Dropship Rabbit Review and Competitors List

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Dropshipping is a growing business model. Grand View Research found that dropshipping was worth USD 102.2 billion worldwide in 2018. Dropshipping is the new gold rush for entrepreneurs.

Shopify is one of the most well-known dropshipper store builders. It had more than 1.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2019. Shopify is now listed and the stock chart below illustrates the incredible rise of Shopify.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

All this is great, but dropshipping has become more popular every day. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find unique products for dropshipping stores.

How can you find unique products amongst a sea of competitors? Dropshipping sourcing services can help. These services can help you sort through hundreds to find the ‘gems.’ This will allow you to jumpstart your dropshipping business. Spocket and Oberlo are two of the major players in this space. Today, I’m reviewing one of the newest dropshipping sourcing tools in the block ….Dropship rabbit!

What is Dropship Rabbit’s Offer?

Dropship Rabbit boasts bold claims on its website. Dropship Rabbit has over 97,000,000 products and this number has been refined into a winning collection of more than 1500 dropshipping products. Every day Dropship Rabbit adds at least 2 new products to their winning product list.

Dropship Rabbit compiles lists for its customers, including the best sellers of last week, best sellers today, and newly launched best-selling products.

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Dropship Rabbit recommends each product with a detailed writeup, and associated resources. It is easy to add a product to your shop and promote it using the ideas provided.

Dropship Rabbit will show you the product, wholesale cost, and possible selling price. You even get a detailed description and accompanying photos of the product. They even provide links to retailers that sell this product to give you proof that this product is viable.

Dropship Rabbit gives you an insight into who you should target to sell this product. This is especially useful if you are planning to set up paid ads to promote the product.

There’s more! These videos include viral copy and actual ads, along with examples of Facebook ads that promote the product. You should always check your membership level carefully as some of these items may be locked behind the highest tier.

Take a look at this Facebook ad for the levitating pot pot! This is a real advertisement with more than 100 comments, many of them positive. This is not only a great way to learn how to market your product but it also gives you a glimpse of the potential reach that your product might have.

Dropship Rabbit provides everything a dropshipper needs to launch a successful product. Dropshipping is now much simpler than it was when I first started dropshipping many years ago.

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They offer product sourcing information as well as a few courses to assist dropshippers in getting the most from their Facebook ads.

What is the cost of droppingship rabbits?

Dropship Rabbit’s pricing structure is simple, with only two tiers. These are the standard and top tiers and cost $19.99 and $14.99 respectively. Premium tiers will only add viral videos to your marketing efforts, and more advanced Facebook ads for dropshippers.

What do we like about Dropship Rabbits?

Select and quality of products

Dropship Rabbit has a great selection of products. Many of their products have a viral feel to them. They are, like the levitating pot pot, the type of products that can wow potential customers and result in more sales.

You can view their niches section to get a feel for the products without having to subscribe. This will allow you to get a feel for the products that you might be able to access. Even though you won’t find any detailed information, they do show potential profit margins for non-subscribers.

You can see the quality of the products displayed in the above image. For example, the mini wood cutting chainsaw. This product could be a huge hit with gardeners who have most likely never seen it before.


This type of dropshipping product-sourcing service would normally cost me more than the $15-20 per month I pay Dropship Rabbit.

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Spocket costs $20 for the basic plan up to $300 per month. Oberlo costs $30 per month for the most basic subscription. Dropship Rabbit is an excellent service that allows you to start dropshipping without having to spend a lot on sourcing.

Dropship Rabbit’s low prices make it easy to believe that they will soon increase their prices, as Dropship Rabbit is becoming more popular. If you’re interested in these products, now is the best time to get started!

Customer Service

You can check out their Facebook reviews. Many people praise dropship rabbits’ customer service. This is a great thing to see for a brand new business. Below are a few examples.

Highly rated

The Dropship Rabbits Facebook page reviews are a great indicator of Dropship Rabbits customer care quality and how satisfied their customers are with the service.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

They have a remarkable 4.8 out 5 rating on their Facebook page at the time of writing. The majority of negative reviews seem to be about technical issues with the platform. Here are some examples of positive feedback from customers…

Active Service

Some may be skeptical about signing up for this dropshipping sourcing service. Dropship Rabbit’s active social media presence is what makes me believe otherwise.

As an example, take their Youtube channel. They post a video every few days showing the latest products they source (and this has been going for seven months!). This shows me how consistent the quality of the products they can source and the fact that the service is still available. There are many other services out there that have been abandoned but accept new sign-ups. But this is not the case here.

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What are we not fond of about Dropship Rabbits?

Low Rent Feeling

Dropship Rabbit’s low rent is a shame. It’s a basic website design that doesn’t help users feel comfortable using a new service. The site is full of spelling and grammar errors. Although I understand that the founders don’t speak English fluently, they should hire someone to assist them here if they want people respect their service.

Although the platform has many great products, it doesn’t offer the best search or filtering options. It can be difficult to filter through the many products and find what you need for your store. Support is the best option if you are having trouble finding what you need. They know the products inside and out, and will be able to offer assistance if you have problems with the search function.

Aliexpress only

Dropship Rabbit currently only sells Aliexpress products, as far as I can tell. We would love to see them diversify their offerings in the future. Aliexpress is still a viable dropshipping option, provided you inform your customers about the lengthy shipping times. ).

Dropship Rabbit Alternatives

Dropship Rabbit is an amazing dropshipping software that offers a lot of benefits, but it isn’t the only one I recommend. There are other options that are similar to Dropship Rabbit, which I would not hesitate to recommend. These include Ecomhunt, Pexgle.

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Ecomhunt offers better search capabilities and sorting abilities than Dropship Rabbit. This allows users to sort products by popularity, price (low or high), and recentness. Pexgle, in relation to Dropship Rabbit is that it allows users sell products they have discovered and analyzed themselves. This is in contrast to the latter, which forces them to buy products the software has already found. Both strategies are rewarding but Pexgle’s is more successful than Dropship Rabbit.

Last Thoughts

Dropship Rabbit can be used to run a dropshipping company.

It has important features that make dropshipping easy and efficient. This software is a great choice because it offers both merchants as well as affiliate members the opportunity to make money. Dropshipping is a great way to make money.

Dropship Rabbit is now open for business. These are the reasons why I would say yes to Dropship Rabbit. Dropship Rabbit is an excellent service that offers a low-cost entry level dropship sourcing service. It isn’t expensive to join unlike other popular services.

Many people use these products and are likely to market similar products. Dropship Rabbit is a niche-specific service that allows you to discover unique products that aren’t yet being discovered by your competitors.

Dropship Rabbit may be a little rough around the edges as a sourcing platform. As they grow, I expect Dropship Rabbit to improve their offering and become more refined. For the price, it is hard to find a service that will help you source such high-quality products as this one.