Ecomhunt Winning Dropshipping Products Website Review

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You just created a new Shopify dropshipping store. These are exciting times. What are you doing now? Are you spending hours researching new products or are you using a tool that finds the most-sold products in seconds?

Only fools (or people who are stuck at home in self-isolation and have nothing to do) would choose this option. Even then, it’s likely that they hadn’t heard of Ecomhunt. Ecomhunt is an e-commerce product sourcing tool that can make your life easier.

We’ll be reviewing Ecomhunt to see how it allows eCommerce store owners to quickly find winning products and get them to market. We will be looking at Ecomhunt’s capabilities, costs, and major pros and cons. Let’s get into the details!

What is EcomHunt exactly?

Ecomhunt provides a quick way to find out the best products currently on the market and the most recent products that are available daily.

Ecom searching, which is essentially a search engine that allows you to continuously search your Shopify shop looking for new and valuable products, is the best. You can search for the most popular product in your Shopify shop. This allows you to concentrate on items that have a high revenue percentage and can be sold in your shop. This will increase your sales.

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Ecomhunt allows you to manually add a quality product to your online store on a regular basis. This will help you avoid wasting time and money on unimportant items.

Ecomhunt will search for the best products in online shops and find them quickly in AliExpress.

Ecom hunting is unique in that it gives you all the information and facts about top-selling products, including their advertising approach, rivals’ strategies, and how they sell their products.

Ecomhunt will allow you to search for the most popular products to sell in your store. Ecomhunt will allow you to save time, money, and effort by manually searching for the winning products that can increase your sales and performance in e-commerce.

Once you have found the top-selling products in the Ecom search, you can simply pick the goods and spend the money to add them to your Shopify store. This will attract buyers to your website, which will increase your sales and profits. The estimates will be increased by your bank statement. You can see the main features of Ecomhunt.

Main features:

  • Ecomhunt offers you unique functionality, including information about product engagement for all related ads.
  • Ecomhunt will display Facebook Ads on any product that you wish to see more information about.
  • Ecomhunt can help you get started with a paid account and a trial account.
  • The reports include all details regarding the drug as well as the dates.
  • This will show you details about the Shopify shop that sells the most popular and best-selling products.
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What is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt’s expert team searches the net daily to find new products, lists them and gives valuable information about them.

  • Information about profit margins and costs
  • Images and product description
  • Analytics
  • These are links to the stores that sell the product
  • Social media engagement details
  • Video clips of products
  • Facebook ads data and real life examples
  • Buyer reviews
  • Ideas and tools for targeting

Ecomhunt is basically the curating of the most innovative products every day. Here’s an example of how lipsticks are used and billed.

This knowledge will allow you to easily identify what you want and determine if it is what you are looking for in your ecommerce shop.

Ecomhunt offers links to shops that sell similar items. This provides valuable input for suppliers and important information about the products they sell. This will allow you to stock your store with items that are well-sellers elsewhere.

What are the main advantages of Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt’s greatest benefit is its ability to identify the best-selling products for you store. It will also help you to advertise and sell these products. The main features of most software are intended for these two purposes.

Find the top-selling products: Which are you interested in?

Ecomhunt data will allow you to determine how well a company sells and how to set up Facebook advertising to reach the right audience.

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You can sell large items in all the major categories, including fashion, electronics, and cosmetics. It can help you find specialty products that are not as common.

Before you commit to a product, analyze the financial and marketing data. Ecomhunt will tell you where it came from and how many outlets sell it. It also tells you how much income it can bring in.

It fails:

  • Sales/orders
  • Potential profits
  • What price you’ll pay for the product
  • It is being sold by someone else.

This allows you to easily calculate the amount you can spend on advertising and marketing. Analytics tools allow you to see the popularity of each company on social media.

  • Shares
  • Comment
  • Likes
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Total engagement

Learn about the competition

Market analysis is based on the ability to find links to retailers and sellers who actually sell the product. You can search for similar products to the one you are looking for. This will give you ideas about what other items you could promote and target (just look at the most-sold goods). It’s not available in the PRO version, but it is one of the most valuable features.

The AdHunter tool allows you to monitor and check the performance of sponsored ads from competitors. This Chrome plugin comes with Ecomhunt, a free version of the platform.

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Advertising that is more targeted and effective

View existing Facebook ads and get a promotional advertisement for free to help you attract customers to your store. These advertisements allow you to brainstorm ideas for how to sell your advertisement on Facebook, and how to target your campaigns.

