Cold Calling Template to Contact Dropshipping Suppliers

Are you looking for better deals with dropshipping suppliers This article will show you how to reach suppliers for dropshipping. It will also help you to set up deals that increase your brand’s protection and profits.

To be successful in dropshipping, you must find dropshipping suppliers to your store. It is crucial that you find a supplier who can deliver the high-quality products your store needs.

How do you do it? Dropshipping can be done in many ways. How do you find the right supplier for you, and one you can trust?

Contact them! Talk to potential suppliers that you believe can supply you with the products necessary to expand and scale your business. Although it can be nerve-wracking to call branded suppliers and talk to them, it is one of the best ways to show suppliers that you are serious about doing business.

Dropshipping suppliers can offer you better deals and products than anyone else. This gives you a huge advantage over other dropshipping shops. It is important to realize that building long-term relationships with dropshipping suppliers will help you build a brand. This is far more valuable than just a few sales per month.

This is why you are here. How to contact dropshipping branded suppliers You’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find the exact email template and call script that I use to reach out to suppliers. You will also find the steps to call the best dropshipping suppliers in your area.

Step-by-Step Guide for Contacting Dropshipping Branded Suppliers

Look for a niche in which you believe you can add value

This is what will make your eCom store a huge success. Understanding and choosing a niche is a great way to better understand your target market. You can reduce your search by creating a niche shop, which makes it easier to find a supplier. You can also target specific audiences and speak directly to them to sell products that solve their most pressing problems.

Make a list with 30 suppliers for this niche.

This is data collection. Go to Google to find the suppliers and stores that sell the product you are looking for. Once you have found them, you can put them in a spreadsheet or other data organizer.

Quck Tip – If you are looking to devote your time to more important tasks, you can ask your virtual assistant (VA) for help.

As promised, I will make it easier for you. I have given you free access to the CRM that I use to collect dropshipping supplier information. To access the free CRM template, simply enter your email address in the yellow box at top of the article.

To start a relationship, email them all

The next step after building your list is to send emails. To establish a relationship with them, email them. While you will receive some replies to your emails, these branded suppliers also get emails from many dropshippers and marketers who want to do business with them.

You need to create an email that grabs their attention. Use a catchy subject line to get their attention and make them want to read your email. To maintain a professional tone while sounding casual, you should also be friendly.

You don’t have the time or patience to make an email. To get an email template for free, simply enter your email address in the yellow box at top of the article. You can then edit it with your details and send it to dropshipping vendors.

Talk to them about their distribution or supply department

Here comes the fun part!

Many eCom business owners don’t feel comfortable speaking with suppliers over the telephone. Although it may seem difficult at first, it will get easier over time. The main purpose of calling suppliers is as follows:

  • It is important to get in touch with the decision-maker at the company. You may not be able get in touch with the owner immediately, but it is quite common. Your goal is to reach someone within the company to address your concerns and provide direct answers to any questions.
  • It is important to find out if the supplier is open to dropshipping. Don’t waste time talking about it. Get down to business. Ask if they are interested in becoming your supplier.
  • Ask for details if they have an existing supply program.
  • In the next section, confirm the details of the relationship.

Get the exact script I use when calling suppliers to my dropshippings shop. Just enter your email below to get the link!

Confirm details of supplier and the agreement

There are a few things you should confirm before you sign an agreement with a supplier.

  • The cost of the products
  • Shipping costs. Shipping cost.
  • Shipping schedule
  • Returns and Damage Policy – Discuss with your representative what happens if a customer receives damaged products.
  • Modalities of payment
  • Stock levels and stock feed. Check with your branded supplier to confirm if you are able to set up a stock feed. This is a great idea as it ensures that your products are in stock. If they are, you will need to refund many orders and provide customer service.

These are some useful tips to sweeten the deal for your supplier

  • Tell them that you are interested in a 3 month trial of the relationship.
  • Tell suppliers that you wish to prepay stock for the future. This has the advantage that suppliers lock in sales but can ship stock out immediately so you are always prepared.

Upload products to your site

After you have agreed to the terms and know the cost of your products, do the math and calculate your pricing before uploading the products to your website.

Get started selling!

You have already reached out to branded suppliers and established a rapport with them. You can now sell their products and scale your dropshipping business!

This is how to grow your Shopify dropshipping business to a 7- and 8-figure eCom company. Let’s get started by picking up the phone, and let’s discover the best dropshipping suppliers.

How to Use Cold Calling to Promote Dropshipping Business?

This piece of information that you are currently receiving is invaluable, I’m sure you will agree. Cold calling is a great way of generating leads and quickly building an email list.

I’ve built 3 companies that have been successful using the same business model. You can be sure that cold calling was a key part of my marketing strategy. Cold calling was actually my secret weapon. It’s not surprising that cold calling is a hateful activity. Guess what? They fail to succeed in business. You must be 100% committed to any business venture you want to succeed. To find new customers, you must be open to doing whatever it takes. Cold calling is an effective way to quickly get the word out, even if you don’t like it.

No matter the type of drop shipping company you are interested in starting, shipping will not take place until sales have been made. It’s simple. Customers must come from somewhere. If they don’t know you, they won’t find the amazing ecommerce website that you spent hours creating. It was perfected until it was.

