Common Dropshipping Mistakes and Our Tips to Avoid it

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Last Updated on January 06, 2021

The term drop shipping is predominantly assumed as one of the easiest forms of business because there is no need to maintain inventory or office. The only task is to market niche products and attract target customers. 

Isn’t it a simple task?

Wait, it is not the time to come with a final decision. Where drop shipping has a surplus of good ends in the form of business, but at the same time, it can be stated as the unbeatable recipe of success. To begin with the business of drop shipping, you will have to face similar challenges just like others. Also, it is not possible for all the drop shippers to beat the race with perfection, either.  

To start your drop shipping escapade, a number of errors are required to be shut down. In this blog, we are going to share six major ones. 

Not pointing on any particular niche 

Open the web and you will be flooded with a limitless number of drop shippers and drop shipping products ready in the market at a time. 

If you tend to select a niche, it would be easy to trim two dominant problems especially for the budding entrepreneurs

  1. Offering many products will put your customers under confusion. 
  2. The competition in the market will now become two-faced.
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The solution will come only with a selected niche and put it in the right direction. Suppose you are installing various products from different categories, it would be a minor task to get beaten by Amazon and other giants. Not only has this, with so many products come many suppliers, too much to handle in the early days of business. 

Tip you should try – Create a well-structured list of products that belongs to the targeted audience.

With this, the probability of orders will get repetitive, and the handling chores will stay on the board with less tension. Research drop shipping guides and illustrations for product selection to mend your way. 

Not making a choice of trusted suppliers 

The drop shipping game depends on the suppliers. If you have united your business with the right set of suppliers, then reaching the final board will be easy. Thinking why? It is for a reason; these suppliers are accountable for making the chronology of inventory and keep a charge of the same. 

Imagine getting products from the suppliers late and in defective form. Are you ready for this trouble at any point in time? Or will it be able to grip the business? No, all these will drop your drop shipping business at a faster pace. 

While choosing the supplier, validate their frequency-time of product delivery, customer support, and level of cooperation. 

Tip you should try – It is the only analysis that can help you. 

These days, it will take time to finalize a supplier as you can take suggestions from directories like Worldwide brands, Oberlo, SaleHoo, and so on. Many suppliers are running goof on AliExpress too, but you must investigate the feedbacks and ratings that should reach up to 95% at least. After that, try with a test order to judge the working of the suppliers and their support team. 

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Not sharing a friendly site for your users

The only way to open the doors of your drop shipping business in front of your customer is through a website. Therefore, no mistakes will be entertained; the site needs to be clean and easy to use with. Keep a check on the following elements 

  • Easy browsing of the product catalog
  • An excellent selection of categories and various product types
  • Specific products are listed
  • Placing of order

The entire tasks mentioned above should be finished within a few clicks; otherwise, you will lose your customers forever. 

Tip you should try – Make the site simple to handle, so it gets easy for them to move on. 

Focus on making the shopping experience effortless right from product selection to making an order. Also, add several and trusted payment options like debit/credit cards, PayPal, net banking, etc. 

Not working on making your brand name 

Here you are dealing with the products that are not coming out from your manufacturing unit. Yet, there is a major necessity of a brand name and logo to identify your product with others. Don’t forget, the competition is nerve-racking, and if you want to run the race, then identification is required. 

Add up a brand name with quality services with an intention to put an impression in the minds of the customers. Just, you are on the right track with this. 

Tip you should try – Indulge in both brands and services mutually. 

The logo or the brand name that you have decided should be placed in the most visualized area of your website. In addition, it should be sent to every person associated with the business in shipping labels, invoices, etc. With nice branding, it would be easy to match the competition standard. 

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Not bridging the gap with customer support 

In the drop shipping business, you can’t forget to site the heart. Yes, with the heart, we mean customer support. 

Unless, your customer experience, that you are offering assistance on time and ready to help, they will never proceed further. On the contrary, if you do so, get geared for multiple orders back to back. 

With customer support, you can intensify your business brand value and customer experience. 

Tip you should try – You can try various tricks to establish your customer support – send emails asking their feedback, know are they ready for the regular updates, on-time assistance, etc.

It is all about how you are treating the customers and for how long you will be able to do the same. It will decide the fate of your drop shipping business. 

Not ready for the fall-out orders 

We are talking about the returns, cancellation, and replaced orders.

A customer has the complete right to cancel the product anytime, and you can’t question them either. It happens because of their change in mind or receiving wrong or faulty items. Your effort should focus on the track; so that the customer can receive exact products in one go. Also, try to lessen the chances of cancellation or returns. Otherwise, heaps of amount and energy will go off. 

Drop shipping wants cooperation with suppliers and customers. It is your responsibility to draw a line with both parties. Have a word with the supplier if something wrong takes place and do not fall in vague or faulty statements because it can lead to destruction. 

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Tip you should try – Stay organized for all the uncertainties, whether it cancelation or returns. 

While making a contract with the supplier, you must enlist the entire set of rules and regulations on the matters of returns and refunds. Furthermore, let the customer know about all these before making a final order. You can dodge such problems with a set pattern. 

Stay away from making the above-listed drop shipping mistakes 

New or up-and-coming entrepreneurs are showing interest in drop shipping because of its accessible nature. Notwithstanding its benefits, many of them plunge with unexpected mistakes. Even the businesses that are established suffer from the drop-down by not being careful. Don’t you worry, as by leaving the above mistakes, you will very soon find your drop shipping business with a sound base. 

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