9 Best Aliexpress Alternatives for Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is quickly becoming one of the most popular and profitable ways to make money online. Dropshipping is a great way to make money online. You don’t need to worry about finding a warehouse or buying more inventory than you can handle.

Dropshipping allows for you to work closely with suppliers to ensure your customers get the products they want, and with minimal fuss. Dropshipping is a great business strategy that makes use of well-known wholesale suppliers such as Amazon. There are many online shopping platforms that allow you to sell everything, from pet supplies and chinese goods to leading products to customers around the globe.

One of the leading wholesale solutions for dropshippers today is AliExpress. AliExpress is a popular platform that offers a great deal of product selection. Apps such as Spocket, Printful and Oberlo help you find the best products for selling online. It isn’t for everyone. AliExpress is not always easy to find what you need, and some people worry about the reputation of merchants.

You might be concerned that AliExpress is not the right dropshipping platform for you. There are many other online shopping websites and wholesale suppliers that can help you make money with dropshipping services for your Shopify or WordPress site.

We’ll be listing all of the top AliExpress alternatives available today.

Best Sites for Dropshipping Without Aliexpress


If you’re looking for AliExpress Alternatives specifically for setting up a business where you can create unique printed and customized items, then Printful is the option for you. This plugin makes it easy for business owners to set up Shopify stores that offer print-on-demand products such as t-shirts, hats and many other options.

Whenever someone buys something from your Shopify store with Printful, the wholesale suppliers on the other end of the application will fulfil the order automatically on your behalf. Printful is one of the best alternative to AliExpress not just because it’s easy to use and great for fashion companies that want to deliver great online shopping, but also because it’s great for quick shipping too.


  • Start now for nothing
  • Fast shipping to your customers
  • A wide range of products that can be printed on-demand
  • Amazing customer service


  • Concentrate only on products that can be printed-on-demand
  • Prices can go up depending on the product you are selling


Spocket is another great option for those looking for reliable dropshipping suppliers. Spocket allows you to create a high-quality online store with tons of products for your customers. Spocket has access to over 20,000 dropshipping companies around the globe.

Similar to tools like Oberlo, Spocket makes creating one of the best sites for shopping online as simple as possible. There are many products you can sell, including gadgets and pet supplies. Spocket offers customers one-click ordering, order fulfillment, tracking and flat rate shipping.

Cross-selling products can be done if you want to increase average order value. Spocket allows you to sell up 25 products free of charge.


  • All over the globe, you have access to products
  • Integrations with Fedex, and other top shipping tools
  • Amazing products at a lower price
  • It’s easy to use Shopify with your store


  • There are alternatives with lower prices
  • AliExpress has slightly fewer options than AliExpress.


Today’s Dropshippers have the good news that selling through suppliers is a popular form of eCommerce. Anyone who wants to avoid the headache and hassles of storing their own products in a warehouse or managing shipping can choose dropshipping to simplify their sales. This means that there’s a lot of excellent alternatives out there to AliExpress that you can explore.

Alibaba, the parent company to AliExpress is one of the most effective solutions. If you’re looking for something a little different to AliExpress, you can get an incredible and professional experience with Alibaba.

Alibaba is basically a global trading platform that sells bulk products. You will often find large quantities of items, so you may need to purchase large quantities at once in order to get a great deal. However, you could pay as little as pennies per product if you only want to sell through a small online store. Depending on your needs, you can also buy products using PayPal or credit cards.


  • It is easy to use the search function to find the right items for you
  • There are many bulk suppliers around the globe, and they offer low pricing that will fit your budget.
  • There are a lot of categories and products to choose from for every type of business.
  • AliExpress ships most items faster than AliExpress
  • Set up your business without any fees. Just pay what you use.


  • High minimum orders are not an option for those who only need a handful of products at once.
  • The customer support is not as great as it should be. It can be difficult to contact suppliers when you need them. Customer support is also not ideal.
  • It doesn’t directly work with Orbelo. If you have a Shopify store and want to use Orbelo to manage dropshipping suppliers and other aspects of your dropshipping business, this could be a problem.


