How to Edit or Customize Shopify Order Confirmation Page?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Shopify’s order confirmation page is the final step in the buyer’s journey before payment. Imagine yourself spending time in a physical shop and then deciding to place an order for a product. Finally, you decide that it is time to go. At the end of it all, the seller smiles warmly at you and thanks you for taking […]

How to Add or Install Klarna Payment APP to Shopify?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Klarna via Mollie can be used to accept payments for your Shopify websiteshop. Klarna has new payment apps: Klarna, Klarna, Pay Later, Klarna, Pay Now, and Klarna, Slice It. What you should know in advance To update payment methods, make sure you are Shopify Owner. To use Shopify with Mollie, you must be the account owner. […]

What is SE Ranking Does and How Accurate it is?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Organic search accounts for 38% of merchant traffic. When you consider that 53% of customers always research before purchasing to ensure that they are making the best decision possible, it’s evident that ranking on the SERPs is critical to the success of any eCommerce firm. On the other hand, a technical audit is the first […]

Printful vs Gooten Print on Demand Platform Comparison

Reading Time: 6 minutes Gooten vs. Printful: The Battle of the Print on Demand Companies (POD). You don’t have to choose between the two, we’ve got you covered. This review will help you decide which one is better. We hope you’ll have a better idea of which one best suits your needs. We don’t have to tell you it’s a great time […]

Square vs PayPal Comparison for Online Payments

Reading Time: 16 minutes Both PayPal and Square are likely familiar to you if you’ve ever looked for an offline card reader, a way to accept credit card payments online, or a POS app. Square and PayPal are two extremely well-liked tools for retailers and business owners. They provide a simple way to begin generating income from your offline […]

Wix eCommerce Online Store Pricing and Fees Structure

Reading Time: 9 minutes Wix is a great choice if you are looking for an easy but powerful solution to designing your online store. Wix is a popular choice for small business owners because it is easy to use and has many features. Wix is a well-known name in the world of website builders. Wix has been used by many companies […]

Shippo Reviews for Delivery, Fees, and Tracking

Reading Time: 15 minutes Do you think that the convoluted and tiresome aspect of your internet business is order fulfilment? It’s not just you. It seems to be fairly sticky to me as well. Well, Shippo could steer you clear of all future problems. Regardless of how severe the shipping requirements are, a merchant needs a perfect solution to […]

How to Generate or Add Terms and Conditions in Shopify?

Reading Time: 6 minutes You’ve used one of Shopify’s pre-made themes, created your website, and are now ready to sell products online. It’s not so easy. Although this may not seem like an important consideration when you are setting up your first eCommerce shop, it is essential that you have all the legal documents necessary for any business to be […]

7 Free and Best Shopify Countdown Timer APPS

Reading Time: 8 minutes You’ve probably read our Shopify Review. It is clear that Shopify places a lot of emphasis on apps. Visual cues like Countdown Timers are one of the reasons eCommerce sites sell so well. Countdowns can refer to 2 things: The beginning or the end. It could be the start/end of a sale or discount, or the […]

Easy Businesses to Start with only 10k Investment in India

Reading Time: 4 minutes Starting a business is never about the investment, it is the idea that matters the most.  Yes! Entrepreneurs are always searching for ways to gain a certain amount of funding but the value of the funds is limited to zero if you do not have the potential to make the generated idea work.  We have […]