Dropshipping Water Bottle Ideas to Earn More

How do you sell bottled water online?

You’ve made the decision to sell bottled water on your online store. That’s great news! You can make some sales with this popular product!

You can find a comprehensive guide to how to open an online store in our blog post. This article explains how to get started as well as everything you need to do.

It’s important to remember that there are many online retail options that you have. Let’s go over each one and discuss their pros and cons.

Bulk Purchase of Wholesale Bottled Water

You can first try purchasing wholesale bottled water from a supplier or wholesaler. The wholesale water must be stored until it is sold in your store.

After the sale has been closed, you will need to take the product and pack it for shipping. This is often called an inventory-holding model.

You will pay wholesale prices for large quantities of bottled water products if you use the bulk buying or inventory-holding model. You might be able negotiate a lower price with your wholesaler or supplier if you buy in bulk.

You are 100% responsible for packing and shipping the products to your customers. This means you will need ample warehouse space or storage space as well as the resources necessary for shipping and handling.

This can create logistical problems for inventory management. Remember that bottled water can still be considered a food product and must be stored correctly. There are also expiration dates.

Water doesn’t expire by itself, but plastic bottles that are used for bottled water will have expiration dates. Because the plastic will eventually start to leach into the water.

Plus, products that are sold in plastic bottles should also be stored in a temperature-controlled environment to keep the plastic from warping and leaching even faster into the wholesale water products.

All this means that wholesale water purchases in bulk can be more difficult than online retail sales models. You’ll need to remember all of this if you choose to start this type business.

Dropshipping Bottled water

Dropshipping is the best way to sell bottled water online. It completely eliminates all of the challenges associated with bulk buying.

Dropshipping eliminates the need to store, pack, and ship inventory to customers. Your dropshipping provider takes care of all logistics.

This makes dropshipping more risky and less costly than traditional inventory-holding models. It is attractive to independent entrepreneurs , whether it’s a full-time job or as a side gig.

Dropshipping allows you to order products only from your supplier when you receive orders from customers. You won’t have to worry about ordering too much inventory or getting stuck with surplus stock.

Dropshipping actually has many benefits. Dropshipping is a great option.

  • To store inventory, you can rent, own, or manage a warehouse.
  • Ship inventory to customers.
  • Track inventory to aid in accounting.
  • To ensure that you are fully stock, please order new inventory.

Use a hybrid retail model

Dropshipping suppliers can also be wholesalers , which means they offer dropshipping services as well as the possibility to purchase bulk.

This allows you to combine dropshipping with bulk-buying, which is a hybrid model. This is a great way to sell bottled waters online, according to some retailers.

This hybrid model can be broken down as follows:

  • Locate a supplier who offers wholesale bottled water brands that you are interested in selling.
  • Dropship your wholesale bottled water products through their dropshipping program.
  • These products may sell well so you might be able to order wholesale bottled water.

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The online market for bottled water is stronger than ever!

Online shoppers love bottled water. The market is growing rapidly. Wholesale bottled water can be a great addition for your online shop.

According to Grand View Research’s 2021 market analysis:

  • In 2020, the global bottled water market was worth nearly $218 billion.
  • This market is expected grow at 11.1% between 2021 and 2028.

This handy graphic will show you how strong market growth is.

This remarkable growth can be attributed to a greater emphasis on healthier products, particularly among younger consumers.

GreenDropShip has been a great supplier of all types of healthy products including food and drinks like wholesale bottled water. Online retailers have access to healthy products that consumers want and know about.

Water Bottles Dropshipping

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Dropship custom water bottles

Dropshipping custom water bottles is a popular option for people of all ages and personalities. It is important to keep hydrated in order to do our daily tasks. Fortunately, there are many options for water bottles that can be used at home, school, work, or at the gym. Aluminum water bottles are ideal if the buyer is looking for something lightweight but sturdy. These bottles are used by hikers and cyclists. They are usually larger in capacity which allows people to keep hydrated longer without having to worry about refilling.

You can also buy glass water bottles. Dropshipping custom water bottles is fashionable and clients can personalize them with their favorite design. Glass bottles can be printed with photos or words, and can last for many years. Glass is heavy and easy to break. Stainless steel water bottles offer style and durability. They are well-insulated to keep your drink’s temperature at the right temperature. When it comes to stainless-steel, the most in-demand option is the vacuum-insulated water bottle.

You can find plastic water bottles in many sizes and designs. Because they are light and easy to use, they are great for children. Wholesalers can also purchase other types of water bottles like insulated water containers, filtered water bottles and bamboo water bottles.