Succulents and Plants Dropshipping Suppliers

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Dan’s Wholesale Plants

Wholesale dropshippers from Australia of indoor plants. We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants as well as cacti, ornamental pots, orchids and cacti. Black Velvet and Silver Dragon are popular houseplants. Dan’s Wholesale Plants is an indoor plant dropshipper located in Heatherton, Victoria, Australia.

Eve’s Garden

American wholesale distributor of promotional plants gifts. We offer garden promotional gifts, corporate gifts and holiday gift products. Also, we have garden accessories, dream stones and promotional products for businesses with live plants, air plants and lucky bamboo. Products can be customized, set up quickly and made in-house. Eve’s Garden is a succulent supplier located in Groveland, Florida, USA.

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Succulent Dropship Aliexpress

Dropshipping is a great option. High quality wooden material. Ecofriendly, safe, and durable. Only the succulent flower pot is included, all accessories shown in the image are not included. Ideal for succulents and cactus. AliExpress also offers great deals on garden and home supplies. You can save a lot on succulent dropshipping by keeping an eye on the deals and promotions. The filters can be used to get a free return on succulent dropshipping We have many promotions to make sure you get the best savings. Our goal is to make online shopping easy and smooth.

AliExpress allows you to save more while getting more! You can find the right flower pot for you budget with our wide selection. AliExpress stocks high quality flower pot brands. You can always come back to AliExpress for new flower pots! Our website has all the information you need to find flower pot! You can read the reviews to find out more about flower pot!

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Information about succulent dropshipping: The Garden Flower Planter Hanging flower pot holder, succulent pot rectangle, garden succulent Succulent dropshipping includes succulent plants and succulent pots. In making ceramics, resin, wood, and plastic are all used. Flower pot. AliExpress also offers a variety of flower pot styles. Flower pots, such as vintage, creative, cute, and new.

Successful Dropshipping works well for many occasions. indoor. Shop flower pots and browse our catalog for a variety of options. There are many options, including planters and flower pots, as well as nursery trays, lids and lids. Tire pressure alarms and seed disseminators More deals for home and garden AliExpress allows you to shop online for garden supplies and other garden products.

Refer To find trustworthy sellers, read each seller’s review on flower pots. Real reviews about flower pots will help you make an informed decision. Information you need to make an informed purchase decision Continue reading Before you buy, read reviews from other buyers about popular flower pots! Succulent dropshipping products: Made from high quality This flower pot rack made of wood is strong and durable. Ceramic Only the flower pot is included, all accessories shown in the image are not included. This set includes all the tools you need to create a planting basket. All your indoor gardening needs such as digging and weeding. Loosening soil, transplanting and watering, cleaning, pruning, and so on.

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Perfect For succulents and cactus. Vintage garden flower pot with trough. This is This beautiful collection of succulent plants is perfect for your home. It’s a very creative promotion Gifts and home decoration If you were able to see succulents, Dropshipping is possible on AliExpress. If you need additional assistance To find the most popular succulent dropshipping options, you only need to do this: Sort by orders. The selection of flower pots is constantly being updated AliExpress. You can always come back to AliExpress and discover a new selection of products. Flower pot You can choose the best price and match it to your order. AliExpress has the best flower pots.

AliExpress offers dropshipping at a succulent price: AliExpress offers dropshipping at a great price. Website. Succulent shopping offers even greater savings. Dropshipping during a promotion or sale Keep an eye out to the AliExpress offers multiple flower pot promotions so that you can get the best price. flower pot at even lower prices! Shop for flower pots on our website You can make big price savings with ease

Keep checking back Daily updates of the large selection of flower pots are available. You will be able to choose from a few options that you like. Flower pot selection Our website supports online portals and mobile applications. We guarantee that flower pot shopping is safe. Have fun with us Shop flower pots today! Shop flower pot today and get discounts Visit our website! Our website offers flower pot deals online.

