Complete Guide to Find Other Dropshipping Stores

Dropshipping is a business that allows you to dropship. You can also run your own dropshipping shop. These are the top five ways to find other dropshipping shops:

Using Google Image Search
You can use reverse image search to search for similar products in other stores. You can search Google Images Search to find dropshipping shops that sell similar products. Click the “search by Image” icon, then upload the product image. Here’s an example of a search for a product in the category “Nursing Baby”.

Using Product Research Tools such as New Product Spy
Shopify Spy Tool New Product Spy Helps you locate other dropshipping Shopify stores. You can search by store name, keyword or product name to filter your results. Search for any keyword to find the stores that carry that product. You can filter by product keywords or by plugins used. Here’s an example of a store that sells products filtered by the “baby” keyword:

Using allows you to find other Shopify stores dropshipping the exact product you are looking for. To search for other dropshipping sites using, go to Next, filter the results by selecting “Shopify, Inc.” Stores that contain a specific keyword in their domain names can be filtered. Here’s an example:

Using Google Advanced Search Operators You can search for dropshipping shops in your niche or category using Google Advanced Search Operators. You will need to search Google with the “site operator”. To search for other stores selling baby products, you could type this: * “baby”. Here are some examples of Google’s returned results:

Using Facebook Ads. To find dropshipping shops using Facebook Ads, simply log in to your Facebook account, type in 50% discount or free shipping in search box, and then scroll through the image or video results. You can narrow down your search results by adding a keyword related to your niche. You can search for hair products at 50% off and get this result:

These are five of the easiest ways to locate dropshipping shops. You can use the information to find dropshipping shops, see how they advertise similar products, and determine how successful they are with dropshipping products. New Product Spy offers the best dropshipping tools in one place. Sign up now for our free trial to start making big bucks by finding your next product.

Have you ever wondered who is dropshipping the products that you are dropshipping? You’re right – someone is selling the products you’ve spent hours researching, products you love and a passion for, as well as products you just bought to fill your store. There are ways to discover exactly who is selling your products, and more.

The SaleSource Product Analyzer

SaleSource uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect all Shopify & WordPress stores that sell your product. To begin the analysis, you will need to provide a Shopify Product page link, AliExpress Product Link, or product image. The stores are ranked according to their monthly sales. This means that the most popular stores and product layouts will be shown first.

You can quickly visit the competitor’s product page to see exactly what they offer their customers. This will allow you to immediately see which sales strategies are most effective for your specific niche.

You can also view all the competitors selling the same product to get a top-down look at dropshipping . In other words, you can either see what everyone else is doing or learn from their stores and sales techniques.

This is without a doubt the best product research method. Dropshippers in today’s competitive 2020 ecommerce environment need to be able to see exactly what other competitors are selling the same product.

Data such as the date of creation of competitor stores, store app, best-selling products, and theme provide crucial information that is essential for competitor research. With just one click, dropshippers can use this data to improve their stores.

The Verified Theme

SaleSource’s Store Scan has an inbuilt theme scanner that instantly detects any of 72 Shopify premium / free themes as well as many other custom themes such as Shoptimized, Turbo Theme, Booster Theme, Shoptimized and many others.

SaleSource makes it easy to find the right theme for any niche. This is an essential part of boosting brand image, increasing sales, and building customer trust.

Shopify Apps

Apps that Shopify stores use can make or break a business. It used to be difficult to find the exact apps in a Shopify store. SaleSource allows you to view all the apps that Shopify stores use to provide a unique customer experience. You can also install these apps by clicking a button.

Dropshippers who are interested in researching their competitors will find this feature indispensable. It allows you to quickly and easily achieve the same functionality as the top Shopify stores .

Are You a Seller or Saturated with Your Product?

Clicking on “View best sellers” or the SaleSource Scan option on a website you’re interested in will instantly show you the top-selling products on any Shopify Store. Check if your product appears in the list.

As a rule of thumb the top 20% products on Shopify get 80% of all sales. This means that if our top competitors have our product absent from their top sellers list, it is likely that our product has not reached saturation.

It is also possible to check out competitor stores in the same niche and see which products were uploaded to their stores.

We used SaleSource to analyze over 35,000 products. The saturation level was determined by the date that products were uploaded to stores. Top dropshipping shops served as our control group. Saturation was determined using machine learning algorithms. It is the number of competitors selling the same product.

Products uploaded between 2-12 months ago were most likely to become saturated if there are many competitors selling them. The drop in popularity for the 12-24 months category is due to websites removing saturated products that didn’t sell well.

The most popular products with the lowest competition and highest selling potential were the products uploaded recently, which had been uploaded less then a month ago.

Find Trending Products

You can view all the products uploaded to Shopify stores using the Store Scan feature. This is our favorite way to find unsaturated new products. These products can be potential best-seller.

This category is highly recommended, especially if it belongs to a store that has a high monthly estimated revenue. These top dropshipping companies use a variety of methods to find the one product that has viral potential. Therefore, the items on this list have been thoroughly vetted and can be considered best sellers if they are properly marketed.

Follow the Success Stores to Learn from The Best

SaleSource allows you to keep track of your favorite stores and receive notifications whenever they upload new products. You can also get alerts when their monthly revenues increase or decrease, or when the position for their most popular products changes.

This feeds directly into the previous point, which allows you to immediately jump in and take the first mover advantage.

Last words

Knowing exactly who is selling your product is crucial for competitor research and product research. This knowledge will help you increase your store’s sales, revenue, customer trust and brand loyalty. You’ll also be able to innovate and make your own decisions about what sells by using SaleSource’s powerful tools.