4 Best Shopify Developer Community Forums and Sponsorships

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This post is likely to be a help request for Shopify.

There’s no shame in this. Actually, calling upon the wider Shopify community can be a winning strategy. It is the best way to build solid businesses on the platform.

The majority of the work required to start and grow an ecommerce company has already been done. While the landscape changes constantly with new technology and new strategies, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel.

Shopify online communities let you keep up to date with the latest news and learn from those who have found successful formulas.

What should you do with your precious time and where should it take you? What Shopify forums are the best for the quality of the support and discussion they offer? Which online communities are the most knowledgeable? Do you need to pay for them?

We take a look at the top five Shopify communities. But first, let’s talk about how important these forums are for your growth.

Why Shopify communities?

People come together and form communities around common beliefs and purposes.

It doesn’t matter if you are online or offline. It’s much easier to bring together the minds online than offline. It won’t surprise you to learn that Facebook has billions of users, including Shopify experts. Reddit and Slack also have many of these people.

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Shopify store owners share the common goal of being the best in their niche and making great profits and revenues. They are not surprised to form communities.

Ecommerce is a competitive market. You need to have the best sales and marketing advice, as well as financial and technical support. Forums can be your solution.

People are generous, despite what you may think. They love to help. They are happy to share their information with you and don’t want your mistakes to be made.

You should use the Shopify forums to find answers to your questions, solve problems, and perhaps even share your knowledge with others who are just starting out.

You’ll almost certainly meet friends, and you may make business connections that will help you grow. Be respectful of others and use the time to discuss the rules.

Which are the top 5 Shopify forums out there?

Shopify Community

Shopify Community is a free forum that Shopify provides. This is the place to go if you need help. The best information is and it’s endorsed by Shopify.

There are almost 900,0000 members, and more than a million posts covering all Shopify topics.

Keep in mind that only a portion of forum members is accurate. It is the number of active members that really matters.

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Shopify Community allows you to get an idea about the activity level by looking at the number of users on the site (it will vary depending on the day and time) and the date and time when the last post was made.

We log on after hours in the US and there are still nearly 8,000 users online. The last post was made just three minutes prior.

Shopify Community provides support and advice on all topics related to Shopify. It includes Shopify employees, Shopify partners and Shopify merchants.

You can find reliable answers to specific questions, particularly in marketing and technical fields.

With such a large membership, you can share a problem in your business. Someone will respond quickly and it shouldn’t take you more than a week.

Special features are available to you, including the ability to subscribe via search subscriptions to specific keyword mentions. If a reply matches the answer you are looking for, you can mark it as “the solution”. This makes it easier for other users to find solutions to similar problems. You can also use private messaging to communicate with like-minded people.

Shopify partners may use the forum to contact retailers or offer potential services. However, it is generally done in good faith and with the intention of supporting small business owners.

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Shopify’s multilingual community reflects the fact that Shopify is used by merchants all around the globe. You can choose between English, Spanish (Brazilian), French, German and Italian.

Shopify Community is a great option.

Shopify Money Makers

Shopify Money Makers, one of the many Shopify forums that are free and accessible via Facebook, is one example. It is based in Los Angeles, and has been around since 2015.

Money Makers is an exclusive group of just under 23,000 members. It is much smaller than Shopify Community. In fact, all other Shopify forums are smaller than Shopify Community.

According to forum founder:

“This group was created for anyone who wants to build, network, and grow a Shopify business in 2020-2021!”

Members are encouraged and encouraged to ask questions, comment, or share their results. Members can also receive free training materials and podcast material from the founder.

Although there are not as many posts on Shopify Community, there are more than one post published each day. The topics are focused, as the title suggests, on sales and marketing aspects of building Shopify businesses – how to make profits from your Shopify store.

These are the basic rules:

  • No self-promotions (affiliate links, store links, etc.)
  • Respect for others in the group
  • Value is what you get when you give value
  • Ask as many questions as you like
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Only two people manage the forum and one moderator oversees it. To see examples of posts, you will need to sign up.

As with other forums, you should read through the previous posts before posting your questions.

Shopify Entrepreneurs

Shopify Entrepreneurs, another Facebook-based forum, was launched in 2015. This forum was founded by Carson Shopify Experts, a well-known figure in Shopify entrepreneurship. It helps brands grow and develop.

It is five times larger than Shopify Money Matters and boasts over 116,000 members. They claim to be the “leading Shopify seller group on Facebook”.

According to the founders

“We are a group consisting of Shopify store owners and managers, app/theme developers as well as expert service providers and Shopify team member.”

Although the name may suggest that the group is for ecommerce heavy-hitters, it’s actually not true. There are many experts there.