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Dropshipping Plants USA

New England Bonsai Gardens

American wholesale dropshippers plants. A range of bonsai shrubs and trees is available, including artist-curated bonsais, conifers and deciduous bonsai, tropicals, subtropicals and pre-bonsai. Distributes a variety of pots and planters for bonsais. You can find accessories and tools such as gardening books, Japanese bonsai tools and wire, shaping tools for scukpting branch, bonsai starter packs and gift packets, suiseki and pruners, knives, and other gardening tools. The headquarters are located in Bellingham, Massachusetts U.S.A.

Perfect Plants

US dropshippers, and wholesalers plants and trees located within North Florida. A wide range of shrubs and trees, hedges. roses. fruits, nuts, and flowering tree varieties are available. You can find fig trees and magnolia bushes, blueberry bushes and olive trees as well as blackberry bushes and pencil holly.

A variety of gardening products are also available, including plant pots and saucers as well as soil mixes for various varieties.

Sprouts Dropshipping

Our passion for food is what got us started. Our busy lifestyle and lack of a garden meant that fresh herbs from our own gardens were not possible.

We were determined to find the solution and turned to our windowsills to write. We created our own hydroponic system, which was beautiful, easy to use, and grew plants that were foolproof.

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We’re you. Modern Sprout was started by two people who were regular thumb-colored in our Chicago home. We make thoughtfully designed products that simplify indoor gardening and plants, so you can feel good.

Indoor Plants Dropshipping

Welcome to House Plant Dropship

HousePlantDropship began in a humble home selling all kinds of houseplant-related items. HousePlantDropship was founded in 2019 to serve indoor plant entrepreneurs. Selling plants online can be both fun and lucrative, as it turns out. HousePlantDropship is a destination for all things houseplants, thanks to its investments in shipping infrastructure and integration system.

We still take the same care of every order as when we first started out, except that the indoor plants are now kept in warm and clean greenhouses.

Dropshipping Overview

Please take note of the following: * All items sold at wholesale prices
* No minimum orders
All shipping orders will include a generic packing slip
* Freight charges include packaging and labor costs
* All orders will be shipped in unbranded packaging
* We ship only within the United States continental.
* Dropshippers will communicate directly with customers to arrange returns or exchanges.

Confidentiality policy

Each party agrees that it will protect the confidentiality information in the same way as it protects its proprietary and confidential information.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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Listing & Inventory Policy

These are the details to be aware of:

  • Every week, our inventory is replenished from Wednesday to Friday.
  • Only items from our catalog can be shipped.
  • You can submit new SKUs to our catalog that are not yet listed.
  • All partners will have access to approved SKU’s. (No Exclusive SKU’s)
  • Inventory cannot be reserved for a later time.
  • Dropship partner websites must be updated with promotional add-ons for listing.
  • Oversold indoor plants will result in a refund.

Requests Policy

All special requests are welcome:

  • Bulk orders for import will be charged $10 per batch or 100 orders.
  • Additional labor and special requests will incur a $50/hour charge.

Sales & Marketing Policy

These are the details to be aware of:

  • All marketing materials and inserts that are to be included with orders must be available for shipment upon arrival.
  • The packing slip cannot be personalized as it is generic.
  • The packing slip will include notes about orders.

Fees & Payment Policies

These are the details to be aware of:

  • We don’t set MAP pricing (Minimum Advertised Prices)
  • Retailers will pay the total fees at the time they place an order. If the total fees are not paid, retailers orders will not be processed.
  • Integrated partners will be invoiced in the first week of every month for previous months’ shipments.
  • For every week that the payment is not received by the due date (20th of each calendar month), there will be a 2% late charge.
  • Dropship partners are responsible to collect and pay state sales tax
  • We reserve the right, without liability, to suspend any Service that Retailer has provided until the account is fully paid.
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Image Policy

These are the details to be aware of:

  • The retailer can set the price it charges its customers for such products.
  • The retailer can display any images or information about a product in our listing if they wish.
  • If possible, we encourage retailers to use inhouse photos. However, they must accurately reflect the listing’s quality and condition. We will not accept refunds or replacements if there are issues with photos.