Some people are very good at building online traffic streams. These people may not need to resort to cold calling. People like me, who aren’t computer tech nerds and seo geeks, have to do what it takes to make sales. Joe Blow may be spending his time tweaking his online shop, but people like me are out there working on their phones and creating buzz about our business.

Cold calling, as I mentioned before, was key to my success. Cold calling was my secret weapon. It is a great tool to build brand awareness and create an email list to market your products. If you want to start a drop shipping company, it will take some effort and elbow grease.

Let me tell you something that you already know. Your company’s lifeblood will be sales. No matter what business type you choose, or industry you work in, sales are the lifeblood of your company. It makes perfect sense to get the word out to as many people possible. Cold calling is a great way to do this. Cold calling is a great way for drop shipping businesses to be introduced to the world. This is a great way of quickly building an email list. Once you have your email list, you can start to email offers to potential customers.

Let me show you an example. I needed to quickly get word out about Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. when it opened in 2009. It was difficult to create an online email list at the time. I was just starting out in the industrial supply industry, which was a niche that was very new to me. There was competition, just like any other business, and no customer to start with, so I had to get to work quickly and be different from everyone else. It was not enough to just have a website and hope for visitors. To have any chance of making it, I had to be proactive.

I used what i was comfortable with, cold calling. I created a short pitch that was concise and effective. This allowed me to accomplish three things. My main goal was to spread the word and increase brand awareness. I wanted to quickly build an email database so that I could market my products and make sales. I wanted to make sales. I asked the potential customer if they could help me with something. However, this was only after I had received their email. I was able to make a few sales, and learn more about my potential customers.

My first campaign was for three months. My initial campaign was for 3 months. I would make 100 calls each day. That’s 500 calls per week. In order to make alot of calls quickly, I used an autodialer service called phoneburner, which is by far the best auto-dialer out there. By the way, you can get a free trial for phoneburner here. My campaign originally called for 500 calls per week for 12 weeks. However, it took me 15 weeks to actually make the calls to reach my goal, which was 3500 emails. I was able to make 27 sales after my initial cold call. This was in addition to getting customers email.

These are the exact results of the campaign:

Total number of calls : 7648

Total number of emails: 3522

Total Sales: 27

Average Order Amount: $168.43

Total Sales: $4547.61

Gross profit (from sales): $2429.32

Mark-Up (margin), : 2.147

Although it took me 3 additional weeks to reach my goal, I thought this campaign was very successful. I received 3522 emails and was able to open 27 accounts or make 27 sales from the first cold call. This was a bonus as i was primarily looking for emails to grow my email list. In reality, this campaign only resulted in a few sales. This should show you how cold calling can be used to quickly build your email list and promote your business. If you are a list builder or seo expert and can build an email database of 3500 in 3 months, that’s great! I found cold calling to be more effective than using seo or online marketing .

Below is my exact opening pitch. You don’t need to alter it if your product is industrial supplies, or something similar. No matter what drop shipping product you sell, this pitch can be modified to suit your needs. The pitch is concise and direct if you look closely. A couple of other aspects should be noted about this little cold calling script. You will notice that I assumed it was okay to receive the email and not asking if it could be mine. Another thing to note. I was able generate cold calls sales by asking how I could help the customer after I had received their email address.

Dropship Email Template to Suppliers

  1. You visit the manufacturer of the product you wish to sell.
  2. Ask them to send you a list of Disabustion Centers in your area. They will most likely be willing to give this list because it helps their buyers (the Disabustion Centers) increase sales, and the Disabustion Centers buy more from the Manufacturer.
  3. Email each Disabustion Center and ask them if they offer “Blind Dropshipping Service”.
  4. Ask them if they offer this service if you find one.
    1. What is the membership fee?
    2. What can they do to assist dealers?

This is how you can find a Dropship Supplier. They are within 3 ters from the Manufacturer. Also, they will get the lowest price possible because there are less intermediaries between the Dropshipper & the Manufacturer. To find the manufacturer, I visited Stun Master Stun Guns’ website and asked them about American Disabustion Centers. That is how SafetyTechnology was found. They are Dropship suppliers of Self Defense Products and Security Systems.

Cold Calling Script for Dropshipping

This is the ____________.

Hello there, _____________. My name is Bill Davis. I work for a company called Midwest Industrial Supply. You might have seen us at trade shows or online. We are one of the biggest dealers in name-brand surplus cutting tools and industrial shop supply in the country. Our prices are around 15-20% lower than msc. I was just curious if you would be interested in my monthly email specials ….

What is your email address? Don’t worry, I won’t spam you with spam…Its typically like 1 sale per month. GET THE E-EMAIL AND FINISH PITCH –

o.K. GREAT, nOW______________________, we do carry pretty much everything you can think of, and were one of the largest dealers of name brand carbide inserts in the country. We have all grades and styles available in pretty much every shape.

You can name almost any brand you like valenite and sandvik, to name just a few.

While i get you on the telephone, could you please tell me if there is a particular insert I could possibly check for you?


Are you skilled in turning or milling?

Are you familiar with any numbers on the box or insert?

He doesn’t know …. What is the shape of the insert? Triangle, square, round?

What can you do with the inserts?

Do you prefer a particular brand, or do you simply want a good insert at an affordable price?

Let me conclude by saying that there are many ways you can promote your drop shipping company and reach new customers. Cold calling is my favorite method of promoting drop shipping. I hope i have proved it in this article. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please let me know.