Duoplane Shopify Dropshipping Automation and Integration

Automated order processing

Automate multi-supplier order flows to increase your productivity and enjoyment.

Rapidly scale your business

You can easily manage more orders and vendors using fewer resources.

Serving your customers better

Get inventory and tracking data synced with vendors. Gain a better understanding of supplier performance.

Shopify is seamlessly integrated with the Duoplane connector by Shopify. This allows you to communicate with dropship suppliers and 3PL warehouses through one account.

Fully automated multi-supplier order routing

  • Order processing done in one click: Send orders directly to suppliers. Duoplane connects with Shopify. It automatically divides orders into vendor purchase order and routes them to the correct warehouse or supplier. Shopify tracks information and sends it back to you.
  • You can customize your purchase order for each warehouse or supplier. Send purchase orders to suppliers in PDFs, configurable CSV / Excel, custom XML, JSON or EDI formats. Integrations with supplier APIs are possible through Duoplane.
  • Duoplane offers support for all kinds of vendors.

Collaboration tools and a vendor portal

  • Vendor portal: Allow your suppliers to access their vendor portal. This will keep everyone on the right page and reduce miscommunications.
  • Vendor-managed order: Vendors can use the portal to manage their orders. This includes entering tracking information, confirming POs and invoicing. This means that you don’t have to enter as much data.
  • Chat right from the order page: You can send and manage messages to vendors directly from the order record, so everyone is aware of what’s happening.
  • You can request status of your order from vendors by clicking a button.

Complete order management system

  • Clear, concise dashboard: The Duoplane dashboard displays key order statistics and highlights items that require immediate attention.
  • Management of returns: Issue return authorizations, (RMAs), and track returns. Duoplane handles the entire process whether the return is to your inventory or your vendor’s warehouse.
  • Track issues: Keep track of exceptions to orders so you can keep customers happy and your business running smoothly.
  • Vendor scorecarding and performance metrics: Provide objective feedback to vendors by examining detailed profitability and operational metrics.

Synchronization of inventory and shipment

  • Inventory management: Keep track of your supplier’s inventory levels using vendor inventory feeds. Reduce backorders, out-of-stock situations. Sync inventory across all your selling channels.
  • Shipment feeds: Automatically retrieve tracking information from your vendors.

Accounting automation and reporting on vendor invoices

  • Integrate seamlessly into your accounting system to automatically transfer vendor invoice information. (Professional and Premium plans, as well as Enterprise plans).
  • Eliminate the need to manually enter and reconcile invoices.

Connect a Shopify Store to Duoplane

Duoplane’s Shopify integration makes it easy to automate dropshipping from your Shopify store. In just a few steps, you can add a Shopify store directly to your Duoplane Account.

Installation options

Duoplane can be connected to Shopify in one of two ways. Either you use the Shopify App Store to initiate the connection or you add the Shopify channel to an existing Duoplane account.

Install via Shopify

  1. Login to the admin section of your Shopify store
  2. Go to the Duoplane app store page: https://apps.shopify.com/duoplane
  3. To connect Duoplane, click on the “Get App” link. Or click this link to go directly there.
    Connect Duoplane – Shopify

Shopify Store to your Duoplane Account

  1. Navigate to the Store Settings.
  2. Click on the New Store link.
  3. Choose Shopify to be your ecommerce channel platform.
  4. Give your store a name. This will allow you to distinguish between multiple stores if you’re a multi-channel retailer. This nickname can only be displayed in Duoplane, and is not shared with customers or vendors.
  5. In the following box, enter your Shopify URL Information about the Store section.
    1. Choose “https” for the protocol
    2. The admin URL value should contain the URL of your “myshopify.com” domain. For example: mystore.myshopify.com
  6. To submit the form, click Save
  7. You will find an Authenticate link next to the name and description of the newly created store in the store list. To begin Shopify’s authentication process, click it.

Configuration options key

Product field mapping

Duoplane tries to extract key product information from Shopify stores in order to minimize double-entry of data. Duoplane can be customized to bring in product information from your Shopify store, as each shop owner might use different standard fields or keep product data within metafields.

Product field mappings are set in the preferences for your Shopify store connection, accessible by clicking the “Edit” button in the list of stores here: https://app.duoplane.com/stores. Scroll down to section Product attribute mappings.

This section contains a list of fields Duoplane frequently retrieves from the shopping basket’s product catalogue. Please enter the metafield or attribute name of any information that is stored in your Shopify shop.

  • Standard attributes – A standard attribute is one that Shopify has set as a name. Examples of standard attributes would be “title”, and “price”. You can find a list of attributes in the Product Properties section Shopify’s product API documentation. Enter the product code exactly as it appears on the Shopify product API documentation to store product information.
  • Metafields – If the mapped product information has been stored in a Shopify metafield with key “cost” in the supplier’ namespace enter ” supplier.cost“.

How Shopify syncs information back to Shopify

  • Inventory You have the option to have Duoplane actively manage your store’s inventory. Duoplane will update Shopify immediately if you select “Yes” when inventory levels with Duoplane change.
  • Tracking and Shipments : After a shipment has been created in Duoplane, you can choose to have Shopify automatically create shipments. You can choose to have Duoplane send an email to the customer after a shipment has been created in Duoplane. You can override this on a per-shipment base.