We have many other options for drop shipping solutions if AliExpress or Alibaba don’t appeal to you. Salehoo, for example, is a great option for those who don’t want to worry about their suppliers’ trustworthiness. While some AliExpress suppliers are trustworthy, there are others that can make you mad and leave you with unhappy customers.

Fortunately, when you buy your dropshipping products through Salehoo, you get a much more dependable experience. Salehoo vets all suppliers to ensure that the 25 million plus products it offers are from a trusted source. This is probably why Salehoo has been featured in sites such as Forbes and HuffPost.

Salehoo is a reliable online option for quick shipping, excellent online shopping and a wide range of payment options, whether you’re purchasing gadgets, pet supplies or any other item at lower prices.


  • Excellent support for dropshipping customer service
  • There are more than 25,000,000 products available for sale. Online shopping is much more convenient for businesses.
  • You can be sure that all suppliers have been pre-vetted.
  • Search function is easy to use and will help you quickly get started
  • Many success stories from satisfied customers


  • It can be difficult to find suppliers with no bias when using a paid directory
  • A less global appeal (the USA is the only exception)
  • It doesn’t work with Oberlo Shopify sites.


Doba is widely regarded as the best dropshipping store on the market. It offers a comprehensive directory of wholesalers and manufacturers that you can choose from. Doba makes it easy to find the right supplier to help you start your business. Instead, you simply find the product you want to market, then list it on your website and get selling.

Doba does most of the hard work for you by contacting the supplier and sending products to customers on your behalf. You don’t have the responsibility of managing wholesalers you deal with.

Dropshipping is a great way to get products into your eCommerce store. However, you may be concerned about losing customer support. You won’t have to go to Google to find answers to questions about apple payments or PayPal payments. Instead, you can communicate more regularly with wholesale suppliers. Dropshipping is a great way to get fast shipping and easy options such as Fedex.


  • Doba takes care of the wholesaler management for you.
  • Numerous suppliers offer a huge product selection
  • It is easy to organize your lists for bulk export into the store
  • Get email updates on supplier discounts and other information
  • PayPal and other tools allow you to pay for the items that you need.


  • AliExpress has slightly fewer products than AliExpress
  • Doesn’t naturally integrate with Oberlo for Shopify


If you’re looking for one of the best sites for dropshipping, that’s very similar in style to AliExpress, then you’ll probably appreciate the appeal of DHGate. This website’s navigation and appearance are very similar to AliExpress. There shouldn’t be any confusion.

DHGate has a few of the same issues as AliExpress. DHGate has its downsides. For example, shipping times can be long and you don’t always have the confidence to trust every supplier you contact. DHGate, on the other hand, could offer a similar solution as AliExpress, with more products available.

Still, if you’re looking for alternative dropshipping suppliers, DHGate is one of the best alternatives listed on Google, with much better prices than you’d expect. This site will make it easier than Amazon, eBay, and other USA-based alternatives to stock your eCommerce store. Drop shipping is also possible with a large selection of products at lower prices than elsewhere. This could be the right option for you, whether you are selling gadgets or pet supplies.


  • AliExpress has a huge selection of products that is even greater than AliExpress.
  • AliExpress’s interface is simple and intuitive.
  • Dropshipping relationships can be created free of charge
  • DH Buyer Protection included


  • Trust issues with suppliers
  • Many products require long shipping times
  • There is no obvious integration with Oberlo.


At first glance, Taobao might seem confusing, because it is a Chinese website, specifically designed to appeal to Chinese drop shippers. Although it looks very similar to AliExpress, this website offers more options than the standard dropshipping option. Taobao is the best AliExpress alternative for companies interested in selling clothes.

This site offers a wide range of products, including top-quality clothing, so there are many opportunities to make money. It’s not easy to navigate the website in English, especially with so many images.

This is not the best site for customer support. It may be more difficult to find what you need here than with other Dropshipping suppliers. There may not be as many options for credit card payments and other payment methods available to you online.


  • Branded clothing is just one of the many options available.
  • Good reliability and high-quality products from all suppliers
  • There are many credit card options and many categories to choose from.
  • Dropshipping relationships can be set up free of charge
  • PayPal allows you to pay for products


  • People from outside China face a complex order process
  • It is difficult to navigate the website
  • Shopify does not have an Oberlo plugin

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is another popular dropshipping tool. This company is a trusted and established resource that can offer you a variety of products to sell your customers.

