Drophippo Review Free Automated Dropshipping APP

There are many ways to start a dropshipping site or POD website. It doesn’t matter what product you sell, finding quality products and maintaining consistency will be difficult.

DropHippo steps in and saves you.

DropHippo, a Dropshipping sourcing platform that works with Shopify shops, is DropHippo. DropHippo makes it easy to source quality products from China and ship them to your customers around the globe.

This DropHippo review will cover

  • DropHippo products and services
  • DropHippo: How it works
  • DropHippo: How to make DropHippo part of your business

Let’s get started:

DropHippo: What’s it all about?

DropHippo, a Shopify app, allows you to source and fulfill products for your store.

Once you are connected, you will be able to start selling products. DropHippo can also source products that you are already selling, and allow you to list them privately on the app. Only your store can view them. DropHippo works directly with Chinese manufacturers, so they can work with you or find another supplier.

Once you have connected, product information will be pushed to your product pages. Order information will automatically be sent to the suppliers when the order is paid in the app. The products are sent to your customer just as if you used a POD app in your store.

DropHippo’s main focus is on ease-of-use when it comes to sourcing new products. DropHippo takes care of all the details for you, so you don’t need to deal directly with Chinese-based companies.

Drophippo is better than direct with China: Why is it better to work with Drophippo?

Dropshippers often say that dealing directly with Chinese manufacturers is their biggest challenge. Dropshipping can be difficult to sustain a business that is based on language barriers, timezone differences, or the struggle to reply to many suppliers.

It’s possible for orders to be lost or suppliers to lose any responsibility if you are lucky enough to find the product that you want to sell. You’ll end up the one who is left with nothing.

DropHippo solves all those problems and many more.

DropHippo has a Shenzen warehouse in China, where they are able to assist you in finding a new supplier for your products. DropHippo’s team takes it upon themselves, to ensure that the product is made on-demand at scale and integrated into DropHippo’s app. This will make it as simple as possible to sell.

It also makes it easy to track orders. DropHippo’s AI-based software tracks every order sent from DropHippo-approved manufacturers. It’s automatically redirected if it veers off-track.

“Nice to haves.”

DropHippo doesn’t just help you find good products. DropHippo is a complete suite that allows you to automate as many of your ecommerce stores as possible, and provides the best customer experience.

Dashboard & Analytics

DropHippo Dashboard offers a great analytics view that gives you a quick overview of all important features. You can assess the data that could impact your business by looking at orders, estimated delivery times and profit changes.

US/UK fulfilment centres

Faster supply times are crucial if your business grows and scales. DropHippo offers warehouses in the US and UK that can store your product in bulk. DropHippo ships orders from the US, UK/EU region to ensure that your product reaches your customers faster.

DropHippo’s fulfilment team can give you an accurate shipping date for each country if you use their AI tracking system. Although the product’s manufacturer and location play a significant role, you have the option to either not stock the product or use one of DropHippo’s fulfilment centers in the USA or UK to reduce shipping times.

Customer service

The team’s exceptional customer service offers assistance in English as well as French, Arabic and French. No matter how small, they are available to answer any questions.


DropHippo is a Payoneer VIP Partner and accepts Payoneer payments. DropHippo makes it easy to send money and manage payments. You can operate in multiple currencies and pay low fees. It’s like having a bank account with all the different currencies.

Private listings

You should not share a great idea unless you are absolutely certain. DropHippo will source a product for you and it is then listed on DropHippo’s App by default. DropHippo does not list your product publicly, so you can continue to be a leader in that niche.

DropHippo & Amazon

Dropshipping can be a great way to make the most of Amazon’s marketplace. DropHippo can help. DropHippo can help you order bulk products and ship them from their Shenzen warehouses to any Amazon Fulfilment Centre. You can now dropship your products via FBA and Amazon can be a key sales channel for you business.

Is it possible to use Shopify only?

DropHippo is currently only available as Shopify app. Although they are working with WooCommerce, AliExpress and other platforms, there is no release date. DropHippo’s team can connect to any online platform and automate fulfillment using ShipStation for volume sellers at no extra cost.

Which products are available?

DropHippo’s public products library only displays a handful of products. Although their Facebook group can be a great resource for finding out who is selling which product, the best way to view all of DropHippo’s products is to download the app.

Custom Sourcing

DropHippo will source the product for you if you are already selling it or have found an AliExpress product that you would like to sell. DropHippo will allow you to sell the product directly through their platform.

DropHippo FAQ

These are some of the most common DropHippo questions that we have seen others ask.

Are there Chinese packaging options?

DropHippo guarantees that your products arrive in China without any Chinese packaging DropHippo also offers custom or branded packaging, inserts and labels at a low cost. DropHippo believes that this is the best way to keep your business competitive by offering it at a low price.

What is the cost of this?

DropHippo is free to use. Dropshipping is open to everyone, so they avoided a subscription-based model. DropHippo charges a small amount for each order. This is how DropHippo can keep their app and services free.

App store reviews

DropHippo’s App store reviews are very few. This is due to Dropshipping’s secrecy. DropHippo’s App Store reviews are very few and far between. This is because people don’t leave reviews unless they are unhappy. DropHippo’s app store reviews will show that. DropHippo has received most of the reviews from unhappy customers who couldn’t find their product. This does happen occasionally.

DropHippo’s app reviews can be found at the app store. DropHippo’s Facebook group allows you to view the opinions of DropHippo users. This group is used by staff to provide feedback and improve the product.


DropHippo is an excellent tool for anyone who’s new to Dropshipping, an experienced seller or someone tired of dealing directly with Chinese manufacturers. DropHippo is simple to use and easy to use. It can also help you to change how you source your products.