How to Get Pictures and Images for Dropshipping Store?

How To Get And Improve Product Images For Your Shopify Store To Boost Your Sales?

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. The photos you use in your store are more valuable than words alone when it comes to eCommerce.

Good product photos will set you apart from your competition and search engines. In the long run, every eCommerce business owner must understand how to improve his dropshipping product photographs if he wants to succeed.

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The importance of photographs for your eCommerce site, how to get pictures for your dropshipping products, and tips and tactics for better product images are all covered in this post.

The Importance of Product Images For Your eCommerce Store

Product photos are an important aspect of the customer experience and influence their purchasing decisions.

Buyers appreciate being able to see what they’re about to buy. Additionally, your product photos must contain the appropriate qualities for your site to rank higher organically in Google’s Search Results, resulting in more free traffic to your business.

Also, keep in mind that we are at the pinnacle of the social media era. Customers who shop online enjoy telling others about their experiences.

Customers pleased with your product are more likely to tell others about it, increasing brand awareness. As a result, you’ll begin to create a consumer base and expand your internet business.

Most drop shippers make the same error of underestimating the importance of better dropshipping product photos on their business. Alternatively, they may be unaware of their significance.

How To Get Pictures For Your Dropshipping Products?

You may source images for your product pages in a variety of ways. Make your store stand out from the crowd by using a combination of these strategies.

Obtain images directly from suppliers

Grab all of the product photographs that are accessible for your product, whether you’re working with a private drop shipping provider or websites like AliExpress, Banggood, Walmart, HomeDepot, and others.

Additional photographs are included in the product descriptions of some providers.

If you shop on AliExpress, chrome addons like AliSave can help you save time by gathering photographs. AliSave eliminates the time spent manually saving photographs one by one because right-clicking is disabled on AliExpress.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Customer Reviews from Suppliers

Customer reviews assist in establishing a stronger level of confidence between potential customers and your online store. In addition, most purchasing and selling sites allow customers to leave product reviews.

In their reviews, they also include images of their products. These photographs lend credibility to the product’s and your store’s quality.

As a result, you should take the photographs from your suppliers’ pages and utilize them independently.

There will be more photographs in your store that none of your competitors has thought of using. You may use the Opinew app to automatically import consumer product reviews from marketplaces like AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay to your Shopify store if you’re dropshipping.

Ask Your Supplier for Unique Pictures

Many vendors have more product photos than what is visible on their product pages, which many people are unaware of.

Contact them to see if they have any additional images for a certain product. Increasing the quality of your dropshipping product photographs will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Grab Pictures from Other Competitors

In general, you should always be aware of what your rivals are up to. When it comes to product images, upload them to your store if they have something you don’t.

However, it would help if you did not use competition photographs exclusively, as you are not looking for a store that has been copied and pasted. They can be used in conjunction with the other approaches listed.

Pictures from Your Customer Reviews

After purchasing your stuff, your consumers can also post their reviews. As discussed before, you can do the same thing with your customer reviews as you can with pictures from customer reviews.

Having your client testimonials is a great way to attract new consumers since it establishes a strong bond of trust between the potential buyer and your company. Customer testimonials can also be used to create product advertisements.

Many apps can be used to collect client feedback. Customers can contribute photographs and their reviews and testimonials using the Photo Reviews & Testimonials app, for example.

In addition, your reviews appear in Google Search, and you can respond to customer feedback, among other things. Explore more apps like this one in the Shopify App Store.

Order a Sample Product

Order a sample product from your supplier if you want to be truly distinctive and stand out with your product images. Add different backgrounds and capture more angles. Then you’ll be able to produce photographs that no one else has seen before.

You can also go a step further and make a product unboxing video to demonstrate the product in action. If you have a sample product, your visualization options for showing your product to potential consumers are nearly limitless.

We strongly advise you to do so for the product that has already proven effective for you.

Tips for Improving Dropshipping Product Images

So now you have a sufficient number of photographs for your goods. The next stage is to make as many improvements to your dropshipping product photos as feasible. You will deliver a better customer experience, total website load speed, and page ranking on search engines by optimizing the images. As a result, each stage is critical in maximizing the effectiveness of optimization.

Remove Image Background

Decorations such as buttons, borders, typography, and other non-product related addons are used on some websites. It is preferable to eliminate these from your product image because they do not contribute to its enhancement. It can even have the opposite impact of what was intended.

Remove any extraneous elements from your photograph. You are not appropriately showing the item if it has a “noisy” background or any background that is not white and clear. PhotoScissors, for example, is a free internet website that will eliminate the backgrounds for you.

