Yakkyofy Dropshipping Review, Pricing, and Other Features

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I’m going to do a Yakkyofy review in this post. Yakkyofy is a dropshipping management platform that is both trustworthy and free. With Yakkyofy, you can easily search and import dropshipping products for your eCommerce business with only a few clicks. Furthermore, you can deliver any product to the United States and most EU nations within 5 to 10 business days using this platform, which is astounding.

Yakkyofy also assists in discovering products that are 15% to 20% less expensive than those found on Chinese eCommerce sites such as AliExpress and Alibaba. And it is because of this that this platform is more dependable and effective.

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Dropshipper, eCommerce owners, online business owners, and people who sell things on sites like Amazon, eBay, and others should use Yakkyofy. This instrument is powerful and dependable.

Our Yakkyofy Review 2021, which contains thorough insights into its pricing, features, functionality, and more, can be found here. So, let’s get this Yakkyofy Review started.

Yakkyofy 2021 Review: The Dropshipping Management Tool for Free (Pros and Cons Listed)

How Yakkyofy Works and Why It is Different from Oberlo?

If you use Oberlo or other comparable tools, you should try Yakkyofy because it is one of the most trustworthy options accessible. Oberlo differs from this online app because you don’t have to buy from Aliexpress and deal with long delivery times. Instead, Yakkyofy will purchase products directly from Chinese companies and transport them as quickly as possible using the fastest shipping option available in the target country.

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To put it another way, with this dependable dropshipping solution, you can buy things directly from the supplier at B2B costs while still being able to private label your items and packaging. As a result, you can quickly develop a legitimate brand while still dropship your products.

You can also buy product stock to keep in Yakkyofy’s Shenzhen warehouse or ship them directly to a custom address or an Amazon FBA location, which sets it apart from the competitors.

In any case, the software is intended to provide you with automatic tasks that need minimal effort on your part. In addition, Yakkyofy handles and manages all sourcing and logistics activities, allowing you to concentrate on selling.

How to Get Started With Yakkyofy?

Anyone may get started with this tool right away because it is really basic and straightforward. But, in this article, we’ve outlined the specific steps you may take to get started with a free web tool. First, let’s have a look at how this tool works.

Step #1: Sign up for free

To begin, sign up with your email address and create a free account.

Step #2: Connect Your Store

All you have to do is connect one or more stores in this stage (multi-store account). Then, connect your store to a tool and begin adding products immediately.

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Step #3: Import Products

You may quickly import products into your store in this phase. For example, with only one click, you may import a product from the catalogue.

Step#4: Ask Quotations

With the Yakkyofy Chrome Extension, you can get quotes on products that aren’t in the catalogue. To obtain more features and functionality, install their chrome extension directly on your browser. Request quotes for Private Label items.

Step #5: Buy Products

Purchase in-stock items and store them for free in our Shenzhen warehouse. With the Virtual Warehouse, you can keep track of your stock levels.

Step #6: Recharge Your Account

Top up your eWallet to get your orders paid automatically and without delay. Keep track of your shipments using the tracking number and status displayed on your dashboard.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Features Of Yakkyofy

Here are the characteristics that Yakkyofy offers. Next, let’s have a look at the capabilities that this free tool offers.

Fast Shipping with Special Line:

To deliver your items, we use the fastest shipping service available on the market. For example, we can deliver orders to the United States and most EU countries in 5 to 10 working days with the help of Special Line.

Upload Products in a Few Seconds:

Select your products from our index and upload them to your store using the purple button.

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Private Label Products:

With Yakkyofy, you can effortlessly dropship products with Private Label and personalize packages and cards.

Customizable Products Descriptions:

You can change the descriptions and titles of your products to meet the needs of your customers better.

Multi-Stores Dashboard:

You can connect all of your Shopify and Woocommerce sites to a single Yakkyofy account and handle all of your orders with just one dealer.

Establish Price Limits:

You can use mathematical algorithms to automatically calculate and display pricing on your store, as well as establish your edge.

Set Orders in One Click:

You don’t have to complete your orders one by one; instead, you may select and pay for them all with a single click.

Automatic Orders:

With your eWallet, you can entirely automate your order fulfilment system and send all of your orders to use as soon as they arrive in your store, with no additional clicks required.

Shipment Tracking:

All of your order tracking numbers can be found on your Yakkyofy Dashboard, allowing you to manage and track all of your deliveries quickly.

Bundle Sales:

With Yakkyofy, you may send many products purchased by the same consumer in the same order while just paying for one delivery.