Policy on Returns/Issue

What We Cover, and What We Don’t Cover

If you order correctly, we will ensure that all indoor plants arrive in a healthy condition. The following information is important:

All addresses must be changed for processed orders within 24 hours.
Drop shippers must add a heat pack to cold-state orders during cold months. No heat packs are required for orders that suffer from cold damage.
Our guarantee policy does not cover courier delays or lost in transit issues.
* Plants damaged during shipment but not listed above are eligible for a replacement or a refund.

Replacement or Refund

We are unable to refund shipping costs if you receive damaged shipment.

* To qualify please send an email of the order to with a picture of the damaged item and shipping information.

Dropship partners who are auto-integrated can use this FORM to keep track of issue orders on a monthly base.

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* One replacement order will only be issued. Please allow 3-5 business day for refunds.

* Please let us know if you have any questions. We are a small business and may take up to 1-2 days to get back to your email. Thank you to all dropshippers.

Dropship Plant Pots

Are you looking for dropship pots? These pots can be used to hold succulents, cactus, and other small plants. AliExpress also offers great deals on pots. Look out for specials and discounts to save big on dropshipping plant pots. Dropshipping plant pots can be purchased at very low prices. We don’t blame you for ordering pots online at low prices.

The filters can be used to return pots for free! We have many promotions to make sure you get the best savings. AliExpress gives you peace of mind when you shop online. Our goal is to make online shopping easy and smooth. AliExpress allows you to save more while getting more! Check out our website to find the best pots. You can shop pots wholesale while you are on our website.

AliExpress offers dropshipping plant pots at a discount. Before you checkout, make sure to look for coupons. You’ll get even more savings on dropshipping plant pots. Dropshipping plant pots at a great price? You’ve found the right place. It’s the perfect time to order pots online, with attractive sales prices

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Keep checking back for updates on the large selection of pots. You’re sure to find something you like. There are multiple pot promotions happening every day so you don’t miss any chance to save. Don’t forget about our related deals when shopping for pots. We are committed to your satisfaction, which is why we have a website dedicated to it. Order pots online at AliExpress today Shop pots online at AliExpress and get discounts Our website offers great deals on pots.

Live Plant Dropshipping


Water & Light dropships live plants directly to customers from our standard wholesale price lists. We work with both large and small retailers that want to offer live plants to customers, but don’t have the storage or expertise to keep them alive. We can help you get plants up on your website in no time.

Merchants can also be assisted by us in designing and sourcing custom assortments for sale to their customers (currently US only). We then handle procurement and fulfillment from our facilities. For custom assortments, a one-time setup fee is required and a minimum purchase of planter inventory from the manufacturers must be made. These plants will then be kept at our facilities exclusively for your orders. Call us today to schedule an introduction call to discuss your requirements.

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What does this mean for your business?

Dropshipping live plants instead of building an in-house capacity to ship them live will make you:

  • You can save time by building relationships with growers who offer a wide range of live foliage.
  • You can save time by obtaining the necessary permits and certificates to ship plants and dirt between states. This requires inspections and fees from your state’s agriculture department and may take up 2 months to obtain certification
  • Consolidate grower availability that changes weekly or monthly to save time. This information has been consolidated and used industry averages to establish prices that don’t fluctuate.
  • You can ship one plant to your customer. This is something that large growers/wholesalers won’t be able to do for retailers.
  • Learn how to manage your plant inventory and save time to maintain healthy foliage.
  • Stock up at our facilities to save warehouse space
  • Shipping costs can be reduced by not taking ownership of the plants. You can ship either with your carrier account or ours.
  • You can evolve as you grow with our standard price lists, moving on to a custom assortment, and white labeling.
  • Learn how to pack and ship plants safely so they arrive in good condition to you. Our guide provides a detailed overview of how we ship plants to customers.
  • You can save time by monitoring the weather conditions and ship plants within each week’s golden window.
  • Stocking plant-specific packaging materials will save you time, space and money. All packaging costs and standard materials are included in the wholesale price.
  • Our standard price list will reduce your inventory loss risk. You only pay for what you actually sell.
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Dropshipping is a better option than stocking your own plants. For more information on our program and standard prices, contact us today.