You should be able to get a lot from your membership in this community as long as you follow the rules (which are more strict than Shopify Money Makers, but not too difficult) and that you have an interest in growing your Shopify-based company.

Many members are problem-solvers and can answer common questions. Spam is a serious problem and the forum tries to keep its content clean and non-spam.

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Shopify developers and marketers around the globe will help you start, grow, and establish your store.

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is not available for Shopify users like the other communities.

Warrior is an online marketing expert and well-respected name. Its discussions cover all aspects of digital marketing news, opinion, SEO, social media and PPC.

You can use the forum for free. If you search for Shopify on the main page, there will be a list of Shopify-tagged threads. These are where you might find answers to your questions when you first start using the platform or struggle to grow and expand your ecommerce store.

Warrior Forum currently boasts over one million members, and millions of conversations. Although it might not be able answer all your Shopify questions, there are plenty of Shopify experts available. A quick search for Shopify-related posts yielded almost 3,000 results

Warrior Forum is not limited to Shopify topics. Warrior Forum can take some navigation to locate answers to Shopify specific questions, but many store owners have general marketing-related questions.

This is where the Warrior community can really help you and come to your aid.


EcommerceFuel differs from many of the other forums. It’s a paid forum. It’s targeted at established stores looking to expand their business. It’s not exclusive to Shopify (like Warrior), but is instead aimed at all ecommerce store owners.

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This forum is not for technical questions about setting up your domain name to use on Shopify. It’s more for high-end members who are already making impressive revenue but may need to grow or want to learn how to scale up.

These numbers are staggering. Its average revenue is $5 million. This gives you an idea about their target audience. This community is active with more than 200,000 discussions in archives and over 3,000 posts per month attracting over 3,000 comments.

You can expect professional marketing tips and advice from seven-figure plus store owners as a paid member ($99 per month). Professional moderators are available to help you find answers quickly – in minutes, rather than hours or even days.

The archives contain a large collection of ecommerce resources you can search and access easily. Numerous case studies show the practical application of different solutions in real life.

Although it is not Shopify-specific this community covers multiple topics that are of interest to Shopify storeowners.

You will be invited to member-only events as a paid member.

Acceptance into this community cannot be guaranteed. Before being accepted, you must demonstrate significant revenue. Most likely, you will become a Shopify Plus storeowner.

Get help from the Shopify communities

These five Shopify communities are just a small part of the vast array of Shopify communities available. These are the most popular Shopify communities that can assist you with general ecommerce queries as well as platform-specific questions.

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There are many other communities that are niche-oriented, such as Shopify for Beginners, Shopify Stores for Sale and Dropshipping forums.

They are easy to find and take very little time.

Shopify Developer Community Sponsorships

Shopify believes that developers communities are the foundation of technology. They are the core of the developer ecosystem, challenging the status quo, and sharing their knowledge to help others. We are proud of our partnership and investment in initiatives that foster strong, healthy, inclusive developers communities.

Request for Developer Community Sponsorship

We are always eager to build relationships with developers communities. We are especially interested in initiatives that:

  1. Our foundational tech is in need of your support. This includes Ruby & Rails and React Native as well as GraphQL.
  2. Are you changing the industry and making it more accessible and inclusive for all developers? Let us know if your initiative is to support the developer craft, influence the technology driving our platform or build a more inclusive tech industry.

Please complete this form in order to get in touch.

We appreciate 6-8 weeks notice for sponsorship requests. If we are able to support your initiative, we will get back to you as quickly as possible. All requests are reviewed and we will contact you if we can support the opportunity.

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What We Have Sponsored

We are fortunate to be able to support developers and we’re always open for new opportunities. Here are some examples of sponsorships and partnerships:

GraphQL Foundation, Working Group

Shopify is a member of the GraphQL Foundation, GraphQL Work Group and provides financial and in-kind sponsorship. Shopify uses GraphQL as one of its foundational technologies. We have doubled down on our investment in GraphQL as we believe that it provides more opportunities for our partners, allowing them to expand our platform and offer essential merchant experiences.

Khronos Group Inc

Shopify is a member of the Khronos 3D Commerce Exploratory Group. We are aware that commerce’s future is changing rapidly and Shopify is leading the charge by natively supporting AR and 3D shopping experiences.

Ladybug Podcast

Shopify is a sponsor of the Ladybug Podcast, a podcast that features all women discussing technology and careers. This podcast encourages inclusion in technical careers.

Ruby and Rails

Shopify has been a constant contributor to Ruby and Rails. Our close contribution is Zeitwerk. This new autoloader ships with Rails 6. We are also a primary sponsor for RubyConf 2019. Learn more about Shopify’s contributions in the Ruby and Rails community.

World Wide Web Consortium

Shopify is an active W3C member. We are working with the W3C to ensure that the web’s next version is built with commerce as its foundation.