your brand!