Change Commerce Shopify Donation App Review

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You need the right tools to make your website accessible to non-profit companies or to improve your customer relationships. It is very different from accepting donations and regular ecommerce payments.

You will often need to have an application that allows donors to pick how much they wish to donate, and also ensures you are able to manage the donation process from beginning to end.

Commerce , an app in the Shopify app store that is specifically designed to help you with your donations, is Shopify Change allows customers to choose the non-profit they wish to donate when purchasing items in your store.

Change Commerce is a non-profit organization that offers a way for businesses to support great causes. Shopify customers have the option to choose from a variety of causes for which they can make a donation.

How does it work?

Change Commerce is a donation app and a PayPal Giving Fund partner on Shopify. Shopify selected it as the only donation app to be featured in their “Launching Your Store” collection.

The Change Commerce app supports over 1.5 million non-profit organisations. You can select a number of them to offer your customers. Customers can make donations to COVID-19 relief groups and PRIDE, Racial Equity, as well as local or international registered causes relevant to their company.

Change Commerce enables you to give more effectively from your online shop. Your audience has the option to select the charity they wish to support. This makes each purchase with you more meaningful.

Your customer can choose from the available options to add a non-profit to their purchase of your product. Your donations will reach the right charities because of Change Commerce’s partnership with PayPal Giving Fund.

Customers can track their donations, and even share details about their purchases via social media. This helps increase word-of mouth buzz for your company.

Commerce features that change

The Change Commerce app integrates seamlessly with your online store. This allows for frictionless giving and helps your organization grow. Customers can choose from a wide range of charities to support. Every purchase creates more authentic, engaging moments with customers.

These features include:

  • Completely managed, end-to-end donation procedure
  • Donations that are tax-deductible
  • You have the option to choose from up to six non-profits that you wish to support
  • Customizable donation amounts
  • Donations to certain causes can be excluded or multiplied
  • Receive exclusive data and insights
  • Activate influencers using dynamic URLS
  • Customers have the option of redeeming loyalty points
  • Round-up donations can be used to encourage customers to donate more

Shopify store owners have the option of using Change Commerce, which is extremely flexible. There are thousands of non-profit organizations you can support. You can let your customers decide how much to give or what amount they wish to set as a flat dollar amount. You can connect the service to your loyalty program and get influential people involved to increase market awareness.

Change Commerce offers customization options, which allow you to customize the appearance of your widget to fit your brand’s image. Your customers can still shop as normal when the app activates.

The Change Commerce app for Shopify offers many solutions that will help you transform your business through altruism. You’ll have access to an amazing set of data insights and reports once you’ve set up your design. You can explore things such as the average order value and conversion rates for donation.

However, customers who return items purchased in your shop will lose the opportunity to donate. Integrating the Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards app is a great way to give clients more control over their donations. Clients can also track their activity.

Who is the Change app for?

Commerce is an application for companies looking to stand out in a noisy marketplace. Customers today want to connect with companies that share their values. This is supported by the Change App which allows clients to feel good about their self-worth and do something for the community.

Business leaders can use the Change app to strengthen their connections with clients. Your Change app can be linked to other loyalty programs so that your clients can track points earned for making donations or monitor how much has been sent to their favorite charity.

According to consumers, corporations should invest more in supporting courses and making the world a better place. Change Commerce can help you strengthen your connections with your community, and potentially increase your bottom line.

What is the cost of the Change Commerce App?

The cost of the Change Commerce is not prohibitive if you are concerned about pricing. The app is free to download and there are no transaction fees for the first 20 donations. The cheapest plan, “Impact Starter”, is available. This is a pay-as-you go solution that offers 20 free orders each month.

All donations that are included in the Impact Starter plan will be subject to a 0.5% transaction charge. Impact Plus is $270 per calendar month and offers a 5% discount. This package is for companies with more substantial marketing presence.

Impact Partner costs $850 per month and includes a 10% discount as well as support for scaling businesses. This might seem a bit expensive, but it comes with many features such as 100% donation to non-profits and transaction verification.

It is possible to receive tax relief for donations.

Do You Need to Try Change Commerce?

Change Commerce doesn’t just allow you to add donations to your transactions. This solution has a lot more than just the added impact on your sales. It also includes a bunch of great features like dynamic donation widgets and thank-you emails. You can even create up to six courses. Reporting and analytics are all part of the package.

Google Analytics and loyalty solutions can be integrated. There are also how-to emails and webinars to assist you if you have any questions. The app is easy to use and set up, so you shouldn’t need any support.

We recommend that you give the app a try and let us know what your thoughts are. It’s easy to complain about the app since you don’t have to pay anything for your first 20 donations.