12 Top Branded Products Wholesale Suppliers for Resale

This article will provide details on good suppliers for wholesale brands products for resale across Europe, China, and the UK. It also contains useful tips and tricks about wholesale brand products.

Wholesale brands can be a great way to make money and then make profits by reselling the products. You will make a lot of money if your inventory has a wide range of products that are easily accessible to buyers.

There are many wholesale brands products available. It is up to you to find the right supplier. These wholesale brand products can be supplied by many suppliers and distributors at a very low price.

Let’s now look at the best wholesale suppliers for products from top brands.

Wholesale Brands Products Suppliers in UK

Below is a list containing suppliers for UK wholesale brands products.


Do you want wholesale products with branded products at a lower price? You’re in the right place. eBay.com is a well-known supplier of wholesale branded products to retailers worldwide.

They source their products from top manufacturers across the UK. They offer flexible purchasing and payment options, as well as fast shipping.

The Reseller Network

The company specializes in sportswear, footwear, fashion, and accessories. The company supplies wholesalers and distributors to departmental stores as well as retail outlets.

This site is rapidly growing to become the largest online wholesaler of sportswear, supplying both nationally and intentionally with some of the most sought-after brands in the sector.

Branded Wholesale UK

This online shop offers the best in branded wholesale products, including footwear and sportswear.

This product is sold to wholesalers and retail shops at a low price. They work with customers to meet their needs in order to maximize profits.


It was launched in 2009 and has gained a lot of experience to make the most of online sales and digital transformation. They offer quick delivery around the world for all of their products.

A large inventory is one factor that leads to higher sales. The company boasts a large inventory of designer products and wholesale brands that are high-quality.

Supplement factory

If your company and brand are interested in going organic to the holistic market then you need to consider purchasing supplies from a supplement factory. They can provide high-quality, organic supplements.

Wholesale Brands Products Suppliers from China

Light in a Box

You can ask questions about any of the products on the website through the chat feature. They are a B2B and C2C company, and they have many products to choose from.


This Chinese online marketplace is the best place to buy wholesale products. They mainly supply products from small and medium Chinese producers. They offer wholesale products at lower prices and have over 40 million brand-named products.


This is China’s largest B2B wholesale website. They sell branded wholesale products from various designer manufacturers in China and around the globe. Get the best deals at an affordable price from Alibaba Stores.


It is a product from Alibaba group. AliExpress is a marketplace that sells wholesale brand designer products. This company was established to export Chinese-made brand products to foreign buyers.

Wholesale Brands Products Suppliers Europe


Esources.co.uk, a European supplier of wholesale branded and designer goods to retailers and wholesalers at a low price, is Esources.co.uk. The outstanding quality of the products and the services provided by this company have earned them the highest reviews. They offer shipping services and flexible payment options.

Kidderminster Footwear

Kidderminster was established in 1865 to provide Europe with the finest designer footwear brands. They offer a wide range of footwear options for wholesalers and retailers. They are always updated with the latest styles and offer the most popular products.

Fashion Center

Fashion center is the place to go for fashion information. They are Europe’s largest wholesaler, supplier, and distributor of fashion clothing. They also own a large shopping center where they sell their products. They have the most current designs in designer clothing and wholesale brands.


Zentrada.eu is Europe’s leading wholesale marketplace for volume orders and customer goods in fashion and toys, household goods, decorations, home and life, licensed articles, and other products. They offer wholesalers branded and designer products at a competitive price with fast shipping.

Postskriptum Gmbh

Wholesale clothing supplier offering men’s, women’s and children’s clothing from top European brands. The stock prices are 5-10 times lower than regular prices for new collections. They offer over 50k designer and branded products of high quality.

Postskriptum Gmbh, a European leading wholesale clothing supplier, has unmatched expertise in packing and assorting to ensure high-demand products. The company also deals in accessories and small quantities of clothes.

Next, I’ll share some tips on how to wholesale products from brands.

How do I buy name brands wholesale?

1. Online Wholesalers

This is one of many ways you can find wholesalers for name brands. Many wholesalers and product manufacturers have online shopping platforms. These details will allow you to locate a distributor near you that stocks the products you are looking for.

2. Be specific about your product niche

Look around to identify products that are in high demand but not readily available. You should observe your target market to determine which markets are underserved. This will allow you to determine the product niche that is best for your business. For example, the branded clothing industry will identify the age group it will target. This could be teens or men. You can also decide whether to sell your product online or in a shopping mall.

3. All legal documents should be obtained

All legal documentation is required to start a business. To run a business in a city, for example, you need a license from the state. Brand manufacturers will not allow their products to be sold in illegal retail shops. All the documentation you need will be helpful in your efforts to acquire brand products from designer and brand product manufacturers.

4. Other ways to find a wholesaler

Find out about stores looking to sell old stock and give them a deal on their merchandise. Target those markets that seem to be in trouble and offer them a deal on their merchandise.

There will also be trade shows that allow you to place orders with distributors or wholesalers who will be there. You should keep an eye out for stores that have products and may want to get rid.

5. Selecting the right brand

You must be careful when choosing the right brand name for your products. Some brand companies can be cocky. You should choose the one with the best quality products. It is not a good idea to keep a large inventory that doesn’t sell at the end of each month. You must be careful when selecting a wholesale produce company to avoid frauds. You should choose a wholesale produce business that guarantees profits after you sell their products.

Wholesale of 10 brands of products

When starting a wholesale business for your brands, there are 10 famous and well-known brands that you should consider.

  • Accessory and fashion clothing
  • Sportwear
  • Footwear
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Accessories and clothing for babies
  • Accessory for hair and the hair
  • Food products
  • Beauty product
  • Watches for men

Last Word

We have provided a list of the top websites in various regions where you can find the best wholesale product. Also, the website has a great selection of products of low prices. Get the products now and resell them to reap the rewards.