Woo Dropship Extension Review, Features, and Benefits

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Dropshipping is a business model that relies on fulfillment. You purchase the product that a customer orders from your online shop. The supplier will then ship the order to the customer. This WooDropship review will explain how this tool can simplify your dropshipping tasks.

Drop shipping is a business model that doesn’t require large capital. You don’t have to store or buy inventory.

Dropshipping allows companies to spend more time marketing, promotion, search engine optimization and bringing customers to their site. Dropshippers don’t need to worry about product cost, shipping time, or other inventory issues.

You will receive the retail price and shipping costs from each client who orders items from your website. Once you have received payment from your client, you can order the products you need from the supplier. After you have paid the supplier, the supplier will invoice you for the product cost and ship the items directly to the client.

AliExpress is one the largest international retail services. It is made up of several small businesses located in China that sell a wide variety of goods to customers all over the world. AliExpress dropshipping is just like traditional dropshipping.

AliExpress affiliates have the ability to go to their website to copy the products they wish to promote in their online shops. You can set your prices and markups. AliExpress will ship the products to you directly after you have sold an item.

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To begin, you don’t even need to have physical inventory. There are no other employees. You only need your brain and your computer. Dropshipping is a great way to make money online. You only need to purchase items once your customers place orders. AliExpress handles all the shipping and order fulfillment, so you don’t need any inventory.

Copy the AliExpress products you wish to sell into your site. It’s possible to create your own niche shop and fill it with hundreds of products. This doesn’t require much investment.

You can always start a new web store in a different niche if you aren’t getting the results you desire until you have the right product mix that is a consistent seller. To automate the entire process, you will need to invest some time and money in a web domain and web hosting. You have almost unlimited earning potential.

Here’s an example. Let’s suppose that you sell shoe brand X at $100 on your online store. After the customer has ordered a pair of shoes and paid you, the money is transferred into your bank account. You can then order shoe X from the supplier after you have received their payment.

To enter your order information including customer shipping address, you will use the supplier’s checkout form. Let’s assume that shoes cost $40. The supplier pays you and the merchandise is sent directly to your customer. That sale brought you $60! You don’t have any inventory!

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WooDropship Review: What is WooDropship anyway?

WooDropship simplifies the process of adding AliExpress items in WooCommerce and WordPress so that you can start dropshipping orders. AliExpress will become your dropship supplier for all products you add to your website. WooDropship has its own Google Chrome Extension. This extension will allow you to add AliExpress products in your store and enable you to place orders.

It automates shipping and makes it much easier to add items to your online store. You no longer have to manually add each product. It is possible to edit or modify product images, price and markups and customize product descriptions.

You can also use the plugin to automatically update prices if AliExpress prices rise. This allows you to track your profit margins, and makes sure that customers don’t order less. WooDropship also tracks AliExpress inventory levels, so you can update the inventory as needed.

What is WooDropship?

To begin, visit the AliExpress website and search for the products you wish to add to your shop. You can then use the WooDropship chrome extension to add these products to your WordPress site (i.e. WooCommerce).

After you click the “import” button, WooDropship will begin the import process. After the products have been imported, you will be able to log in to WooDropship to modify product titles and descriptions as well as add or remove product images.

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Once you have made all your changes, click the “Push Product” button. The WooDropship plugin will add the products to your store.

Once a customer has placed an order, log in to your WooDropship account. Click on the “order” button. This will take to AliExpress the products the customer has ordered. This will automatically populate the customer’s information.

Now, select “order” and you’re done! By placing the order, you just made some money. The whole process is easy to use and automated. WooDropship automatically marks all imported orders, so you don’t need to worry about duplicates.

Imports of Product

It is simple to import AliExpress products with the WooDropship plugin. The WooDropship Chrome Extension will allow you to import products into your online shop easily. Each AliExpress product you see will include a WooDropship button that says “Add to WooDropship Iport List.” Clicking this option begins the import process.

Editing AliExpress product descriptions, titles and images is something I highly recommend. These descriptions were clearly not written by English majors. I’m not saying that my own writing and grammar are excellent (check best tool for WordPress spell check). They are still of Pulitzer Prize quality compared to the titles and descriptions that you will see on many AliExpress items.

This is how to link your WooCommerce store with WooDropship.