Worldwide Brands makes it easy to access wholesalers and millions of products. You will need to pay for the directory, but not AliExpress.

This wholesale supplier is a great alternative to selling your eCommerce store through a retailer like Amazon or Ebay. There are many payment options available, including credit cards and PayPal.


  • You can feel safe and secure with trusted wholesalers
  • Direct access to all wholesale suppliers you wish to work with
  • There are millions of certified products available to choose from
  • Reputable business with many years of experience


  • To sign up, you will be required to pay an annual fee
  • AliExpress is less complicated than AliExpress


Banggood is very similar in style to AliExpress, offering low prices on a wide range of amazing products. Banggood is a great website for everything, from smartphones to the latest VR technology. It’s also worth noting that this website is still unknown to many people, making it a great place to search for new products.

Banggood offers a variety of options for you to purchase items from the United States, Hong Kong and China. It can take up to 30 days for your customers’ products to arrive, just like AliExpress.

This site is easily the best alternative to AliExpress and a great place for building a reputation. You won’t get the best results if you need fast shipping. Dropshipping is very similar to other eCommerce platforms like AliExpress or DealExtreme.


  • Navigate easily to find the right products
  • There are many products available, including drones and smartphones.
  • There are many payment options available
  • There are dozens of languages available


  • Alibaba and AliExpress have fewer products
  • Shipping times can be long


Lightinthebox is a popular Chinese wholesale store that sells a wide variety of trending products to consumers all across the globe. This website can be used to help merchants find the best products and sell them to their customers. This website is used by many companies to purchase jewelry, electronics, clothing, and other products.

Lightinthebox warehouses are located in China. This means that customers will have to wait up to a month to receive their products. This website also doesn’t offer as many options as AliExpress.

Although you can get lower wholesale prices through this website, it is not one dropshipping option that seamlessly integrates with eCommerce platforms such as Orbelo. This service is one of the best alternatives AliExpress. However, it should be easy to set up an online store using this service. There are many products available.


  • There are many payment options available when you stock up on products
  • Ideal for household and fashion accessories
  • Low prices – sometimes less than other companies in the same niche
  • Website and navigation are easy to navigate


  • Most products take a long time to deliver
  • Suppliers are not always reliable

Here are some tips to help you choose the AliExpress alternative.

Remember, there are a lot of AliExpress alternatives available to choose from today, but not all of them will be as reliable or trustworthy as they seem. It’s important to research the companies and suppliers you are going to be working with. If possible, look at reviews on other websites and speak to representatives of the company you are interested in working with.

Oberlo is a great integration option for Shopify dropshipping products and chiense products. Oberlo is best for Shopify when used with AliExpress.

Be sure to consider these important things before you make a commitment to any company to source dropshipping platforms.

Their product range: You could sell everything from gadgets and pet supplies to clothes and accessories on your eCommerce site. You need to make sure that dropshipping suppliers can provide the products you desire to sell to your target market.

Shipping solutions: You need to offer more than the best products and lower prices if you want your eCommerce store success. It is also important to offer fast shipping. You won’t find the fastest shipping options from all the top alternatives to AliExpress. You should also consider the time it takes for items to travel from Hong Kong to the USA. Dropshipping companies may have agreements with Fedex to expedite shipping.

Payment options: Just as different eCommerce platforms support different payment strategies, your dropshipping suppliers can deliver unique payment options too. You should ensure that you can take all payment options, including PayPal, credit card, and Apple Pay, depending on what your preferences are.

Integrations: Dropshipping solutions can be integrated with your existing eCommerce tools. Oberlo, an integration for Shopify allows you to add dropshipping products directly to your Shopify store. Learn how easy it can be to integrate dropshipping products into your eCommerce platforms.

Simple: Dropshipping websites are more efficient when they have integrations such as Oberlo. It might be worth looking into the ease of adding dropshipping products from certain suppliers to your online shop. To keep your products coming, can you set up direct PayPal payments? What are the different types of gadgets and pet supplies you can invest in? Are you sure you will get the best customer service from the company that you choose?

Dropshipping can be difficult. It’s not easy to find the right dropshipping solution.