How To Add Reviews To Squarespace? Mastering Customer Feedback

If your business relies on reviews to create consumer trust and drive conversions, displaying customer feedback on your website could help build credibility while increasing search engine results.

Squarespace provides its Commerce Basic or Advanced plans with the Product Review feature, enabling them to request reviews from their customers following purchases made. Squarespace then solicits these reviews after customer interaction occurs.


Elfsight is a SaaS service with customizable, code-free widgets to add social feeds, reviews, chats, forms and other elements to your website. In addition, Elfsight also provides tools that protect against hackers including firewalls and malware scanners along with other security features that are included for free trial so that you can evaluate its product before purchasing it.

Most plugins can work across many websites, including Squarespace. Before purchasing them, however, be sure to review their pricing structure to make sure it fits within your budget; some services may even offer free trials while others require monthly fees or subscription. Furthermore, look for plugins with knowledge bases or community forums where troubleshooting and guidance can be obtained quickly.

The top Squarespace SEO plugins provide many benefits, from increasing your website’s search engine ranking to providing a superior user experience. In addition, they enable you to track site traffic and optimize it for mobile users – all while being easy to use and saving you both time and money!

Squarespace plugins are an excellent option for small businesses, particularly if they want to increase traffic. Most are free until a certain traffic limit has been reached; then an annual or monthly subscription fee must be paid. Many are user-friendly and installation can usually happen quickly.

If you want to add additional functionality to your Squarespace website, consider these alternative widgets to Elfsight widgets. They offer various options like countdown timers, photo and video galleries, slideshows, maps, social widgets, contact forms, QR codes and much more – making these apps ideal for almost any website with fast and responsive applications that can easily integrate.

No-code design plugin tool tailored specifically for Squarespace 7.1+ websites that is recommended by Squarespace Circle Member forum resources and highly rated by customers alike. A powerful node-coding design plugin tool, it allows for enhanced website design & functionality & animation effects as well.

Taggbox Widget

Recent years have witnessed dramatic shifts in the shopping landscape. Customers have become more informed and utilize multiple mediums when making purchase-related decisions – one such medium being Google Reviews. Customers rely on them for research purposes as well as building trust among prospective buyers. To leverage Google reviews as effectively as possible and increase conversions/sales/conversions on websites it is advisable that brands add them. To do this easily with Squarespace websites click here for instructions!

Start by creating a page on your Squarespace site where reviews should appear, selecting from several options for its review section such as:

Step two is creating a Taggbox Widget account. This widget enables you to integrate reviews from various social media platforms – for instance Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews, Airbnb Reviews and Yelp Reviews can all be integrated. Once created, select which platform(s) you would like connected and click on “Get Code.” After doing so copy and paste that code onto your Squarespace website.

Edit your review page to customize its appearance and feel, changing elements such as its display style, order of reviews and text size – or creating a customized layout – as desired. Furthermore, you can choose whether or not automatically solicit customer reviews from them.

The Google reviews widget is an effective way to build customer trust and engagement on your website, as well as improve SEO by displaying reviews in your index page. However, to maximize its effectiveness you must ensure your website has an appropriate design to support visibility of this widget and be mobile-friendly; to achieve this ensure no unneeded or irrelevant elements are added; an ideal template would be clean modern professional in appearance.


Reviews are an invaluable form of user-generated content that can boost the credibility and trustworthiness of your website, as well as boost search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by providing fresh, relevant material that will bolster rankings.

Trustmary review management software can assist your Squarespace website in adding reviews. It enables you to integrate multiple review sources, including Google Reviews, Facebook reviews and Trustpilot ratings into one central hub, while providing multiple widgets to display customer reviews, product ratings and testimonials on your website. Not only can Trustmary increase the credibility of your brand while simultaneously increasing website visitors!

Displaying reviews on your Squarespace website offers many advantages; they will enhance consumer buying experiences and boost conversions. But it is important to be careful what content is posted – only positive reviews should be displayed, since negative ones could damage your business.

An easy way to add reviews to your Squarespace website is with a third-party plugin like ReviewsOnMyWebsite or TaggBox. Installed and configured quickly, these third-party tools will allow you to quickly collect customer feedback and post it online while also offering various customization features to meet the unique needs of your brand.

Add a widget from a review aggregator for easy and hassle-free reviews from social media accounts; this method works great on Squarespace websites as well.

Once you add reviews to your website, it is essential that they be honest and accurate. Any misrepresentation of products or services could damage their reputation while breaching Google’s guidelines; to avoid this scenario, use an aggregator such as Tagembed that only displays authentic reviews – for instance, embed Google Reviews onto Squarespace websites as well as Weebly websites, Wix websites and HTML websites easily with Tagembed!

Google My Business

Reviewing your Squarespace website will boost business credibility and encourage customers to make purchases, while helping your search engine results pages rank higher. Reviews can boost conversions; it’s just important that the right plugin for your needs is selected; options include Google, Facebook, Trustpilot plugins as well as Taggbox tools for social media aggregator.

Squarespace provides a native Product Reviews feature, enabling you to add reviews for individual products or storefront pages. This can be an excellent tool for B2B businesses looking to boost sales and customer trust; however, this feature should be used with caution due to certain limitations; customers must login into their Squarespace account in order to leave reviews, and there may be instances in which negative comments are posted anonymously or without the customer being named.

Trustmary provides another effective option, as it aggregates reviews from different platforms like your website, Yelp and TripAdvisor into one convenient source for display on Squarespace websites via widget. Once all the reviews have been collected you can display them with just a single step: log in to Squarespace dashboard, navigate directly to the page that needs reviews displayed and click “Add a Block”, choose Embed then paste in widget code before saving!

Review widgets are easy to use, yet also packed with features to maximize their effectiveness. From customizable layouts that match your brand’s style and tone to star ratings that appear alongside reviews – which increases customer confidence while increasing conversions – the review widget has everything you need to maximize its potential.

Furthermore, you can alter both the content and outlook of each review to match your website’s branding, such as by changing profile pictures, text size, font style and font family; even changing background images and color palettes to create an exclusive review section in Squarespace websites.