  1. Click the “Connect Store” option on the left-hand.
  2. Include the URL of your store.
  3. Click the “Connect Shop” option located near the input field.
  4. Once you have done that, a new tab should open. Check your system settings to make sure popups are not blocked in your browser.
  5. If you are not already logged into your store, log in to continue the process.
  6. Logging in will bring up a screen asking for permission to WooDropship.
  7. Click on “Approve”. That’s all. Now you’re connected!
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You can also choose the price for each item in your online shop.

How to use WooDropship for product imports into your store

  1. Install the WooDropship Chrome extension first, then visit the AliExpress website.
  2. To import the products that you desire, browse the site’s product pages or catalog.
  3. As you scroll through these pages, an orange icon will appear next to each product when you hover over it.
  4. To add the products you choose to your WooDropship import order, click on the orange button.

Your WooDropship dashboard will display the Import List with all variants and products that you have selected. The pricing of each product will be displayed based on the Global Pricing rules.

Edit your pricing, product descriptions and titles as well as images can be done. Clicking “Push Product”, will add the item to your shop. You will be able see the pricing description, title and pricing for this item, as well as any variants.

Customization of Products

This option allows you edit product descriptions, images and variants as well as pricing. It will allow you to tailor your online store’s look and feel to your specific needs. Your customers will have a better understanding of your products through the descriptions, images, titles, as well as the descriptions. Your customers will know what to expect when placing orders with you.

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Built-in image editor

The built-in editor function is another benefit to this plugin. This feature is particularly useful for people who wish to add their company logo to product images. The editor allows you to remove AliExpress watermarks (see best free WordPress watermark plugin). This gives your website a unique look. This transforms your site from a drop-ship website to a premium website that offers quality products.


Automated updates are available for pricing, inventory, and variants. WooDropship will take variants out of your store options if AliExpress has removed them. WooDropship can also remove items from your store that are not available on AliExpress.

This plugin monitors AliExpress prices closely and adjusts your prices accordingly. This feature ensures that AliExpress affiliates have a comfortable price range.

Customizable Pricing Rules

WooDropship allows you to create your pricing rules. This includes how much profit you will make on every product you add to your AliExpress online store. You can also bulk edit pricing.

This option is available to you to determine which one suits your needs best. This option lets you determine shipping and taxes as well as any other charges that are included in the final price of each product.

Simple Order Fulfillment

WooDropship makes it easy to place orders. All it takes is one click. All the products are added automatically to the AliExpress Cart. Customer details are automatically filled out during the checkout process.

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This plugin makes it easy to set price markups for individual products or globally. Price markups can be applied to regular-priced as well as sale-priced products. You can also set prices to cents. You can also set prices in cents, such as.99,.98 or.97. This dynamic price markup function is unique and something that few others can offer.

WooDropship Chrome Extension

This extension saves a lot of time. It saves you time by not having to log in every time you use the internet. It will add the AliExpress products you have selected to your store. It also makes the following decisions:

  • Currency: You can accept USD, GBP and EUR currencies.
  • Shipping method and country: You have the option to choose where you want to drop off your order, who to ship it to and what shipping method to use for customers’ orders. WooDropship users use ePacket. Delivery can take up to 20 working days.

WooDropship Features

The WooDropship plugin has many valuable features. This plugin is essential for anyone who wants to start a WordPress dropshipping company. Because it has more features than Oberlo or Shopify, it’s a more affordable option.

WooDropship Pricing

WooDropship has four plans. The first plan is free, the rest are $14.99, $29.99, and $49.99 per monthly, respectively.

You get a free 7-day trial of the plan. This plan doesn’t require a credit card. You can fulfill up to ten customer orders per calendar month and import up 1,500 product variants onto your website with the free plan. You also get automatic order fulfillment, pricing automation and daily product sync.

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The $14.99 monthly plan has all the same features as the free plan except that you can import up to 3,000 product variants and fulfill 100 orders per month. You can fulfill 500 orders and import up 15,000 product variants with the $29.99 monthly plan.

You can fulfill unlimited orders per month with the $49.99 monthly plan and have up to 60,000 product variations. These two pricing options include all the same features as the free plan.

The Best WooDropship Alternatives

DropshipMe, AliDropship and Dropified are all popular alternatives to WooDropship.


