Cheap Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers For Girls

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Fashion trends for girls are often characterised by unique and unexpected combinations. These clothing items are stylish and comfortable. Today’s fashion allows girls to express themselves through their clothes. Today’s girl is more conscious of her body. She wants to be feminine, sophisticated, and sensuous. This image is possible with a lot of wholesale girls clothing.

This article will focus on the top suppliers in different parts of the globe that wholesale cheap girls’ clothing.

China Top Girls Clothing Wholesale Suppliers

Global online seller Trendsgal is your one-stop shop for fashion products. They deliver unique and high-quality fashion products to customers all over the globe. Trendsgal offers a variety of fashionable and trendy apparel, including clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.

Trendsgal makes it easy to purchase wholesale fashion products on the Chinese wholesale market. They have a wealth of experience in the fashion industry and can provide high-quality fashion products that will give you great value.

There are many options for girls clothing, including dresses, sweaters, cardigans, tops, bottoms, swimwear, leggings, and leggings.


* Dropshipping and wholesale

* Secure and safe website

* Affordable prices

* Latest trends


JP Communications owns this platform and, which connects millions wholesale buyers with suppliers in China. is based out of Los Angeles, but has offices around the globe, including Mexico, Colombia, and Vietnam.

Buyers looking for cheap clothes made in China will find a great resource. The supplier is committed to providing fashionable pieces at a competitive price for buyers.


* Custom sourcing

* Organising trade shows

* Services for brokers

* Shipping, Warehousing and Logistics


Wholesale clothing supplier that offers unique children’s boutique clothing for small and medium-sized retailers. This includes princess dresses, rompers, shoes, coats and boots for boys and girls. These items are all available at extremely affordable prices. These items are modern and elegant and will make girls feel comfortable and stylish.


* Access to over 130 countries via a network

* It is easy and secure to order

* Registered in Guangzhou under OEM and ODM laws

Wholesale Suppliers Of Top Girls Clothing In The USA

5. Alanic Clothing

Alanic Suppliers has its headquarters in Beverly Hills. By providing high quality wholesale girls boutique clothing, the company has been able reach the entire world. Alanic is today a market leader because of the team’s efforts.

Alanic has access qualified professionals, from designers to distributors. They can take care of individual preferences and allow customization without compromising quality.


* Suppliers bulk buyers and business merchants

* Creates custom clothing and private labels

* Exclusively designed and made to order attire

* Services available 24/7, 7 days per week

6. Honey Dew USA

Honeydew, a US-based supplier, sells affordable girls clothing. They offer everything from the most current baby wholesale trends to modern baby clothes. They offer sophisticated and affordable clothes.


* All orders are processed within 24 hours

* Shipments arrive within 1-2 days

Wholesale Suppliers Of Top Girls Clothing In The UK

7. LA Showroom

The headquarters of this supplier is located in the heart LA, California. They offer a large and growing selection of wholesale girls clothing. LA Showroom is a leading wholesale fashion supplier and distributes its products worldwide.


* Consolidate orders

* Programs to reward buyers

* Pre-screened accessories and clothing available through virtual showrooms

8. Trade Kidswear

Trade Kidswear, a wholesaler of girls’ clothing in the UK, has been operating since 1964. They have clothing for babies and children from 0-13 years old. They are committed to offering its customers the highest quality, best-value products and services.

Trade Kidswear is based in Manchester and supplies clothing to Australia, Europe USA, New Zealand, Australia, and the rest of the globe. Their clothing is available wholesale to boutiques and online retailers as well as chain stores and other wholesalers throughout the UK. They offer a wide range of girls jewelry and clothing, including slogan tops and skater dresses, cardigans and shoes, as well as girl’s jewelry.


* Affordable

* Fast delivery

* There are no minimum orders

* Fashion products directly from the high street

* An easy-to-use website that’s quick and simple to use

9. Parisian Wholesale

Parisian supplies ladies and girls clothing since 1902. They have been in business since 1902. This has allowed them to acquire knowledge and resources that allow them to provide high quality products at a great price. All of their products are made and designed in the UK. These include tops, dresses, skirts and tops as well as jeans, blazers and knitwear.


* Stay up to date with all the latest trends

* All-inclusive fashion apparels & accessories

10. What is Loved

What’s Loved, a family-owned business that has been in wholesale supply for over 30 years, is still in operation. The company has worked with many retailers around the globe and has established its roots in the market. What’s Loved currently has 15 stores in South East England. The company has learned from its past failures and successes over the years to grow and evolve. It is now a manufacturer and fashion retailer.


* A diverse collection

* No minimum order requirement

* Delivery charges in the UK are just PS10

Wholesale Suppliers Of Top Girls Clothing In India

11. Esika World

Esika, a top brand in ethnic Indian clothing for girls and women, is based in Mumbai India. Their designs are both contemporary and culturally-appropriate, making them a leading wholesale supplier of boutique girls’ clothing. They offer a variety of designs that are affordable for all price ranges, making them accessible to all classes of buyers.

Since its inception, Esika has established itself as an exporter, manufacturer, and wholesaler of ethnic wear. Esika also exports products to India, the UAE, Australia, Canada and China.


* Great quality garments

* Excellent designs by in-house designers

* Expert tailors who produce high-quality clothes


ExportersIndia, an online marketplace for wholesale girls’ clothing, serves many retailers and is a one-stop shop for all things girls’ clothing. The company’s innovative technology and peerless reliability make it a strong choice.

ExportersIndia provides the most up-to-date information in the fashion industry for its customers to ensure that their businesses are competitive.


* Innumerous products

* Website that is user-friendly

* Product categorization that is appropriate

* Continuous updates of relevant information, such as prices

* The most cost-effective E-commerce solutions.

13. E-Worldwide Trades

E-worldwide traders is a global Indian brand that sells a variety of Indian clothing for young girls and women. Shree Kuberjee is the headquarters of the company, which was established in 2012.

They sell Salwar Kameez and Salwar Choli, Lehenga Choli, Kurtis and Sherwanis as well as other ethnic clothing. Eshan Traders is the best wholesale supplier for girls clothing. They offer affordable and low-cost products.


* High quality products

* Competitive and affordable prices

* Suppliers that deliver high quality and good value

Top Girls Clothing Wholesale Suppliers In Africa

14. Zenu Fashion

“Zenu” refers to a Swahili word meaning “Yours” plural, and not in the singular. Zenu Fashion is a wholesale apparel and accessory shop that offers a large selection of products to its customers.

These are just a few of the items that you can find in this fast fashion wholesale market.


* High quality merchandise at affordable prices

* Business ethics of the highest standard

* A variety of selections

* A focused marketing team

* All-in-one shopping solution

15. iFashion

iFashion, a Johannesburg-based company, supplies boutiques and retail shops with girls’ and ladies’ clothing. The supplier ships to all major cities in South Africa and has an online shop where customers can place their orders.


* Includes manufacturing and retail

* Increased awareness of South African clothing brands

16. Influence Clothing

Influence Clothing is a wholesaler that produces and sells affordable girls clothing. The company is based in Cape Town. It produces high quality garments for sporting events and national high-street retailers.


* Factory prices highly competitive

* Customer service dedicated


You need to have the right kind of wholesale girls clothing for your clients as a seller. Trends change every season so it is a good idea to keep checking these websites.