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You can open a pre-paid wallet with Yakkyofy to automate all of your order fulfilment processes, save order processing time, and pay for product stock in one solution if you like.

Virtual Warehouse:

Do you want to ensure that your products are always delivered on time and that your processing time is kept to a minimum? With Yakkyofy, you may buy things in stock and store them in your Virtual Warehouse, ready to ship anytime you want. Yakkyofy also preserves the returned products for you and keeps them in your account until you’re ready to resell them.

Internal Quality Assurance:

We guarantee that the products’ physical characteristics, models, colours, and sizes satisfy your expectations.

Pricing of Yakkyofy

The best aspect about Yakkyofy is that it is a completely free site with no hidden costs. You can sign up quickly and for free. So what are you waiting for? Get started for free with this dependable dropshipping tool.

Customer Support Of Offered By Yakkyofy

This platform’s support is incredibly dependable, and they provide courteous and responsive customer service. Additionally, all clients have access to live chat and email support. Info@yakkyofy.com is their official support email address.

Even on the Facebook Messenger Chat, you can chat. The best thing is that they offer a frequently updated blog and a dedicated YouTube channel where you can get tools to help you grow your dropshipping business.

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Pros and Cons of Yakkyofy


  • Woocommerce and Shopify Multi-stores account integrations.
  • Products with a Private Label that you can dropship.
  • In many locations, shipping takes only 5-10 days.
  • When increasing the quantity of a product, you might get a lot of discounts.
  • There are no upfront costs, and the customer service is excellent.
  • Direct Delivery to Amazon Fba.
  • There is a tracking number and a current status available.
  • The process of automatically fulfilling orders.
  • Product quotations are not found in the catalogue.


  • There isn’t a lot of material in the catalogue.
  • Quotations take a long time.

Yakkyofy Shopify Dropshipping APP

Deliveries are fast and stable

Special Line is the fastest shipping method available. Guaranteed delivery within 3-12 business hours

Private Label Products

Yakkyofy allows you to easily dropship Private Label Products. This will allow you to build your brand.

Automated Order Fulfillment

Yakkyofy automates the entire fulfillment process, from sourcing to delivery, and helps you manage your dropshipping business.

Do you run a dropshipping business?

How much time do your orders take to be fulfilled and how long do you spend interacting with suppliers each day? Why not focus your efforts on the most important thing for your business, marketing your products?

Yakkyofy makes it easy! Our app will help you source the products that you want to sell, and handle all aspects of fulfillment for your store, including sourcing and delivery.

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We power your store by running ads.

What can Yakkyofy do to help you? We can help you to:

You can save time and money.

  • Our Chrome Extensions’ patented image recognition technology allows you to get real-time B2B quotes for dropshipping products.
  • Automate the whole fulfillment process for dropshipping orders
  • With just one click, import thousands of products to your Shopify store
  • All your products automatically get markups to your liking
  • Receive automatic notifications if your shipping address is not correct
  • The eWallet allows you to pay your orders instantly
  • Tracking numbers are automatically sent to customers when an order has been fulfilled.

Customer loyalty can be increased and customer complaints reduced.

  • Special Line is the most reliable and fastest shipping method for delivering your products.
  • dropshipping private label products;
  • Shipping your products in custom packaging
  • Get an internal quality assurance for your products
  • Dropshipping has a leading return and refund policy.

Scale up your business

  • Source your products directly from Chinese factories at discounted B2B rates
  • Only one supplier to deal with: Yakkyofy
  • You can buy stock products in just a few clicks and have them available during the most popular times of the year, such as Black Friday or Christmas.
  • Virtual Warehouse allows you to check your inventory online whenever and wherever you like.
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Yakkyofy is the best!

  1. We offer wholesale prices for Chinese dropshipping products at a fraction of the retail price, giving you an edge over your competitors.
  2. You can be sure that your package will arrive using the same shipping method as you paid for.
  3. We are here to help you every step of your way, whether you’re just starting out or growing a medium-sized business.

Are you looking for more?

You can now start to use all the amazing Yakkyofy features right away! Scroll up and click on “Add App” to get started.

You can access all the services mentioned above by paying for only the products you purchase.

Sign up today to transform your dropshipping business forever!

Conclusion: Should You Go For it?

Without a doubt, Yakkyofy, a free drop shipping management platform, is the greatest solution on the market. It’s completely free, and anyone can get started using it right away without spending any money. In addition, you can test it out to see if it is beneficial to you. The features provided are legitimate and are designed to increase the profitability of your dropshipping business.

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