9 Top Trending Dropshipping Products And Niches To Sell

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So by running an online shop you will test e-commerce waters.

That’s awesome! That’s great! Online sales products can help you to quit 9 to 5, become a boss of your own and attain financial freedom.

You don’t even have to care about inventory when choosing dropshipping as the order fulfillment method.

You will only need to add products to your store and your supplier will send the item directly to your customer’s front door if someone places an order.

But that doesn’t mean that anyone starting a dropshipping business will write his own success story.

Actually, according to Augustin-Kennady, Director of Media Relations at ShipMonk, 20 percent of e-commerce beginners are able to do the same.

Why are so many failing?

The finding of these highly trendy products that can bring value into your store is one of the greatest hurdles.

When you ask me, the destiny of an e-commerce company is that of the products it sells.

If you don’t have demand, you can market your life savings, and they won’t sell yet.

It does not have to be difficult to find dropshipping products that have good sales potential.

You can see which products to slip are currently needed with insights from Google Trends.

Top trend products for dropshipping

In order to stimulate you to take action, I researched my own and found that the following are the best trend-setting products for sale in 2020.

Whether you have set up a brand new store or have an existing one reworked, these choices should help you generate FAST revenue.

1. Crystal Water Bottle

The city no longer speaks of fruit infused water. Today, Instagrammers are more likely to snack on the water with healing crystals.

It’s hardly exciting for crystal cure advocates. However, the crystal bottles with gemstones already fixed in them are more trendy and accessible to the spiritual process.

From September 2018 on Google Trends has shown a large increase in demand for these bottles.

These types of bottles are popular with both new-age wellness professionals and feng shui practitioners.

Since crystals have healing properties, you can market them with that angle by selling a water bottle with them.

The key to marketing health products is to have good descriptions of products.

Say something like “crystals are said to increase mental focus,” rather than claim this water bottle will cure your body.

Marketing like this helps you gain traction in those people who want their Instagram wellness game.

2. Athleisure

Trends always come and go when it comes to fashion. Athletic wear, however, is still an increasing demand trend.

In a survey of more than 6, 166 18 US consumers, athletics accounts for nearly 25% of total sales in the apparel industry and their market share is expected to expand in 2020 and beyond.

Google Trends data also show that demand for athletics is increasing.

Athletics refer to trendy work-out clothing which doubles as every day wear for those unfamiliar.

In this niche you can put everything in innumerable different styles and colors, from yoga pants and sports arms to sneakers and headbands.

Young women tend to be the athletics target market. Using Hashtags like #workoutfashion you can reach them easily in Instagram.

You can develop your brand with a fitness influencer. The people who influence your product can model it and give the shop a scream for a sales commission or a free sample.

3. Posture Corrector

With new research on how to sit all day and kill your back almost every month, there is no more time than now for your shop to add posture corrections.

In particular, they are a hit in aging countries (Japan is an example).

Office workers around the world are increasingly interested in improving mobility, as an improved stance that increases happiness and productivity is known to boost.

Searches for correctional postures are also emerging from Google trends.

As its name implies, posture correction systems support the spinal cord reduction during physical activity and stress.

People with pain in their necks, shoulders and back can benefit greatly from their use.

You can create people from the most common buyers, including older people, employees or homeowners, and then run ads that convey the specific advantages of owning a corrector of positions to each group.

The most convenient way to sell this product is to market it to certain groups of people.

4. Beard Oil

Barbed man with this hot grooming product is getting some hair stomaching.

Meanwhile, companies like Beard Brand rush to introduce these dried whiskers into radiant, sophisticated bars.

 Some of the barbecued oil trend has been influenced by changes in women preference for men’s face hair, with more than 60% of women claiming that men have attractive facial hair.

In the past five years, Google trends in beard oil searches have increased.

Beard oil products contain mainly essential skin and hair oils and vitamins.

By applying a couple of drops on dried face hair, barbed men can address hair protein imbalances, thus reducing unpleasant symptoms of hideous growth.

Beard oil products can easily be promoted on Instagram. With hashtags such as #beardgame and the trend #alphamale.

You only have to find a person who is ready to post a title or a story with Instagram while using your item.

The good news is that dozens of micro-influencers are willing to try out brands and to shout free.

5. Car Phone Holder

Tech products keep our lives comfortable. You had to stop and get directions from people a decade ago.

