Dropship Oberlo Alternatives for WordPress and Woocommerce

This article will discuss the best Oberlo WooCommerce alternative and why it is recommended.

Dropshipping with Shopify Apps like Oberlo is much easier than if all your tasks were done manually.

It can even be frustrating, especially if you’re just starting out and if you don’t have the right tool or alternative to WooCommerce that I’m about discuss.

The advent of Oberlo has made dropshipping business more of an enjoyable and relaxed experience. It allows you to quickly find reliable suppliers on AliExpress and import or edit products right to your online shop.

You can send bulk orders to your supplier, automate product pricing, and more. It couldn’t get any easier.

The other side to all this is that Oberlo only works with Shopify. To use an alternative to Oberlo means you need to completely get down from Shopify, build your store with WordPress and try the WooCommerce version of it.

Best Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce

This article will show you how to use these tools to your advantage in dropshipping.

The Alidropship Woo plugin is, however, the best pick, which I’m still going to talk about later. Let’s look at the rest.

If you’re looking for the best Oberlo alternative for Shopify, I’ve equally listed some recommend apps that can fill the spot for Oberlo on Shopify. App’s like Spocket, SaleHoo Dropship and few other apps on Shopify.

Do you need an Oberlo WooCommerce alternative to WooCommerce? Keep reading to find out more.

WooCommerce Overview

September 27, 2011. WooCommerce was released as an open-source WordPress eCommerce platform. What this means, is that you can easily create an eCommerce store on WordPress with the help of the WooCommerce Plugin.

According to ‘BuiltWith’ report, as of February 2018, a total of 2,241,106 websites currently use WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is home to 28864 of the most popular websites. Personally, WooCommerce is my home.

AliDropship Woo

The AliDropship Woo is the WooCommerce version of the popular AliDropship plugin that’s currently the best WordPress dropshipping plugin.

WooCommerce (AliDropship Woo), allows seamless integration with AliExpress. It allows you to import and fulfill products on AliExpress.

Even the market analysis points out the fact that the AliDropship WooCommerce version is the best and most advanced solution for WooCommerce dropshipping.

You can have semi-automated dropshipping businesses using the plugin, while the majority of the work will be done by it.

We’ll be back to you later…


Spocket WooCommerce plugin is second best to Oberlo.

Looking at the in-depth comparison between Spocket and AliDropship you might want to find it difficult knowing the best tool among them.

Spocket is a better Oberlo option to WooCommerce because of its unique features.

Spocket makes it easy to set up a dropshipping company with a supplier base in the US or EU. You can get 2 – 14 days shipping.

Spocket allows you to do almost everything like Oberlo, and you get premium features that Oberlo doesn’t offer.

You can read the full Spocket review and learn more about the plugin.


DropshipMe is a WooCommerce plugin that gives you access to winning curated products for dropshipping. It actually not a standalone plugin for dropshipping but works as an extension for the popular AliDropship plugin.

The Plugin takes out the hassle of manually searching for winning products, and allows you to easily edit product descriptions.

The majority of the work is done for you. All you have to do is import your products and publish them to your dropshipping shop.


Dropified is also one of the Oberlo alternatives and works seamlessly integrated with AliExpress just like the Oberlo app for Shopify.

It allows you to create a semi-automated AliExpress store and lets you import and fulfill orders seamlessly from AliExpress.

It has tracking and auto-updates product inventory. You can also fulfill AliExpress orders with just one click.

It allows you to source products from other Chinese websites than AliExpress, which is a major difference from other plugins.


WooDropship is another popular WooCommerc dropshipping plugin that allows seamless integration with AliExpress.

With just one click, you can import and fulfill orders on AliExpress. It works in the same way as the AliDropship plugin.

You can monitor real-time events in your business right from your dashboard.

The basic plan costs $14 per month and allows for product import upto 3000 and order fulfillment up to 100. You will need to upgrade to the next plan at $29 per month for any additional orders after you have placed 100 products.

WooDropship users must subscribe to the final plan for $49. To get the full WooDropship features with unlimited order fulfillment, they will need to pay $49.


Shopmaster is another unique alternative that’s seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce.

Shopmaster, just like other dropshipping software integrates WooCommerce with AliExpress, and other Chinese websites.

ShopMaster makes it easy to import products from AliExpress (1688), Amazon, and more than 26 other sites to your online shop. This could be Shopify or eBay, Wish, or WooCommerce stores.

It is however only compatible with AliExpress and CJDropshipping. This means that imports from China and fulfillment of orders will have to be done manually.


Ali2Woo just like the rest of the WooCommerce plugin allows you to integrate your WooCommere store directly with AliExpress.

You can import and fulfill orders seamlessly on AliExpress with just one click.

Ali2Woo offers many benefits, including the AliExpress affiliate program and AliDropship Woo.

This allows you to earn additional commissions on all AliExpress orders placed through your online shop.

Ali2Woo requires a monthly subscription to access their plugin.


The Ezusy WooCommerce software is quite similar to ShopMaster which means you need to create an account with them and connect to your WooCommerce store.

It works just like all the Oberlo alternatives. You can search, import and fulfil orders using a single click.

Ezusy offers three paid plans that are recurring. They all provide access to all features. The only difference is the number of products that you can import or fulfill.


The Dropshix WooCommerce dropshipping plugin allows you to import products from AliExpress, Amazon US, Banggood and Adihara.

It also has a Chrome extension, just like AliDropship or WooDropship. You can select products from the supplier’s site and then import them using the Chrome extension.

