Top 11 List of Cool Things to Own

Shoppers may quickly become overwhelmed by Amazon’s extensive offerings, yet it can also provide invaluable assistance when looking for specific items.

If you want to upgrade your computer desk, try this DIY drawer organizer that’s simple to put together and install. Or if you’re shopping for students, these cool things could help make their dorm or off-campus apartment feel like more like home!

AirPods Case

Apple’s AirPods are an outstanding example of how a simple product can really stand out. These pocketable, minimalist earbuds boast unique features like “Find My” functionality and wireless charging – yet after just one or two trips through your bag they may start looking scuffed and worn-looking.

Protective cases are the perfect way to keep your earbuds looking great, with this leather case from Twelve South featuring both a snap closure and clip to prevent loss-prevention.

UAG’s rubberized wrap offers something more rugged if you prefer something with more of an outdoor aesthetic, featuring military drop tests and monogrammed options to give it that personal touch. Compatible with MagSafe chargers and ideal for travel use – making it the ideal case choice – though note that it does not provide waterproof protection.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is an invaluable time saver that allows you to easily whip up fluffy marshmallows, airy meringue, delicious homemade pasta and more – it should be an indispensable asset in the arsenal of any serious home baker!

Your KitchenAid mixer offers 10 speeds to accommodate every recipe imaginable. Plus, with optional attachments such as spiralizers and shredders available, spiralizing veggies, shredding meat, creating shaved ice and more can all be accomplished effortlessly!

While KitchenAid remains the premier stand mixer brand, other brands provide exceptional options that promise to knead and whip with equal ease. Plus, some come equipped with extra features such as timers and lights to illuminate mixing action and even digital scales – ideal options for people with hand or arm restrictions or kids looking for hands-on involvement in baking!

Winc Wine Subscription

Winc is a wine subscription service that delivers four bottles to your door each month that are tailored specifically to your personal palate. Also known as the Netflix of wine, Winc offers a short quiz to assess your individual preferences before matching you with wines based on ratings and feedback from past users. A la carte purchases are also available if committing to monthly membership isn’t suitable.

After taking their quick and simple quiz, they ask questions about your food preferences to gain more insight into who you are as an individual. For example, they might inquire as to your preference for sushi or chocolate among other choices.

Winc offers a more tailored wine shopping experience and can match you up with wines that complement your meals, eliminating any guesswork with their no-hassle return policy and skip-a-month feature for when moving or going away for longer than planned.

EOS Rebel T7

The EOS Rebel T7 DSLR camera is an excellent budget option and makes an ideal starter camera. Boasting 24MP resolution and offering basic controls with its fixed screen display, this 24-megapixel model still provides high image quality while working seamlessly with Canon’s wide selection of lenses for various needs.

The T7 features a 3.0-inch LCD with 920,000 dots that is ideal for framing shots or showing off your work. Plus, this camera connects wirelessly via Wi-Fi and NFC, making photo and video transfer simple and painless!

The T7’s Feature Guide helps beginners learn the ins and outs of photography quickly. Included with this camera is an 18-55mm kit lens to get your started, while there are many additional accessories that can enhance your photos further.

Audio-Technica Turntable

Audio Technica Turntable offers high-fidelity listening experience to anyone looking to upgrade their listening experience with high-fidelity tunes. Connect it via Bluetooth headphones or speakers for rich, immersive sound!

This fully automatic turntable features two speeds – 33-1/3 and 45 RPM – as well as a replaceable cartridge and built-in switchable phono preamp, along with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity that delivers high-fidelity audio up to 800 feet away.

Manual turntables can be daunting for newcomers to the world of vinyl collection, but this wallet-friendly model makes learning the ropes simpler with automatic operation and comes equipped with RCA cables to connect any speaker system with phono input (including those without Bluetooth capability) making this an essential purchase for any vinyl lover! Don’t miss our top picks for more great things to have in your collection.

HP DeskJet

The HP DeskJet stands out from other inkjet all-in-one printers with its low price and attractive appearance, but lack of commonly-found features like an automatic document feeder, touch screen interface or fax capabilities makes it suitable only for light home use.

DeskJet printers feature an unusual design with a horizontal plastic piece spanning their top surface that serves as the scanner, and you simply slip pages under it one at a time to scan documents. This unique approach helps minimize footprint while still producing reliable print output and providing solid functionality.

Register the printer, and take advantage of HP Instant Ink for six months at just $1 per month or even less with high yield sets! Whether working from home or making use of makeshift kitchen tables, having the DeskJet printer on hand makes life simpler and makes a statement of style!

Elliptical Machine

An elliptical machine provides a low-impact cardio workout for full body fitness that’s gentle on joints. A great addition to any home gym, they may even collapse for easier storage if not in use – saving valuable floor space when not required!

Ideally, if you have a dedicated home exercise space, look for an advanced elliptical with features like built-in apps, Bluetooth speakers and USB charging port as well as touch screen controls and console. Otherwise, opt for something simpler such as Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical which offers user friendliness at a reasonable cost.

Roxie Jones, an Alo Moves instructor and fitness coach, recommends ellipticals as an ideal way for individuals starting back into fitness to ease back in gradually; their low impact on knees makes them less painful than treadmills or bikes and may help ward off osteoporosis through added weight-bearing exercise.

Exercise Yoga Mat

Designed for yoga and high-impact workouts alike, this multifunctional mat provides firm cushioning with enough grip against hands and feet for easy gripping action. Plus, its closed-cell material seals out moisture for simple cleaning and disinfecting; plus its reversible surface includes alignment markers to help beginners learn proper hand and foot placement.

Few yoga mats can match this one as both high performers and versatile workout partners. A favorite among Verywell Fit Editor in Chief Ashleigh Morley and GGR editorial director of commerce Chelsea Peng is this mat; both sides can lock onto floors securely while feeling great against skin. Both surfaces wipe clean easily for storage purposes too!

Wi-Fi Streaming Stick

Roku remains at the top of their game with this portable stick that plugs directly into any TV’s HDMI port and features a long-range wireless receiver that provides up to two times faster wireless speed. Plus, Dolby Vision (if supported) and high dynamic range help movies and shows look their best! It comes preloaded with Roku OS 10.5 software, supporting streaming services like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast – plus Roku has them all covered!

If you’re an Amazon ecosystem devotee and in need of an easy navigation device that also controls smart home devices, consider the 3rd Gen Fire TV Stick 4K as it has better load times and voice search than its cheaper predecessor. Apple users will find their new Apple TV 4K an excellent choice to both play games and access personal content.