Today, you can only request SIRI to open or guide you to your destination by using a virtual map or another voice assistant app.

How are you driving on a smartphone? This is where the car owners are doing a blowjob. Although this trendy dropshipping product has now been on the market for a few years, the demand analysis still shows that traders can make money by selling it in their stores.

Car phone holders are convenient pieces of equipment to secure your telephone in various ways.

The majority of people use them for driving as free hands.

They also aid people on the road to keep an eye on it, which is essential because 9 people are murdered every day due to distracted driving crashes.

So whether you have an automotive shop or a general ecommerce shop, you should add additional car phone holders to it.

Products such as this can be sold using unboxing and educational videos which show the design, function and personality of the item.

6. Vape Cartridge

Vaping has gone from the medium-scale stage and is now the reason for a billion-dollar industry.

Vaping is a healthier choice for many people around the world to smoke.

Vapor cartons are the most recent trend in the vapor domain. They can either be used as an eVape pen or a standard vaporizer.

Google Trends demonstrates that people are looking for steam cartridges everywhere.

To improve your sales revenue you should consider adding this to your store.

The vapor cardboard contains a chamber, mouthpiece, and heating feature that are activated when a steam battery comes into contact.

It has distillate or oil in its chamber, usually containing a concentrated amount of terpenes and cannabinoids. Fluids are also used to vaporize for pre-completion of steam cartridges.

If it is a question of vapor cartridges, you will probably not be able to use Facebook because ads for these products cannot be allowed.

Yet you will find dozens of influencers willing to support you for promotions and shoutouting with almost 8 million posts on Instagram for the #vaping hashtag.

Instagram is an excellent free source of traffic to promote online products.

7. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins were required for sale in 2020 on the list of leading-edge dropshipping products.

These small pins enable you to show your love for something you like moreover, they make great gifts.

The demand for enamel paints has increased steeply in recent years, as you can see from Google Trends forecast.

2020 is therefore a great chance to start selling these clever items through your e-commerce store.

From animated to official flags, enamel pins let people express a certain image.

They can be sold to consumers who want to demonstrate their passion for what they like.

Super heroes can, for example, sell enamel pins to fans of SPIDEMAN, Iron Man and other Marvel Universe characters.

It is easier to promote enamel pins than to promote other trend-setting items.

You can advertise on Facebook and target interested people.

If you plan on selling car-themed enamel pins for example, you can target interests like automobiles, cars, super cars, etc.

No matter what type of enamel pins you want to sell, there will be a market for it. There are also a lot of online communities and forums related to enamel pins that you can use to promote your products.

8. Dog Bowls

The world may be divided bitterly by many things, but we are all in agreement on one thing.

Our dogs deserve all the love and attention that we have to offer. It’s no wonder, therefore, that one of the hottest products online is a bowl.

Dog bowls are trendy as more owners worldwide become interested in the health and nutrition of their dogs.

Dog bowls, of course, come in various shapes and models to keep traveling, repulse insects, and feed comfort and so on.

But all dog bowls serve the same purpose of keeping food and water, regardless of the type of bowl.

You can sell or go with a repellent ant bowl.

The most important thing is to select a high-quality bowl and to find a unique angle.

You can rely on ‘ durability ‘ if you decide to sell dog bowls of stainless steel.

These are occasionally fitted with a non-skim border in the bottom area to continue to spill.

Tell people about the features and benefits of any bowl that you sell in an ad and marketing copy.

9. Compression Socks

The demand for compression products is increasing with diabetics and elderly groups with vein diseases.

Persistence Market Research predicts that the global compression industry will reach $3.23 billion in 2020.

Compression sock is one of the most popular products for compression therapy.

The worldwide requirement for compression socks is on the increase in Google Trends.

Socks are unique and designed to improve the flow of blood to the lower legs of a person.

They fight conditions that can cause pain and swelling like legs and venous wall problems. They fight conditions.

The women who want or suffer from these conditions are especially fond of these medical-beneficial socks, so they are always on demand.

You can use YouTubers to market compression socks.

Send a score or two to a physical therapist or exercise manager and ask him to produce a thorough video of how your product is helpful.

Instagram is another excellent place to look for people who are prepared to promote compression socks.

These are the top winners of the product!

So, you got it there!Integrate these products with your new and existing online company or inspire them to produce things for themselves that are exciting for people.

I hope you liked our guide as much as I liked it!