The best way to make Squarespace links open in new tab

Unlearn how to create links that open in a new tab with Squarespace – perfect for keeping visitors on your site without requiring complex coding!

Utilize this technique to link directly to pages on your website or collections filtered by categories and tags, or even downloadable files.

How to Make a Link Open in a New Tab

Links on your site are an effective way of leading visitors to other pages and resources on or outside your domain. Whether they’re external or internal links, you can set them to open in a new tab so they’ll open within your own site after being visited – using either Link Blocks or HTML code can do this effectively.

The Link Block is the easiest and simplest way to quickly add links to your Squarespace website. Just clicking its icon opens a popup window where you can select text or images as links and decide how those links will open in a new tab – this feature works for Web Address, Page or File links!

By default, when you click a Web Address or Page link, it opens in the same tab as your site. To change this behavior, toggle the New Tab or Back Tab toggle in Link Block settings. For files such as PDFs and other document formats that require downloading instead of opening them directly within browser windows, use download option instead of opening them directly within your browser by choosing download in Link Block settings.

Just like with Link Blocks, text editors enable you to create links directly in posts or pages using links. Simply highlight any text you would like as a link and click on the Link Button; from there you can access your Link Settings Menu for additional options such as ‘Open in new tab’.

Anchor links or page jumps can be an invaluable addition to your website if you offer long-form content and would like visitors to be able to quickly move around between different sections. They’re especially beneficial when used as pricing pages – directing people directly to where it explains their payment terms will appear.

As part of any post or page, you can link to other pages on your site as well as collections filtered by categories and tags using the text editor. If you want to alter how these types of links open in different ways, use the Link Editor Advanced options and select ‘Open in new tab or back tab. If linking directly to an individual page or collection within your own website, enter its URL address into the URL field at the top of the editor; add an external icon which helps sighted users identify it quickly upon hover.

How to Make a Link Open in a New Window

Website visitors have become accustomed to clicking links on websites in search of more content and information, but it is vitally important that external links open in a new tab instead of redirecting away from your own. Squarespace makes this simple with their editing screen toggle that lets users decide how the linked file opens up.

By default, external links on Squarespace websites open in the same tab, potentially diverting readers away from your website and decreasing engagement with visitors. To protect both traffic and engagement levels on your site, ensure all links leading to external pages are set to open in a new window when added to it.

When adding internal links to your website, this strategy will also keep visitors on your website instead of being taken elsewhere when clicking links and being taken off-topic when being taken off to another page or post.

Anchor links can help make their experience of visiting your website seamless by quickly leading visitors where they need to go – quickly navigating to answers or pricing or forms on any particular part of a page, for instance. This technique is especially helpful on large pages where there is plenty of content. Anchor links help visitors easily navigate your content!

Improving user experience on your Squarespace website by adding links that open in a new window is one of the easiest ways to enhance its usability. Link Block makes this task effortless with its built-in option for selecting how a link opens; alternatively, use Markdown or Code Block instead and add target=_blank attribute in code blocks as needed.

As part of your website accessibility efforts, it is advisable to include a warning informing visitors that clicking links will open in a new window or tab. This is especially beneficial for visually impaired or blind visitors as keyboard shortcuts may allow them to return back to previous page or tab, something not possible with links opening in new windows or tabs. Furthermore, having this warning provide notification is vital when people using screen readers access your site as this will give them enough time to plan navigation accordingly.