Candle Making Supplies UK, Canada, and Australia

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The wholesale business of candle making is a big one. This article will help you find wholesale candle-making suppliers and how to make candles. It also includes tips on how to grow your candle business. Dropshipping homemade candles can be very profitable. This article contains more information and facts.

Let’s start…

Candle making is a craft that dates back thousands of years. It continues to be practiced today, though for different reasons. Before electricity, oil lamps and light bulbs, candles were a source for light. Many candle-making hobbyists are growing on a daily basis.

Wholesale Candle Making Supplies

Homemade candles are becoming a popular home accessory that is increasingly being sold by wholesale home decor companies. Consumers are becoming more interested in aromatherapy and home scents. Wholesale distributors of candle making supplies are becoming more popular because of the growing interest in handmade candles. There are many reasons to wholesale candles making supplies.

1. Candles require minimal capital to start: candles can be made at home for very little money. It is not necessary to spend a lot on the materials and ingredients required for candle-making.

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2. It’s easy to customize a candle: There are many varieties of candles available, making it easier for people to personalize their products to stand out from the crowd.

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3. Candles are a hot product: candles can be sold quickly, e.g. You can sell them online or offline.

Popular Homemade Candles

There are many types of homemade candles. Below are some of the best homemade candles:

1. Soy candle: This is the hottest candle variety

2. This is an aromatherapy/scented candle that comes in dozens of different flavors

3. Floral candles

4. Vegan candles: These are made from plant-based waxes and soy wax. They also contain natural fragrances and essential oils.

5. Buried Treasure candle

6. Decorative candles

What ingredients are required to make homemade candles?

The type of candle you are making will determine the ingredients needed. Below are the ingredients for making different types of candles.

i. Wax

ii. Wick

iii. Container

iv. Pot

v. Fragrance & Color

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vi. Double Boiler

vii. Jar

viii. Essential Oil

ix. Super Glue

x. Spatula

Where can I buy candle making supplies in Australia/Canada/UK?

1. Candles made from Tranquility Soy

This online candle shop is well-known for its exceptional customer service and high-quality candle products. These candles are handmade and available for purchase in the online store. They are made from 100% natural soy wax and premium-grade fragrances. Tranquility Soy candles make it possible for standard stock to always be available and ready for purchase. They offer Bulk Buy and Pre-Order policies.

Customers have the option to choose from a variety of scents and containers that are available in their shop. Tranquility has a minimum wholesale order of 100 dollars. The company continually improves and updates its online shopping website to ensure that customers have an excellent experience. This company offers a personalized service to cater for events, parties, weddings, bulk orders of gifts, and other functions.

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2. Candle Supply

This is an Australian-based online wholesale candle supplier. In late 2004, they introduced candle-making, and the actual business of candle-making was launched in 2005. They started in Australia and New Zealand, then expanded their business to a global level. Candle Supply is loved by its customers for these reasons:

i. Customers have the opportunity to start their own candle business

ii. Provision for a wide range of candles

iii. They will supply their products in a steady supply at fair and reasonable prices.

iv. Great and friendly customer service

V. A simple ordering process

vi. Shipping times for Tranquility usually take between 5 and 10 days

3. Busy Bee Candles

Busy Bee Candles is the ideal online wholesale supplier for anyone who wants to open a retail store. The wholesale company is located in the UK. Busy Bee is known worldwide for its exceptional and extraordinary services. Customers can choose from over 200 amazing fragrances. There are many fragrance products available, including wax melts, scented candles, Magik Benz, Magik Candle, and others. Busy Bee Candles can be your wholesale supplier for the following reasons:

i. Fast delivery

ii. Minimum order

iii. Email/Phone assistance available for friendly assistance

iv. Colorful and eye-catching products

V. Simple order


This online wholesale company is very popular all over the globe. Their business has been expanded to more than 200 countries. Chinabrands is a top online shopping site that offers candle supplies from all over the globe. They also offer other products such as beauty products, home decor and fashion accessories. Chinabrands are a great choice because of their fast delivery, large product source, professional logistics, and low prices/high-quality products.

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Here are 5 tips to make your candle making supplies wholesale more profitable

It can be difficult and stressful to sell wholesale candles. It is possible to make it a lot simpler if you use the right principles. Here are some ways to increase your wholesale candle manufacturing business.

1. Engage in Content Marketing

Search engine optimization is an amazing way to take advantage of blogs, whitepapers and podcasts. This will direct customers to your products. Your content marketing could include topics that relate to your candle-making product.

2. Create Your Product

This is a way to boost your wholesale candle making supplies. It involves selling your products first to end-users. You can then invest in a full-blown marketing program. You can sell your products to customers as a way to get feedback. You will get feedback from other buyers who may be interested in purchasing your products.

3. Launching An Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs have become a passive income method of growing your business. This is a way to get people to help you market and promote your product. It is a slow and tedious way to expand, but it is well worth it in the end.