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Add a Zoom Effect on Your Pictures

When the user hovers his mouse over your product image, utilize a zooming effect to highlight the images.

It works on tablets and mobile devices with select apps, like having a magnifying glass.

These types of user-friendly features improve the customer’s experience when browsing your store’s products.

Cool Image Magnifier Zoom, for example, can handle the zooming effect on your store. Because there are so many more options and features to pick from, we constantly recommend researching and discovering more apps on Shopify’s App Store.

Name Your Image Files

Image filenames are just as important as learning to use keyword-rich content to rank higher in search engines.

When it comes to SEO, we should focus on optimizing product photos by intelligently naming them, not simply your page’s titles, headers, and descriptions, because search engines crawl your website’s image filenames to present relevant results to the user.

As a result, be sure to rename all of your image filenames to reflect the product they represent. Change the filename to “Christmas Party Decoration.jpg” if the product is a Christmas Party Decoration and the filename is “20200618 115.jpg.” Re-create all of your product photos in the same way.

Optimize Image Alt Text

Editing the image’s Alt (Alternative) Text is another image optimization approach. When an image cannot load for any reason, an alt text is displayed to inform the user of what is meant to be there.

Using assistive technology, alt text is also utilized to read the words out to the visually handicapped.

It improves your website’s SEO score and should be used on all of your product images. Learn how to add alt text to media in your Shopify store by visiting the Shopify support centre.

Image Angles

In most circumstances, having only one photo angle will not suffice. You may have multiple perspectives to pick from; as your main product image, choose the angle that best highlights the product.

However, if you only have one perspective, you can utilize the above procedures to add more product shots to your business using the methods outlined above.

Even minor distinctions, such as viewing a product from a different perspective, can entice viewers to purchase.

As a result, you should improve your dropshipping product photographs and maintain a close eye on the best image that depicts the product in its most flattering light, as well as adding as many additional viewpoints as feasible.

Reduce the Image File Size

Each image has a unique file size. The larger the image, the less user-friendly the experience will be for the customer. This is because huge image sizes slow down website loading time. No one enjoys having to wait more than two seconds for a page to load fully.

Some photos are more “unprocessed” than others. They come in unnecessarily high resolutions and quality, which increases the file size of the photograph.

Opening them in image tools like Paint and resaving them helps reduce the image’s file size over time, allowing the page to load faster.

When you use AutoDS to dropship on Shopify, you don’t have to worry about picture file sizes because the system automatically resizes the images for faster page loading. You’ll have to resize your picture files separately if you’re manually dropshipping.

Importing Products Using AutoDS

AutoDS ensures that picture file sizes are kept to a minimum while importing products into your store when it comes to image processing.

While the system decompresses product photos for fast page loading when users visit your Shopify store, they remain in the greatest quality possible.

Additionally, there are a few choices for enhancing your product photos. Any image can be rotated, flipped, copied, added, removed, and set as the main image.

Importing products with AutoDS helps automate and optimize the process as much as possible, saving you time and ensuring that your shop’s visitors have a fast, responsive, and user-friendly experience.

How To Get Free Images For Your Store Design / Ads?

Let’s talk about some websites where you can search for and download free photos to use in your store design or adverts while we’re on the subject of the power of images in your shop.

These images will aid in creating your store’s layout (banners, category pictures, and so on) as well as your advertisements.

Many premium picture websites are easy to get by, but before you do, make sure you’ve looked through the free image archives.

Stocksnap provides a large number of high-quality photographs, and new ones are added every week. There are no copyright restrictions on any of the photographs. Use the open search field to look for photographs by category or keyword. You may also see what’s popular by looking at the trending category.


Pexels provides a large number of free high-quality pictures and videos for your website. You can either look at what’s new or search for a certain field. For their most dedicated photographers, Pexels even hosts challenges and leaderboards (the community).

Burst By Shopify

Burst is a Shopify-powered photo website that is free to use. They not only provide a growing library of free photographs, but they also assist in the generation of trending business ideas based on your niche. This is an excellent alternative for someone who is just starting with their business.

Final Thoughts

Focusing on image importance has a significant impact on client purchasing behaviour, and everyone who runs an online company should be aware of this and take advantage of it. Follow the procedures outlined in this article to make your store’s photographs stand out, rank higher in search engines, and stay two steps ahead of your competitors.

Don’t underestimate the impact that photos may have on your online store. Using the proper image in front of the right customer will cause him to take action, whether for a product, a website banner, or an ad. Follow these instructions, and don’t be scared to experiment with other alternatives until you discover one that works for you.