8 Best Forum APPS and Integrations for Shopify

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No matter how gifted or talented, anyone can achieve total success on their own. People gradually form communities and unite to find people who share similar interests, preferences, resources, and other characteristics. Online store owners also have their own communities. These can be found in the form of message boards or forums on the internet. Shopify’s community allows people to start discussions, share their experiences, get advice, and ask for help.

Why not join a community to get tips and advice from experts in traffic generation and marketing? Here’s a list of Top Most Active Shopify Forums and Communities where you can do the above privileged. This is a great opportunity for store owners to network, learn, and help other eCommerce professionals from around the globe.

Shopify Community

Shopify community currently has 624088 members and 627298 posts. It contains all content. This community was created in order to allow users to connect with merchants and other partners.

Merchants often ask for help with business problems. Sellers often post their problems and ask for help from the community. Partners will have the chance to network with other retailers and help them find the solutions to their problems.

You will have the opportunity to use five main features on the Shopify Community forum. You will first be able to subscribe to specific keyword mentions through search subscriptions in this community. You will then be able to access accepted solutions, so you can mark a response as “the answer”.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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You can also connect with other entrepreneurs through the private messaging and discussion boards to get insights into your next project. Shopify also offers participation rewards to acknowledge community members who have worked hard to resolve other merchants’ problems.

This community is multilingual and international, so you can switch between Spanish, French and Japanese.

Shopify Entrepreneurs

Shopify Entrepreneurs is a forum for Shopify that was started by HeyCarson, a Shopify expert. This group works on Facebook and keeps the related content about eCommerce at the top. The members can help each other by commenting on posts and offering feedback about online shops and business ideas. Shopify store owners as well as experts can also use this Facebook forum to share their knowledge and offer support.

You can also join this forum to meet other developers and marketers who can also help you launch your online store. There are currently more than 90000 members in this group and hundreds of posts coming from all parts of the globe.

Shopify Subreddit

Shopify Subreddit is a Shopify forum that is hosted on Reddit. It is completely different to what is happening on Facebook. Reddit isn’t just a forum for Shopify sellers. However, there is a subreddit that covers all aspects of Shopify. Reddit’s Shopify forum is not always a great place to ask questions. Only by asking good questions can you gain trust and get advice from people all over the globe.

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Reddit allows merchants to post their questions. Then, other members can vote on whether they like or dislike it. Your question will be more visible the more you get positive votes. When the voting takes place, users will answer your question and start a conversation about the subject. Then people will get together to discuss every topic.

You are also encouraged to share any suggestions or techniques for plugins on Shopify to increase its effectiveness. You will need to adhere to certain rules, such as no spamming, advertising or promotion, and content marketing. Your account could be suspended from Shopify Subreddit if you have any links that do not meet the above criteria.

Forum on E-commerce Fuel

Shopify store owners can find out from other owners how they run their online business through the Forum . They will help you scale up your business, as well as offer marketing tips and answers to many of your questions.

This forum is for established businesses that make six to seven figures annually. This forum is best suited for experienced sellers. To join, you must apply for membership to ensure that you adhere to all guidelines.

The main problem with this forum is the 49 dollar per month subscription. You will find many threads packed with helpful details and every detail needed to run a Shopify store. The forum also contains valuable information about Shopify’s best practices and pitfalls. It is generally worth it to invest in the forum if you have access to every detail about Shopify.

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E-commerce Subreddit

The E-commerce Subreddit , another forum is built on Reddit. Reddit can be divided into many communities, each one organized by topic or interest. Your own feed will be created for the communities and topics you care about when you sign up on Reddit.

This section allows users to vote, support, debate, argue, and answer each others’ questions. There are also smaller, more specific discussion forums that Reddit has created, called subreddits. Each will have its own rules and guidelines set by moderators.

Each subreddit has the right to establish rules that aren’t consistent across pages. Some subreddits prohibit images from being posted. Others, however, restrict the ability of users to link to commercial websites, or ban specific products from being promoted. These restrictions are more appropriate for eCommerce companies’ social media platforms.

E-commerce Subreddit, a platform for eCommerce businesses, is one of the mentioned. You must follow the rules as a member and participate in the subreddits that you post. This is not a place to just promote your products. E-commerce Subreddit is a great place for small businesses to promote their products and get advice on how to run their business. You can also benefit from the fact that small business owners in this subreddit can share their content on eCommerce. This can be very helpful in certain cases.

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Shopify’s best stores sell more than just products. They build relationships with customers, engage them, and offer opportunities for interaction with other customers.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Ecommerce and shopping have moved to social media. This makes it easy for shoppers to ask questions, receive answers and simply chat.

Shopify now offers forums for customers and members to communicate with each other without leaving the store.

Customers are already social creatures. Customers want to hear from you and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your products. You can create a forum to encourage customers to visit your site, and provide a platform for customer support.

This builds loyalty and relationships, and can also be used to boost your SEO to drive more traffic to your store.

It’s not an easy task to create a forum that is successful, especially for international customers who require multilingual support. Many store owners don’t know where to begin.

It all starts with an app purchased from Shopify’s app store.

We’ll be looking at the top five Shopify forums apps in no particular order. We’ll also note their best features, pricing, and user popularity.