4. Get Free Samples of Your Products

With new customers, the purchase decision is one of your biggest hurdles. People are often skeptical about spending money on new products. You can offer customers free samples, or give them your product as an incentive to buy more.

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5. Start a Crowd-Funding campaign

This is an investment method that can be used to fund a project in its initial stages. However, it can also be used to help propel your wholesale candle making supplies business. This is a great opportunity that you should explore.

How to market your wholesale candle making supplies business?

There are two options for marketing wholesale candle-making supplies business: offline marketing or online marketing.

1. Online Marketing Methods

Like many other business-to-customers businesses, online marketing seems to be the lucrative medium of selling one’s products. To reach customers around the globe, you can use digital platforms like e-commerce sites and social media. Although it is not possible to reach all customers on the digital platforms, it can go a long distance. These are some of the online options that you can use to market your wholesale candle-making supplies business.

1) Email Marketing: Data is the most valuable currency for online businesses. Email marketing is a great way to build a lasting relationship with your customers. You can send messages to customers’ inboxes such as promotions, brand news, and discounts.

2) Focus on Social Media. There is no current marketing campaign that has been completed without social media. Depending on which service you choose, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as many others, can be free or very affordable. This is an easy way to quickly spread information about your wholesale candle making supplies business to potential customers.

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3) Free Webinars: This is an effective method for those whose product is software-based. It helps you overcome the purchase decision.

2. Offline Marketing Methods

It is possible to sell candles on-the-go, as homemade candles are compact and easy to transport. These candles are ideal for displaying products at market booths or pop-up shops. You can market wholesale candle-making supplies using many offline marketing strategies.

1) Networking and Inspiration: This offline method allows you to connect with other entrepreneurs and makers. This is a way to be inspired by new ideas and innovations in creating new approaches and solutions as a result shared problems and ideas.

2) Find Wholesale Opportunities: There are many platforms that allow wholesale business. Take a look at the many opportunities and make use of them.

3) Develop Online Following/Email Subscribers. You need to follow up with every opportunity offline, in addition to connecting with customers online. If they visit your booth or shop, you can remind them or request that they subscribe to your email database. Encourage them to use social media to receive new products, giveaways and discounts.

Is it profitable to dropship candle making supplies or homemade candles?

Many people cannot part with candles, which has made candle making a very popular craft. Many people are now trying to find out if dropshipping candles is financially viable.

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Although statistics show that candle-making isn’t very popular, research has proven that it has increased in popularity worldwide. Dropshipping homemade candles is possible for anyone interested. There are still many products available.

How to Make a Homemade Candle

You can make many different types of candles in your own kitchen, as we have already mentioned. These steps will show you how to make your own soy candle.

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Gather the Ingredients: The ingredients required for the homemade soy candles are super glue, spatulas, wicks and soy wax. Also, you will need a pen, double boilers, Mason jars, thermometers, and essential oils.

These ingredients are available at the wholesale distributors of candle making supplies mentioned above. Wholesale Apothecary and AliExpress can sell soy wax. You can find the Mason jar on AliExpress or Etsy. For the rest of the ingredients, you can search at your local grocery store.

Step 1 – Prepare Your Wax and Container

To melt the soy wax, place it in a double boiler. You should fill the bottom pot with water, and then place the soy wax on top. Turn the burner to medium heat. Use a spatula or a whisk to stir the wax. Make sure to break up any leftover chunks.

Step 2 – The Use of Super glue

Once the wax has melted, use a wick to attach the end of the wick to the bottom. Allow the glue to dry before you pour the wax into it.

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Step 3 – Customize the Candle Mixture

After the wax has melted, you should add the essential oil to the mixture in a 1 oz per pound ratio. If you would prefer another color, mix the mixture with non-toxic crayons.

Step 4 – Check the Temperature and Prepare Your Pour

Once the ingredients are well combined, allow it to cool to 130- 1400F. It should reach this temperature. To confirm, you can use a thermometer. Once the wax mixture is at the right temperature, pour it into a jar. You can hold the wick straight up with one hand. Then, pour the mixture from the pan. The hot wax mixture should be filled to about 3/4 of the jar.

Step 5 – Adjustment of the wick

The pen should have the end tied to it so that the wick remains upright. Place the wick across the opening of your jar.

Step 6 – Let it cool, then top off

Before pouring the final pour, allow the wax to set up. You can make a small sinkhole in the wax around your wick. Next, wrap the remaining wax around your wick. Next, take 1/4 of the wax mixture and put it into the jar.

Step 7 – Trimming and finishing your candle

Allow the remaining wax to set completely. Once the wax has set, cut off any excess wick with scissors. The candle is now ready to go.

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Wholesale Candle Making Supplies Business

You have now a good understanding of the process that can help you start a wholesale candle-making supplies business. You should be able make and sell your candles using the tools and methods outlined above.