Dropshipping Terms and Condition Examples and Templates

Dropshipping is a popular e-commerce model that allows retailers to sell directly from their customers. Additionally, retailers can buy merchandise individually from manufacturers or suppliers, and then manufacturers and suppliers should deliver the merchandises directly to their end-customers. This section will introduce Chinabrands, a global drop shipping platform. It will also provide information on how to register a dropshipping account and the terms and conditions for drop shipping businesses.

Drop shipping terms and conditions

We all know that every e-commerce website must have its terms and conditions, as well as privacy policies and legal issues. To show you the basics of drop shipping, I will present the terms and conditions of Chinabrands.

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Privacy policies

Information collection

Chinabrands should use ‘cookies’ in order to collect non-personally identifiable information from visitors. Non-personally identifiable information includes search preferences, product categories, frequency of site visits, and other non-personally identifiable data. Chinabrands will connect the cookies to specific IP addresses of users, which it will use for customizing purchasing experiences. Chinabrands may also collect personal information, such as credit card numbers and bank accounts. These data are needed by Chinabrands to protect against unauthorized access.

Information security

Chinabrands uses 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure that visitors’ information is secure from unauthorised interception. Chinabrands also use firewall protection to protect their storage areas from unauthorized access. This means that only a few employees are allowed to collect access codes. The access codes must be updated once the employees have left Chinabrands to prevent malicious modification that could result in visitors accounts being lost.

Information management.

Chinabrands members are capable of correcting and removing personal information from the websites. This includes e-mail addresses and contact information. Visitors should also know that they can choose to accept or decline cookies. Visitors can choose to share identifiable information with Chinabrands.

Notification of any privacy policy changes.

Chinabrands clearly states that they have the right to amend their privacy policies at any moment. Furthermore, they should release announcement of changes to privacy policies immediately once the changes are available.Chinabrands also list the contact address, phone numbers and e-mail address on the web pages, which is convenient for visitors to communicating with Chinabrands if they have any questions about the privacy policies.


Chinabrands claims that they provide customer service for 6/24 hours. This means that visitors should get their responses as quickly as possible after contacting them. Chinabrands can contact visitors via email, but visitors must agree to the terms. These agreements should include disclosures, notices and any other communications Chinabrands provides.


Chinabrands clearly states that all content on its websites such as text and articles, logos and banners, photographs and button icons, audio clips, data compilations, software, and digital downloads are the property ChinaBrands.com. It is also protected under U.S. copyright laws.


Chinabrands.com trademarks and trade dresses must not be applied to illegal products or services. It cannot use them to cause confusion to customers or discredit Chinabrands.com. All trademarks belong to their legal owners. These owners might sponsor or cooperate with Chinabrands.com.

Site access and license

Chinabrands grants visitors a limited license to access the websites and make their own personal use. Visitors are not allowed to download (except page caches), or modify any content on Chinabrands.com. The licenses do not allow for any commercial or resale of product listings, descriptions, prices, and other content related to Chinabrands.

Chinabrands also prohibits the sale of any part of Chinabrands. Visitors can also make references to Chinabrands provided it is legal, safe, and beneficial for Chinabrands.

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Management of membership.

Each visitor is responsible for protecting their membership accounts, including account names and passwords. If visitors are younger than 18, they can only visit Chinabrands.com without the consent of their parents or legal guardian. Chinabrands staff have the right to cancel orders, close accounts and edit or delete contents from the webpages. All balances on accounts cannot be used to purchase merchandise or services from Chinabrands.

Comments, reviews and emails.

Although comments and reviews can be posted by visitors, they must not be illegal. Visitors are prohibited from posting spam e-mails or other software viruses. Chinabrands reserves the right to remove or edit any illegal content, including images, links, and to delete them.

Loss possibility

All merchandises purchased from Chinabrands will be protected by signed and legal contracts. End-customers should assume the loss risk once the trading process is completed.

Product description.

Chinabrands.com employees and staff try to describe products as accurately as possible using images. Chinabrands welcomes visitors to discuss any misunderstandings or mistakes in product descriptions.

All applicable laws and all disputes.

Chinabrands.com and products made by Chinabrands must be governed by the appropriate jurisdiction. Chinabrands can seek legal assistance from relevant courts and agencies to protect its intellectual property rights. Chinabrands agreements should be protected from local laws and jurisdiction.


It can easily find the terms and conditions of a reliable and established dropshipping platform, as the description in the previous section shows. Retailers should also be careful about selecting drop-shipping partners like Chinabrands. Each retailer should have the legal and reliable support to run their global dropshipping business successfully.