How to Integrate Squarespace and G Suite? Short Guide

Squarespace provides all-in-one business solutions, providing beautiful templates, customer relationship management tools and other helpful features to get your company off the ground quickly and successfully.

Google recently decided to sell off its domain registrar, and Squarespace is taking full advantage of this decision by offering free G Suite accounts for one year.


Google G Suite, their business email service, offers domain-based email addresses, collaborative office tools, and more – and is now available through Squarespace at an additional fee of $6 per email address added to your account. You may even qualify to get one free one-year Google Workspace Basic subscription account when selected Squarespace plans qualify; visit Email & G Suite tab of settings to check eligibility.

Establishing credibility with customers and clients by creating an official business email is vitally important in business. Not only can it help your establish professionalism, but integrating your Squarespace website with G Suite makes this even simpler, enabling you to take advantage of Gmail, Drive, and the Apps Marketplace features for business purposes as well as other applications from the Apps Marketplace.

Squarespace is an all-in-one website builder and management platform, making it simple for anyone to launch, maintain, and expand a website. Plans come complete with content hosting, around-the-clock support, templates for customization, analytics integration as well as search engine optimization (SEO), making it simple for you to monitor and optimize for target markets.

Squarespace websites are ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers looking to establish professional-looking websites quickly and easily. Their intuitive design and wide selection of templates makes this task straightforward while their built-in features make adding photos, text and links quick and painless on mobile devices – not to mention that their intuitive features integrate well with email marketing services and SEO tools for greater efficiency.

In the past, new entrepreneurs would purchase business cards or storefronts as proof of legitimacy; today they purchase domains and sign up with Squarespace and G Suite, providing simple yet elegant solutions to their immediate challenges and providing a platform to spur growth and success.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an invaluable tool for businesses that need to store and organize files securely. It enables you to upload various formats into folders for organization. Furthermore, there are security features to protect them. But it may be confusing at first. Here are some tips that may help get you going.

Squarespace and G Suite, a cloud productivity service offering custom email, Google apps and other tools designed to help small businesses thrive, have joined forces in an integration that makes connecting with customers and building brand recognition simpler for website owners. Track customer behavior efficiently while streamlining workflows or even setting up an online store.

Squarespace customers with Business plans or higher can take advantage of this integration. Each plan comes with a free basic G Suite account valid for one year, enabling you to easily set up email addresses for your domain as well as access other Google products like Calendar, Drive and Hangouts. Plus you can add users for added functionality.

Use this integration if you own or manage a trial website, paid site or parking page running Squarespace version 7.1 or later and at least one custom domain purchased through Squarespace or third party domain registration service providers. However, unfortunately you are unable to transfer an existing Google Workspace account from another reseller or legacy G Suite/Google Apps accounts over to Squarespace.

This integration is only available for Squarespace users with Business or Commerce Basic plans and cannot be integrated with Squarespace 5 sites or Mobile Start plans. Squarespace provides billing management of Google Workspace through Squarespace while using Google directly for email, calendars and documents – plus you’ll also gain a business-class email address for your website!

There are various approaches to migrating from one Google drive to the other, but one of the simplest and quickest options is MultCloud, a third-party tool which makes G Suite migration effortless without downloading and uploading data – saving both time and energy while guaranteeing no files are lost during migration.

Google Calendar

If you own a Squarespace website and would like to incorporate a calendar, there are a variety of methods you can take. From using an available widget like the free calendar widget from Google to creating your own block on Squarespace itself – each method takes only minutes! Once created, simply paste and save. Or embed one into your blog by going into its editor and selecting “Gadgets”.

Appy Pie Connect provides an automated solution to integrate Squarespace sites with Google Calendar for seamless event tracking and user friendliness, offering various integrations that streamline workflow and make websites more user-friendly. Take this opportunity to streamline workflow while making events more user-friendly on the website!

This service allows you to link your Squarespace site with Google Calendar, making it easier for clients to make appointments. Furthermore, multiple calendars – both business and personal ones – can be combined into one Scheduling account; this feature is especially helpful if multiple employees or clients each have individual calendars.

Start off by setting up both a Google Calendar with public address and Squarespace site, followed by entering your email address and password to set up the new account. When done, a temporary password will be sent via email – once changed you can continue setting up the rest of your account.

Once completed, Appy Pie Connect allows you to link your Squarespace and Google Calendar accounts together. Choose which triggers and actions you would like automated–for instance posting messages when new emails come into Squarespace–or even syncing fields between apps.

Once your apps have been connected, the next step should be creating your booking calendar. Tockify is an easy and efficient way of embedding booking calendars onto websites with one click; users can make appointments directly through it and can be especially beneficial for businesses that span multiple time zones. Unfortunately however, the service requires an additional subscription fee.


Squarespace is one of the premier website creation platforms available today, offering a range of options and extensions aimed at improving website functionality while making data management and tracking simpler. Though its selection may not be as extensive as some others’ offerings, Squarespace still boasts plenty of tools designed to optimize site functionality by improving data tracking capabilities and managing performance more efficiently.

G Suite integration tool makes it easy to synchronize calendars with Calendly and automatically send meeting invitations to new contacts, streamlining workflow and increasing productivity while making team collaboration simpler so your business can meet its goals more effectively.

G Suite integration for Squarespace offers numerous benefits, such as adding multiple collaborators to your website and connecting calendar events from other platforms. However, not all Squarespace plans qualify for this feature – to find out if your plan qualifies, visit Squarespace website and navigate to “Email & G Suite” under Settings menu.

To enable integration, you will first need to link your G Suite account and Squarespace. To do so, login and head to Settings before selecting Connected accounts -> Connected accounts > G Suite from the drop down list of “Connected accounts.” Enter your credentials then hit “Connect.”

Once your calendars are synced together, use Calendly to generate a link enabling invitees to select their preferred times to meet. Share or embed this link via email or website, allow invitees to vote on preferred slots and create buffers to ensure no overbooking of appointments occurs.

Calendly provides the ability to sync all your calendars together, which will let you see which events on other calendars conflict with those on Calendly. Furthermore, you can check off “Sync Cancellations” so any cancellations made via Google Calendar will also reflect in Calendly.