A Beginner’s Guide to Earn Money through Product Testing

Companies depend on people like you to test and provide feedback on their products – known as product testing – often for cash or voucher rewards. One great platform that facilitates this activity is i-Say.

i-Say is an online platform offering surveys and discussions where participants can get paid either in cash or gift cards for their participation. In addition, it also provides product testing.


Companies worldwide are searching for individuals willing to test and review their products, which provides a great way to make extra cash and receive free stuff! Most sites pay in either cash or gift cards and may provide more opportunities than others; you will find everything from beauty products to electronics here!

Sign up with Swagbucks and explore their Discover portal to take part in product testing opportunities. Earn Swagbucks by testing products and sharing your feedback about them; these points can be redeemed later for cash and other rewards!

American Consumer Opinion, Pinecone Research, i-Say and Opinion Outpost are just a few market research companies offering paid product testing opportunities. You may provide feedback through online surveys as well as receive physical samples to use at home.

Be honest and accurate in your feedback when registering with a product-testing company. This will enable them to improve their product and market it effectively to consumers. Furthermore, be sure to have access to a stable internet connection as well as a microphone capable of recording your opinions accurately.

Some product-testing companies require you to use the product normally, while observing its features and quality carefully. They may also ask you to assess other aspects such as design, fit, comfort, effectiveness or other criteria specific to each type of product (for instance whether testing shoes or washing machines). Requirements will vary depending on which kind of product it is that needs testing.

Johnson & Johnson offers numerous product testing programs. These invitation-only initiatives can be highly rewarding; typically offering cash payments, free products or prepaid Visa gift cards in exchange for reviews on social media. To join these groups simply register at their website and answer a few questions regarding your interests before keeping an eye out for product invitations via email.

Survey Junkie

Paid product testing can be an excellent way to earn extra cash in your free time. By participating in online surveys or mobile apps and completing them to earn gift cards or PayPal cash as prizes; and receiving free samples of physical products or online services. Some research companies offer opportunities exclusively for certain groups – for instance women under 35 interested in gardening and rock climbing may only receive testing opportunities through certain research companies. Be sure to fully complete the profile questionnaire when creating an account to maximize earning potential!

Survey Junkie is one of the best-known paid survey sites, boasting an expansive inventory of surveys. With high payouts and low minimum cash-out thresholds as well as an easy sign-up process and free $5 bonus for new members who validate their email addresses, Survey Junkie surveys range in length from 10 points up to 200 points and often include time estimation so you can accurately predict how long each one will take you.

InboxDollars is another reputable GPT site offering paid product testing opportunities. They match testers to products requiring feedback, with multiple types of tests such as online surveys or phone interviews with market research firms available to them. In order to qualify for these tests, respondents must fill out demographic surveys completely and accurately in order to qualify.

Sharing your digital browsing behavior with Survey Junkie can also be another effective way of earning money, either via browser extensions or the Pulse app. Both will collect information on your online activities while still remaining anonymized – these programs claim this data will never reveal personal details!

Market research firms use this data to design better products and provide consumers with more options. You could earn up to $15 monthly simply for sharing your opinions and participating in focus groups; in exchange for which, you may even receive free food/beverage items, beauty products, electronics or even cash rewards! Many programs allow participants to redeem rewards they earn as cash rewards.


Earn some extra income at home by testing and reviewing products, though this form of work may not be as lucrative as other online revenue-generation methods like affiliate marketing. Before beginning this type of job it’s essential that you understand its responsibilities and limitations: you must be prepared to give away your personal information to companies; commit to giving honest opinions; share results on social media as soon as testing has completed; be patient when waiting for product delivery – the rewards can take time!

BzzAgent is an online community that rewards its members for sharing their experience with products and services. Specializing in consumer market research, this service is open to residents of the US, Canada and UK and members can offer feedback about products or services while receiving full-size samples as a thank-you for their contributions. BzzAgent also hosts social events to help promote its brands.

Signing up is simple and free – all it requires is providing your name, email address, age and connecting social media accounts. After that is complete, emails with opportunities to participate will begin being sent out with specific product information and instructions; after finishing the campaign you will be invited back for a post-campaign survey.

Once you’ve completed several campaigns, your BzzScore ranking will consist of six tiers; the higher it is, the more opportunities will open up to you. Your BzzScore can even be used to redeem points on MyPoints – another reward platform!

BzzAgent provides an ideal opportunity to test new products while earning some extra income online, but isn’t suitable for making a living from home as its rewards consist primarily of merchandise – often sample sizes – rather than real cash payments. Furthermore, other online survey platforms often offer more lucrative pay and participation options.


Are you in search of a side gig that pays well without much effort? Product testing might be just the thing! Get paid to review beauty, health, food or electronics products; companies usually pay either cash stipends or offer gift cards or prizes in return. Additionally, paid focus groups exist where participants can exchange opinions with one another about these consumer goods.

Many product-testing companies allow you to keep and review the products that you test, such as Toluna, Pinecone Research, and i-Say. Toluna matches members with products based on demographic criteria; points can then be redeemed for cash or prizes – they even host monthly sweepstakes that give away free products and money! Pinecone Research is one of the largest market research firms in the US and their site offers an assortment of products; their applicant pool may take some time for acceptance! These companies often have long waiting lists, making acceptance difficult – more so than one might like Toluna!

Some of the top product testing websites offer multiple payment methods, including PayPal. Others allow users to donate rewards they earn back to charity or enter sweepstakes. Bookworms can register with NetGalley in exchange for advance reader copies and reviews in return. These sites can help develop writing skills while earning additional funds.

Join a product-testing panel and you could get paid to test and review products! Various websites like BzzAgent and MomSelect pair testers with products and brands tailored specifically to their demographics; in return for free products they send, panels may request honest reviews posted online (for example on blogs or social media channels) along with video interviews (in some cases even by video!). Some panels offer video interviews.

Register with BetaTesting – an online service that pays users for testing software – to become a product tester and reviewer, earning up to $10 per assessment assessment and using rewards to donate to charity or enter sweepstakes.