What is EcomHunt’s membership plan and pricing?

EcomHunt offers two subscription options: a free package or a pro package. You will have access to 2 items per month with very limited details. On the fourth day, other revised items will be made available to members for free.

If you wish to access full product details, free users will need an upgrade to your package. The Pro membership package, on the other hand, gives you full access to EcomHunt. Access to all advertising information, including links to shops that sell products, targeting and video ads, as well as Facebook ads.

It will cost you $29 per month. However, now has the option to have it for only $20 per month. Additional functionality you’ll have access to as either a customer or member is the Ad Hunter extension, which will be discussed later.

What are the key characteristics of Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt is no exception. Every marketplace has something to offer its customers. These are the main features of Ecomhunt.

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Trending Products Available

Ecomhunt is managed by a diverse group of business experts and analysis specialists. They can then curate the best-selling products in the retail sector.

This means vendors will have the advantage in pricing the latest products. You can sell more products for a lower price, and be more competitive than your competition.

Targeted Facebook Ads

Even if your Facebook targeting is not paid for, you will still have access to an extremely powerful product. This is especially useful for those not familiar with Facebook analytics, but it still offers a lot of value for those who do.

This will allow you to identify your target audience, and provide advice on when and where you should advertise. Facebook is a social media giant that has established itself as one of the best marketing tools.

Analytics of In-Depth Products

Product analytics can be tedious and time-consuming. This could affect your ability to sell items. Ecomhunt takes care of all the details, including updating you with information about profitability, sales forecasts, and obsolescence predictions.

This knowledge will help you to assess the inventories and quantities of your company. It will also help you determine how dedicated a company is to topics such as social media and other shopping platforms.

This gives you an insight into the current state of the commodity’s life cycle. It might be a good idea for you to invest in the product if it is just beginning to move up. You might want to avoid the market if it slows down.

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What makes Econhunt different?

Ecomhunt is unique in that it uses creative methods to find winning products. It also provides valuable information about the top-selling products, which helps users stand out in the Shopify crowd.

You will learn valuable information with their hunting tools about winning tools that can help you get more customers to your store and increase your earnings.

You can also subscribe to the pro version and invest more to increase conversion sales. This will give you access to more features and offer you more options.

Pro users have the ability to receive updates about Shopify’s most popular and successful items. It is also important to be aware of upcoming products not yet known by other Shopify users.

Ecomhunt will allow you to access the following statistics and product information.

The Facebook Ads Insight

Facebook Advertising is one of the best ways to get information about the company that you are interested in buying, as well as the Facebook Ads currently running for the drug. Facebook Ads will give you access to links to the stores and the Facebook Ads that link to them.

You will also find the actual video used by the store, as well as all information about the advertisement linking to the store and the product.

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Your clients would benefit more from your knowledge and data, especially if you don’t have video or Ad copy.

These are available through Facebook Advertising. These links may link to videos that are of great value to your store. The best part about Ecom hunting is that it generally gives you a meaningful copy to the products you can add into your store.

It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools that you can use to get many Ad copies from the seller for the product you are interested.

Once you have obtained the necessary descriptions and video links for your product via Ecom Hunter, you can simply add a few Facebook videos to the product page in your Shopify Store. This will allow you to quickly connect with your customers and provide them with important product information.

You have a number of options to download these Facebook Ads videos.

Access to Social Media Statistics and Profit Margin

Ecomhunt also offers a wealth of information, including detailed information on all the ads that were viewed and all the current profit margins.

This knowledge is crucial for your business. You will have all the details of every product you wish to sell in your Shopify store . You will also be able to receive the highest ratings and know which product is most frequently purchased.

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Ecomhunt also provides information about the number and views of the company’s tweets, as well as the number and quality of its reviews.

This will help you determine how popular an item is. It will also allow you to select the most profitable product to attract large sales to your shop.

Last words

Drop-shipping can be set up by almost anyone. It is important to create the most profitable goods, which will result in sales and earnings. Ecomhunt takes the guesswork out of product analysis. You can save energy and money while starting a business. You can also save money on money, which is another important commodity that you require.

Ecomhunt can help you start your online store and sell the right products. Ecomhunt allows you to start selling, promoting, earning sales in days, instead of weeks or months of trial-and-error. Ecomhunt allows you to pay your investment return faster and doesn’t take you long to start seeing your profits. Ecomhunt is a great choice for those who are just beginning to see their investments start to decline.

I hope you found this article useful. For further discussion, please feel free to leave a comment. 🙂

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