PeerBoard Forum & Community

PeerBoard from Circles Collective is one the most popular and well-reviewed forum apps for Shopify. It allows you to embed a white-label community within your store, which builds trust and increases traffic.

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PeerBoard’s automation features mean you don’t need to spend hours managing the forum or moderating it. This is time that you don’t have, so it’s wonderful that you can do much of the work.

You can download a free trial version for unlimited use to test it before you purchase more advanced features.

Price: Free plan available. Starter Plan: $29/month $79/month Pro Plan

No Charge Trial

Average Shopify Rating (5 stars): 5 reviews

Main pros:

  • Empowers white-label, embedded communities (public and private).
  • Private member-only subgroups can be created with access privileges, automated community management (paid versions), and other benefits.
  • SEO-friendly SEO setup provides a search boost that allows customers generate new content, driving organic traffic to your blog or store.
  • Customer support is made easier by a knowledge base that customers can use to search for answers.
  • Forum interactions can help you identify and generate leads.
  • This site provides real-time threads and blog posts to provide information
  • This tool allows you to collect customer feedback and helps you create products and direction for the brand.
  • Get customer input to create new ideas
  • Offer rewards and badges to customers who are helpful
  • Rich user profiles available
  • It’s easy to set up and use. No coding is required
  • Modifiable with your branding (paid versions).
  • Support for 15 languages
  • Unlimited usage
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Any cons

  • Shopify has few reviews
  • The prices are higher than the other apps we have reviewed


App1pro’s Xenforum provides a professional forum for a very affordable monthly fee, which should be accessible to most Shopify store owners.

Whether your goal is to improve customer service, conduct product pre-sales Q&As and facilitate general discussion, offer discounts or allow private discussions on related topics, Xenforum can help you do it.

Although there is no free version, you can try the 7-day trial for free before you make a purchase.

Pricing: Basic Plan (upto 1,000 users): $14/month, Pro Plan: $19/month

No-obligation Trial 7-day Free Trial

Average Shopify Rating (5 stars): (4.6 reviews)

Main pros:

  • Create a forum for professionals to build a loyal customer base
  • Forum members can reply to/create topics using a WYSIWYG editor. They can also mention, search, like, and upload images.
  • It is easy to create profiles and send notifications to users
  • It is easy to manage topics/posts, users and customers from the admin page.
  • Easy mobile and desktop usage
  • You can customize colors, menus and CSS.
  • SEO-friendly – Helps you increase organic traffic and sales to your store
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Pro plan includes email service
  • Monthly fees very low
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Any cons

  • There is no free version
  • Trial for 7 days.

Social King

Social King, a forum app developed by King Commerce, is one of the most popular apps in the Shopify app store. Customers can use it to connect, share, learn, and blog from their store.

Store owners have the opportunity to promote products, stimulate conversations and create buzz and collect valuable feedback from shoppers.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Social King is a lower-priced option, which should be suitable for smaller stores that do not require the more advanced features of some of our other apps.

Price: $4.99/month

No-obligation Trial 15-Day Free Trial

Average Shopify Rating (5 stars): 5 (15 reviews).

Main pros:

  • This platform allows customers to connect, share, and learn from each other.
  • Shoppers can create user profiles with images and comment with emojis.
  • You can upload images and embed videos
  • It is easy to administer tags and moderate user-generated content.
  • Regularly posting new content to your store improves SEO
  • Included SEO sitemap – Helps generate more organic traffic
  • You can customize the look and feel of your brand to match your theme/brand
  • Integrates with plugins already installed on community pages
  • Supports 12 different languages
  • Guest blogging is great for building business relationships and user-generated content
  • Included is a member news feed
  • Notifications sent to customers via email and mobile about post updates
  • Support team available 24/7
  • Pricing is simple and affordable
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Any cons

  • Only 15 days are available to get a free plan
  • Users report some technical issues with the formatting of text in posts

Shopicial – Social Forum

App1pro also designed the Xenforum app, as well as several other Shopify apps, the Shopicial – Social Forum app.

This app is a newer addition to Shopify’s app store than Xenforum. Despite sharing many of the same features as Xenforum, Shopify merchants are less familiar with it than its older brother.

It does however allow merchants to create forums for a fee – which opens up Shopify store owners additional monetization opportunities.

Pricing: $14/month for Basic Plan (upto 1,000 users), and $29/month Standard Plan (upto 2,000 users). Excess users $12/month each 1,000. For large forums with more than 10K/100K members, special pricing is available.

No-obligation Trial 7-Day Free Trial

Average Shopify Rating (5 stars): (24 reviews).

Main pros:

  • This forum is designed to help you build your network.
  • Pays for forums through recurring or one-time membership fees
  • Forum members can reply to/create topics using a WYSIWYG editor. They can also mention, search, like, and upload images.
  • Multiple post types, including video and image
  • It is easy to create profiles and send notifications to users
  • It is easy to manage topics/posts, users and customers from the admin page.
  • Easy mobile and desktop usage
  • You can customize colors, menus and CSS.
  • SEO-friendly – Helps you increase organic traffic and sales to your store
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Pro plan includes email service
  • Monthly fees very low
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Are there any cons?

  • There were some historical problems with paid social ads conflicts, but it seems that this has been resolved. Recent reviews indicate that this is now fixed.
  • There is no free version
  • Trial for 7 days.