The dashboard allows you to track and monitor every aspect of your business, from product tracking to product analytics.

The plan comes with a monthly recurring subscription and a very limited free plan. The free plan allows you only to sell 15 products.

Oberlo App vs AliDropship Woo Plugin

Let’s dive in to their functionality and features to help you get a better understanding of what you need.

AliExpress – Import Product

Oberlo makes dropshipping easy with Shopify. Oberlo allows users to order products directly from AliExpress, and then add them to their online shop. Simply browse the image of the product and drag everything to your store.

Although it may sound simple, try adding more than 50 products manually to AliExpress and you’ll get an idea of how Oberlo does it.

Oberlo isn’t possible for dropshipping with WooCommerce. Oberlo was specifically designed for Shopify and makes it impossible to integrate WooCommerce with it.

Alidropship Woo is the perfect match for Oberlo. Alidropship Woo plugin allows you to search for products that you want to drop ship, and then import them automatically into your online shop.

The plugin simplifies the entire process. What could have taken weeks can be done in minutes using the plugin.

Automated Order Fulfillment

Without tools like Alidropship Woo and Oberlo, order fulfilment can be difficult. Dropshipping will be more enjoyable if you have one of these tools.

You can still manually manage them once you have made two to three sales per day. If you aren’t careful, your dropshipping business will grow and you start making more sales every day.

This is how order automation works: Once you have received an order from your online shop, simply locate the product using the Alidropship Woo plugin and click the order button.

It’s easy to forget about placing manual orders for all your products. You just need to click the AliExpress order button and confirm your order.

Oberlo is not the best when it comes to pricing automation orders. Alidropship Woo wins in this area. This will be discussed later.

Auto Price and Inventory Updates

Inventory management requires that you constantly inspect the products of your supplier to ensure they are in stock. If you do this constantly, you will eventually get tired.

These tools, such as Alidropship Woo and Oberlo, come in handy. Oberlo makes it easy to manage your product inventory.

Oberlo immediately notifies you when a product goes out of stock. Oberlo will notify you immediately if a product’s price changes or decreases.

You are now free to act. You have two options: keep the change or make the same changes on your website.

It’s too bad that Shopify isn’t able to take advantage of all Oberlo’s dropshipping expertise.

But when it comes to dropshipping with WooCommerce you don’t need to look any further because the features and Functionalities of Alidropship Woo are equally mesmerizing.

You can manage your product inventory just like Oberlo. If a product is out-of-stock from your supplier, you will be notified.

AliExpress uses the Alidropship Woo to sync auto-price updates. You won’t need to worry about whether a product’s price will increase or decrease, as it is automatically updated by AliExpress using the Alidropship Woo.

Alidropship Woo also allows you to set an auto price markup for your products so that profit is guaranteed. This allows you to automatically adjust the product price within your store.

The plugin will automatically calculate the price of the product based on the actual price received from the supplier.

Oberlo Price Vs Alidropship Woo Price

Dropshipping is easy with Alidropship Woo and Oberlo. Both are great tools for dropshipping, but one is better in terms of pricing.

Oberlo Pricing

Oberlo offers a free month of access for beginners to the Oberlo app. You’ll be able to access 500 products and 50 orders within the first 30 days.

It also includes price automation, sales reports and a Chrome extension.

You can upgrade to either of their two plans if you require more features.

  • Basic Plan – This plan costs $29 per month. Here is what you get: Setup for 10,000 products and 500 orders each month. This plan includes tracking and automatic order fulfillment.
  • Pro Plan – This plan costs $79 per month. Unlimited orders per month, up to 30,000 products, and all other Oberlo features are included.

Shopify will add the cost of your chosen plan to your monthly subscription.

Let’s suppose you select the Shopify basic plan and Oberlo’s basic plan. That’s $29 + $29 = $58 per month. It’s a lot, isn’t it?

Alidropship Woo Pricing

This is actually one of the reasons why I love this plugin. You only pay $89 once-only and get lifetime support. There are no limitations on the features you can use.

  • Price automation
  • Search for and import of products
  • Order fulfilment
  • Auto-edit of product description and image
  • Tracking your order
  • Auto-spotting ePacket Products
  • Automated updates and many other features

It beats oberlo not only in price but also in flexibility. You only need to set up WooCommerce on WordPress and then get Alidropship Woo.

Who can use Alidropship Woo

Anyone can use the Alidropship Woo plug-in as long as your WooCommerce powered online store is enabled.

If you have an already WordPress website and you want to convert it to an online store you can use the Alidropship default plugin. This is if you don’t want WooCommerce to create your store.

Alidropship plugin acts more like an online store builder. The only difference is that the default plugin comes with its own inbuilt themes and few marketing features.

  • Cart abandoned
  • Email list
  • Cross-sell and Discounts

These features aren’t just for WooCommerce. WooCommerce platform gives you access to many themes and marketing plug-ins.

Alidropship Woo is so easy to use!

It is very easy to use WordPress. It takes only a few adjustments to the admin dashboard to get comfortable with it.

It is easy to use and has a clean interface.

How to install the Alidropship Woo plugin

Once you have purchased the plugin, an email will be sent to you with the license key and download links.

Now, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click…Plugin >>Add New >>Upload Plugin. Next, select the plugin file you wish to install and click ‘Install Now.

It will take some time to install, but after it is done click the “Activate plugin” button. Next, enter your license key into the Alidropship Woo box to activate it.