7 Best Calendar Plugins For a Squarespace Website

List of Best Calendar Plugins For Squarespace

Squarespace is an online platform offering users various tools and resources for creating and running websites, with its calendar plugin making integration with personal or professional calendars easier than ever before.

The link-adding feature of the calendar plugin enables users to add links that lead visitors directly to more details or related pages, increasing interactivity and delighting user engagement. Furthermore, its adjustable default view feature caters to various user preferences.

Google Calendar Widget

The Google Calendar widget is an effective way to integrate an interactive event calendar into any website or blog, displaying events from your public calendar as well as providing custom styles and colors for event listings. Plus, its features allow for reminders and managing schedules from within Google Calendar app itself!

Your widget allows you to easily display multiple calendars side-by-side on your website, making this feature especially beneficial for businesses that operate across multiple locations or employ several employees who must manage their schedules independently. Furthermore, the widget is easily customizable according to your individual needs by adding or removing categories and filters as required – plus it’s compatible with multiple browsers and mobile devices so it allows others to share your calendar!

Google Calendar widget is free and user-friendly, making it ideal for websites looking to highlight events without overwhelming their visitors. Furthermore, its customizable nature enables you to choose between various layouts and colors to best fit with the design of your site.

Google Calendar app’s most recent version features an upgraded user interface with a darker theme and more prominent day and month views, plus an icon matching wallpaper color redesigned as well as a goal tracker which helps users set and monitor recurring goals – giving the calendar a modern feel. These changes may come as welcome relief to longtime users of this application.

To incorporate a Google Calendar widget on your website, first navigate to the section where it will be placed and open up the HTML editor in that location. Paste in your widget code in this area before clicking “Customize,” which will bring up an overlay window with various customization options.

iCalendar Widget

Calendars help us manage daily tasks, meetings and work effectively. They’re also essential in creating trust with website visitors – a well-kept calendar conveys a high degree of organization and professionalism while strengthening brand image and encouraging visitors to take action. Luckily there are various plugins available for WordPress which allow users to easily create visually appealing calendars on their sites.

iCalendar Widget is an easy way to add calendar widgets to any website, providing multiple display options – month view and list view, as well as supporting recurring events with venue location or organizer name displayed alongside them. Mobile-friendly and visually pleasing on tablets and smartphones alike, color customization allows you to tailor its appearance according to branding or personal preference.

iCalendar Widget offers another useful feature, enabling you to create presets which can serve as templates for new events. Furthermore, events can be organized into days, weeks, months, or lists so it is easier for you to quickly locate events of interest. Furthermore, the plugin integrates easily with external calendars and iCal files, helping keep you up-to-date.

Stachethemes’ Event Calendar is a relatively new WordPress events plugin, yet it boasts many features and works seamlessly out-of-the-box. Utilizing Google Calendar as its back end management solution and the front-end user interface being customized to match your WordPress theme; additionally, its booking management tool enables users to submit appointments or event booking requests via a form; making this an excellent solution for businesses that accept online bookings.

Other features of the plugin include an event photo gallery, map display for location information and global time zone support. Furthermore, its drag-and-drop builder helps create customized calendars quickly. Although free to use, if you require access to more advanced functionality then purchasing the premium version may be required.

iCalendar Plugin

If you’re in search of an easy, user-friendly calendar plugin that enables visitors to submit events and allows the option for monetization, consider Stachethemes’ plugin. It works just like desktop calendars do: add dates, choose an end time/recurrence option and post it. Plus, its Pro version offers more features, such as event countdown modules and booking systems – as well as integration with page builder plugins like WPBakery as well as translation plugins such as Weglot.

Craft CMS 3.0 site is required in order to run this free calendar app, supporting iCalendar format compatible with many native iCal clients including Apple’s Calendar application on a Mac, GNOME’s Emacs, Mozilla Sunbird/Mozilla Calendar, eM Client and Novell GroupWise. ICs-parse library underpins it for parsing both local files via path or remote files accessed through URL, while it’s supported by hCalendar which acts as a 1:1 microformat representation of iCalendar in semantic XHTML format.

It also supports iCalendar subscription feeds (ICS) and can easily integrate with external software like Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365 Outlook and iCloud Calendar on Mac/iOS devices. In addition to being mobile friendly and SEO optimized for search engines like Google and Bing, this calendar system is lightweight and maintenance free – ideal for busy professionals on the move!

All-In-One Events Calendar is an advanced yet lightweight WordPress plugin designed for websites hosting both virtual and physical events. This plugin enables the creation of single, never-ending, or recurring events and displays attendees according to their own or visitors’ timezones. Filter events based on categories, organizers and venues and create custom coding to further customize. Paid addons can support ticket sales as well as additional features like Zoom/Jitsi integration, an events attendance mode and event status reports. This plugin is responsive, mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly – great features for those new to WordPress who may need assistance navigating WordPress! However, some premium calendar plugins such as event registration and an iCal sync offer more features that this one doesn’t.

Events Calendar Widget

The Events Calendar Widget allows you to easily personalize the design of your calendar by changing its header color and font style, as well as changing how many events appear at any one time. Furthermore, it supports HTML code insertion before or after event data to add promotional messages or calls-to-action – making this widget one of a kind among its peers! The widget’s intuitive user experience sets it apart from similar plugins.

As an example, this widget lets you display upcoming events in two views: month view and event list view. Furthermore, you can choose whether to show photos or maps for each event and choose whether visitors can easily locate what they need through its upcoming events page. Furthermore, its widget can hide itself if there are no more events to list; saving valuable space on your website!

This WordPress plugin is free, yet offers various addons that extend its functionality. For instance, Google Maps integration lets you add event pages with maps directly into Google Search results while PayPal integration enables ticket sales online. There are even tools for creating custom event attributes and waitlisting recurring events – and another convenient feature lets you display events based on visitors’ time zones!

If you need an efficient events management solution for your website, consider the Modern Events Calendar plugin. With plenty of premade layouts for listing and displaying events, this versatile plugin is compatible with both Visual Composer and WooCommerce and features such as an event countdown module, booking system with various form builder options for signups and support for multiple date formats; complex recurrences (ie an event happening once every three days for two months); mobile check-in tool featuring QR codes with geolocation support to make finding events simpler for visitors; mobile check-in tool with QR codes and geolocation support to make attending events much simpler – helping visitors locate them easily so they can participate fully in them all!