AliDropship (check AliDropship review) is a popular AliExpress plugin that uses more traditional billing methods. There are no monthly fees. Only one-time payment. It includes the following features:

  • To ensure profitability, price controls
  • AliExpress allows you to import products with just one click
  • Automated order management
  • Your online store automatically updates product information and prices and syncs them with your online shop
  • You can edit images right from your WordPress dashboard
  • Review and import product ratings
  • AliExpress cashback program

This plugin is great by itself. However, you can also use it with WooCommerce to get all the functionality of WooCommerce utilities.

AliDropship is simple to set up and use. You have standard support options such as email and open forums. You can make up to 2000% profit. There are over 100,000,000 products available from 100,000 vendors. You don’t have to pay additional taxes or fees.

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Dropified can be very helpful for entrepreneurs who want to use their online store to sell items and then have the respective suppliers store, package, and ship them to customers. There are many products available. It integrates with WooCommerce and Shopify. You can test the service for 14 days before you commit to buying.

Dropified allows you to add AliExpress products directly to your online store. To source other products, you can also use the Google Chrome Extension. This plugin handles order fulfillment and ensures accurate product descriptions. You can also edit your photos in the app and get support from more than 30 vendors if you need it.

You can fulfill 50 orders per calendar month with the free plugin and upload 500 products to your online store. To have more product access and order fulfillment, you can purchase the Pro version.

Dropified notifies the supplier when a customer places an online order. The supplier will then ship the items requested to the customer. The supplier will send the customer an email with all details of their order and a tracking number.

This automated, simple process will free up your time so you can concentrate on marketing and promoting your store and finding great products to sell.


Dropship.Me (check DropshipMe review) is a great way to find tried and best-selling products to add to your online store from reliable AliExpress retailers. Editing products is not necessary before they are published to your online store. This plugin was designed to reduce the stress involved in managing inventory and delivery.

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You can quickly find the best suppliers and products from a curated list with just one click. Dropship.Me integrates with AliDropship. AliDropship is required to access features like automatic inventory updates and order fulfillment. Both plugins can be used simultaneously.

Dropship.Me differs from other dropship plugins by providing a filter list of the thousands of products available. These are just a few of the features it offers:

  • All products can be given professional titles and images, which eliminates the need to source product.
  • Each product is hand-picked from more than 45,000 products to ensure high quality. This makes it easy to quickly find the best vendors and products.

To give your store more credibility, you can also import product reviews. This plugin will save you time and money. You can also sell products in niches you are not familiar with.

Dropship.Me applies criteria to select products such:

  • Only select items are sold by reputable and respected vendors
  • The highest quality items are those that have the highest overall score
  • Current market trends
  • Current market demand for different items
  • Review feedback from past buyers
  • Products with the highest profit potential and ratings


  • Over 45,000 products available from a carefully curated list. This allows you to choose the most relevant items for your needs from the catalogs.
  • Only one-time payment is required. There are no hidden fees or monthly charges.
  • It saves time searching for and editing products
  • This plugin is SEO-friendly. To increase the likelihood of being found in search engines more often, all products have been curated with SEO in mind.
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  • It cannot be used alone. To fully enjoy the potential of AliDropship, you will need AliDropship

WooDropship Review Conclusion: Best AliExpress WordPress Dropship Plugin?

WooDropship allows online store owners the ability to create dropship AliExpress stores. They can import AliExpress products directly into their website. You can also automatically send AliExpress the products you order. AliExpress will fulfill the orders and mail the items to the customer. After you have completed your order, AliExpress will automatically get the customer information.

There are many great features available, such as product syncing to update pricing and inventory information, order fulfillment and more. AliExpress products can be added to Google Chrome with the Google Chrome extension.

It can also filter out products that offer only ePacket delivery options. WooDropship is similar to AliDropship. It allows customers to copy customer information, then paste it onto manufacturers’ websites such as AliExpress.

Anyone who wishes to set up a WooCommerce or WordPress dropship website can use the WooDropship plugin. You only need to make enough revenue to pay the WooDropship monthly fee after your first month of business. Dropshipping is a low-risk venture. Profit margins can often be as high as three times the operating cost.

The plugin comes with many features that will maximize your investment. It is easy to import products, automate order processing, update prices, and manage inventory. The WooDropship plugin can be a great option if you are interested in dropshipping.