Secrets to Copy Squarespace Pages to Another Site Like a Pro

Squarespace provides several methods for moving content between sites. You can do it using either its drag-and-drop interface, built-in copy/paste feature, or the Export/Import tool – each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Duplicating pages is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transfer them, creating a copy which you can then edit independently.


Duplicating pages in Squarespace is a wonderful feature to have at your disposal, saving time and effort in addition to offering the possibility of testing various layouts without making changes live. Duplicating can also come in handy when moving content between sites.

Duplication can be utilized on pages, sections and blocks, as well as collection items. Duplicating any of these will create an identical copy with all of the original’s content, blocks, layout, images and settings – with its name changed to reflect “Copy.” To change its title if necessary, just open its settings and change accordingly.

Log into your Squarespace account, navigate to the page you wish to copy and click Duplicate next to its name. This will open a new tab with an identical copy but with its own URL slug and navigation title; from here on out it can be edited as any other.

Note: Unfortunately, this method does not work with index pages; to duplicate an index page you will need to use Squarespace’s Export/Import tool instead.

One effective method to speed up website loading times is using Squarespace’s AMP plugin, which will speed up both mobile and desktop loading speeds and increase visitors and search engine rankings. Best of all, installing this free plugin is quick and easy – simply follow these steps for setup:


Squarespace makes one of the most powerful features available: duplicating pages or sections. This tool saves both time and mental energy when building out new designs for your site, saving both time and mental energy in the process. In this video tutorial I will demonstrate this feature both in Squarespace 7.0 and 7.1 versions.

When duplicating a page, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First and foremost is to ensure that its content matches exactly with what you had in mind when duplicating. If there are edits necessary before copying over to ensure an orderly duplicate without confusing and/or unclear pages.

Note that when duplicating pages, this process does not replicate custom code, images, or assets from the original page. If you plan on including duplicated pages as part of a larger website project, these considerations must be taken into account or you risk facing problems when trying to move your work between websites.

Be mindful that when using the Duplicate Page feature, any Unsplash or Getty image licenses won’t carry over – these licenses only cover one website – so if you plan on using these images across multiple pages you will require purchasing additional licenses.

Duplicating a Squarespace page is an effortless and time-saving method of quickly designing a new website design. By following these simple steps, you’ll quickly be able to make an identical copy in just a few clicks – leaving more time for focussing on key aspects of design! Don’t wait; give this method a try the next time you need a fast way of duplicating pages on Squarespace!


There can be various reasons for needing to duplicate pages in Squarespace. From testing a different page layout, to rebuilding an entire site with copy-pasted content – whatever it may be, duplicating pages is a useful feature that can save both time and effort.

Replicating pages in Squarespace is simple: to do it, navigate to the Pages section of your site and hover over the one you wish to duplicate, until a small gear icon appears and click “Duplicate page.”

Once the page has been copied over, you can rename it however you wish. Just ensure it does not conflict with any existing pages on your site and change its url slug to something more SEO friendly; otherwise you risk having it display something like home two or home copy as its slug name.

If your theme features multiple templates, and one in particular stands out for you, duplicating that particular page may be beneficial in creating a starting point and tweaking as necessary. This is especially useful if building an E-Commerce website and need to duplicate product, event, or portfolio pages linked together.

Another reason to duplicate pages is when moving your website to a new domain. With Squarespace sites like this one and others like it, export all of your content and then import it into the new one – saving time and preventing any lost work while switching sites; even better still if consolidating multiple websites into one!

Update Link

If you need to update a page’s name quickly without the hassle of creating a brand new page from scratch, Squarespace provides a useful feature which allows you to update its link. This method is much quicker than exporting and importing XML files and works both for pages and blog posts.

Step one is to log into your website dashboard and locate the page that needs updating. Clicking the pencil icon allows for editing; after making any necessary modifications, simply click Update link to save changes and redirect traffic back to it.

This method is particularly helpful for e-commerce sites, enabling you to keep product listings current without creating an entirely new page. However, this technique doesn’t apply when refreshing index pages; for this task it’s recommended that an alternative method is utilized instead.

Use the 301 redirects feature of Squarespace sites quickly and effectively when moving content between them to preserve SEO rankings and keep everything indexed correctly. This will forward old URLs directly to new ones while helping maintain search engine optimization rankings.

Start by logging into your site dashboard and selecting the page you would like to transfer over. Next, navigate to Settings > Advanced > General and alter Page title accordingly – once done, this page will be added to Unlinked Pages section without appearing in search results anymore.

Squarespace also provides a duplication feature, which can help to quickly duplicate certain pages that you love the layout of but don’t feel like recreating from scratch. This method can be particularly helpful when creating sales pages, opt-in pages, and services pages.

To duplicate a page, start by logging into your site dashboard and selecting the page to duplicate. Next, click the pencil icon to edit and change its title before clicking Duplicate for an exact duplicate copy of that page – an ideal method for moving content between Squarespace templates!