How To Create A Coming Soon Landing Page On Squarespace?

Landing pages are standalone web pages designed with one goal and call to action in mind; encouraging your target audience to take specific steps and providing something of value as incentive.

Squarespace 7.1 makes creating and styling landing pages an effortless process using sections. Here, I will demonstrate how to easily create an Instagram landing page that does not appear in your navigation bar.

Squarespace landing pages are single web pages designed to offer visitors something of value in exchange for their contact information (typically an email address). Landing pages can be created both internally using email marketing service tools or externally with external landing page builders like LeadPages.

Ideal Squarespace landing pages should focus on one objective and support it with content and design elements, while remaining visually appealing and creating a positive first impression for visitors. An effective strategy to accomplish this would be removing anything that distracts viewers from your CTA while making its message known through vibrant colors or simple messages.

The hero section is often the first thing visitors to your website will see and it can have a great influence over whether or not they decide to stay or leave. Therefore, its success relies heavily on making an excellent first impression by emphasizing how well your product or service addresses visitors’ problems and keeping the hero section concise – including adding short headlines that speak directly to visitor needs.

Other elements to keep in mind when designing an effective landing page include the call-to-action, which should be prominently placed and clearly communicate the action that you would like your viewers to take. It is also crucial that any unnecessary distractions, such as social media buttons, are removed so as to maintain viewer interest on the page and increase conversion rates.

Squarespace provides several ways for creating landing pages, including Cover Pages and Layout Pages. Cover Pages are simple yet attractive webpages designed to present information in an easily-read format; perfect as landing pages or “Coming Soon/Under Construction” pages while your site is under development.

Layout Pages offer more comprehensive solutions, featuring pre-styled layouts, form blocks, audio/video media players and much more, making them perfect landing page solutions with clickable CTA buttons or embedded forms that you can tailor specifically for landing page use.

Squarespace makes creating landing pages simple. Begin by using the Pages panel to create an empty page or use an existing one by selecting Edit from within it, or use Not Link under Page Settings for private pages.

Step one in creating a Squarespace landing page is selecting an appropriate template from among many available, matching your brand and business. From there you can edit it with text, images and videos as desired – including videos if desired!

Consideration must also be given when creating a Squarespace landing page of its hero section, which will be the first thing seen by visitors and may determine their decision on whether or not to stay. A successful hero section must meet three criteria – relevance, clarity, and readability.

To add forms from an email service provider to a Squarespace landing page, add a Code block. In order to do this successfully, it’s essential that you know the collection ID for each page on which you would like the form placed; you can do this by going into Pages > Pages Linked > Not Linked then selecting said page and clicking “Not Linked.”

Alternatively, make your Squarespace landing page your homepage temporarily by accessing General Settings > General and toggling on “Set as Homepage.” Be aware though, that doing this is only temporary – say during a launch campaign!

How to Add a Coming Soon Page in Squarespace

An “Upcoming” page can serve to notify visitors that your website or product is currently under construction and allows them to sign up for updates. It could also serve to highlight special offers or promotions.

This article details how to add a “Coming Soon” page using the Manual template on a paid Squarespace website, with some technical knowledge required but being straightforward for anyone.

Create a New Page

An announcement page can help generate excitement about an upcoming website, product or service launch by collecting email addresses of those interested and notifying them as soon as it goes live.

Integrating a Coming Soon Page into your Squarespace website is straightforward. First, create a new page under Pages before selecting Coming Soon Page as its type from the available options.

The Coming Soon Page template is ideal for fashion bloggers preparing to release a new season’s collection. It features a teaser image, intro text and call to action to sign up for updates; additionally it includes a countdown timer to build anticipation and buzz. Furthermore, SEO-optimized and mobile friendly, you can edit its content and design at will!

Enable the Coming Soon Page Template

As part of your new website’s construction, it can be useful to place an ‘under construction’ or “coming soon” page until your site is finished and ready for launch. This allows people to avoid accidentally coming across unfinished parts while creating leads through early visits.

Squarespace’s Coming Soon Page template is an ideal solution for fashion bloggers and commerce businesses that plan on introducing a new collection or product launch. Featuring an eye-catching image and signup call-to-action that encourages visitors to register in order to be informed when product availability changes, this Coming Soon Page template encourages visitors to register to get updates when product launching occurs.

This tutorial shows how to enable the Coming Soon Page template on either a Standard or Advanced Plan, but for Personal Plans this may require using this code snippet instead – using this method for finding Collection-ID instead of one from your site itself! You should also disable any lock screens if you want visitors to view your site before it launches!

Customize the Page

An “Upcoming” or “Under Construction” page is an effective way to generate excitement about a website launch. Visitors who encounter this page can quickly sign up with their email addresses for updates as it develops.

Add interactivity to your coming soon page in order to keep visitors coming back after launch – such as subscription forms and social media icons – by including subscription forms or features such as social media icons that encourage them to revisit.

Squarespace makes it easy to create a distinctive coming soon page by customizing its template. Change font, color and layout options as you wish; even add background videos! For this task follow these steps.

Set a Password

Once your Coming Soon page has been designed and edited, the last step should be creating a password to prevent visitors from accessing it before its official release date. This password will prevent anyone from being able to view your website until it’s time for launch.

There are various methods available to you for setting up password protection, but one of the easiest is using the cog icon on a page you’d like to protect and adding one in Page Settings. You could also create a separate page and set one up.

An Coming Soon page can be an effective way for artists, retailers, or any type of business to engage their target audiences and build excitement ahead of an upcoming launch. By including lead capture forms, countdown timers, optimized content for SEO purposes and optimized lead forms on this page you’ll drive more traffic before launch day arrives. Before making it live be sure to test and monitor its performance across devices and browsers before going live!