USA and Europe Wholesale Electronics Distributors

Getting into electronics business? Perhaps you are looking for the best wholesale distributors of electronics from China, USA, or Europe. Doing extensive research is the first step to starting a business. You need to choose a niche that is profitable, appealing, and easy to market.

Consumer Electronics is the most popular category. Electronics have been evolving slowly and continuously, which is the best thing about them. The market for consumer electronics is enormous and valued at approximately USD 1,100 million. Laptops, mobile phones, DSLR cameras and drones are all available. You can find the best wholesale distributors for any item that you are looking to buy at wholesale prices.

Next, you need to locate a trusted wholesale distributor near you that can ship the goods as quickly as possible to your warehouse.

This article will help you find electronics distributors in China, USA, or Europe. You can then choose the best according to your needs.

Let’s take a look at the different electronic distributors located in these locations.

Distributors of Electronics in China

China is now a major exporter of hundreds to thousands of products every day. However, some business owners still hesitate to source products from China because they are not familiar with the regulations and process. We are here to tell you why electronics distribution should be started from China.

You can’t resist the huge profit margins that China manufacturers offer on their products. Through wholesaling Chinese products, we have seen many people become millionaires.

Electronic products can also bring in higher profits. An electronic toothbrush can cost around USD 40, while a regular toothbrush will cost you between 2-3 and 3 dollars. The IT industry is booming in China, where you can find the most innovative and trendy electronics products.

Shenzhen has been called the Electronics Capital of China. Let’s move on and look at one of China’s most well-known supplier brands, based in Shenzhen.


Sunsky-Online, a subsidiary Oaken Technology Group, is responsible for many electronic factories in China. Sunsky focuses primarily on computer peripherals and accessories for the home and garden, as well as mobile phones and accessories.

They offer dropshipping and wholesale. Access to wholesale is very easy. You also get API access to access product information on your site. There are 6 levels of wholesale membership. Your last purchase within the past 6 months will determine which level you are. You will get lower prices and higher member levels if you purchase more products.

It is a great b2b platform, but you will need to purchase products in bulk and spend approximately 20,000 USD over the last six months to qualify for VIP membership.


Gearbest is another top Chinese wholesale platform for electronics and gadgets. Both Gearbest as well as Chinabrands belong to the Global Egrow company. It is based in Shenzhen. Gearbest excels at B2C, while Chinabrands is an expert b2b platform that is especially suited for small businesses.

Gearbest offers a wide range of products. Wholesale electronics buyers may find the big discounts each week a relief.

Gearbest makes shopping easy. It is easy to shop with Gearbest. All you need to do is create an account as a Wholesale Buyer, choose the right electronic item from their online store, and then pay instantly via Paypal. You can also transfer money through your local bank system.

You can choose from a variety of products, they are quick and offer high quality products at a low price. You can also return the product with no hassle if you aren’t satisfied.


Dhgate, a b2b Ecommerce marketplace that connects wholesale buyers and distributors, is called. Dhgate offers over 40 million products from different categories. Dhgate is a great place to find cheap products. It has been trusted by wholesale buyers and reached 10 million buyers in more than 220 countries.

They use a sophisticated quality control system that distinguishes between authenticated and fraudulent sellers. To ensure that you only deal with good suppliers, they can be identified both automatically and manually. Dhgate takes the necessary steps to ensure your data is secure from hackers.


Chinavision, an E-commerce company based in Hong Kong, was established in 2004. This wholesale supplier sells android mobile phones, tablets, security gadgets, electronic gadgets and many other products at reduced prices.

Chinavision has proven themselves to be both b2b as well as b2c through providing outstanding services in the area of Consumer Electronics, including smartphones, smart watches, and other devices.

They provide logistics and Quality Control services to all their wholesale customers. They also offer custom sourcing for electronic products from China, custom consulting, and after-sales services for bulk wholesale electronic buyers.


Chinazrh, a newcomer to the Chinese market for consumer electronics, is comparable. They sell quality, low-cost mobile phones, GPS devices and surveillance equipment.

Chinazrh offers a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. This is a significant advantage over other companies. You will be a returning customer because of their quality customer service and long-lasting relationships. Dropshipping services are offered directly from China to your target audience.

They will take care of your shipping needs and ensure that your products arrive safely and securely.

Distributors of wholesale electronics in the USA

China is the largest exporter of most of the products worldwide, while the USA is not far behind. Although they aren’t very popular, their electronics wholesale distributors and distributors have some competitive advantages.

If you live in these areas, it might be worth looking for local distributors to source your wholesale electronics business. You can then check out these suppliers to see if they can help you grow your business.

Kiko Wholesale Group

New York, USA is the home of The KiKo Wholesale Group. It deals mainly in consumer electronics, including home appliances, but is more interested in Cell phone accessories. They claim to stock a large range of accessories for cell phones. They offer a wide range of accessories, including mobile phone protectors and car chargers, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth chargers, portable chargers and wireless chargers, as well as tablet covers and cases.

Kiko will offer wholesale prices that are significantly lower than those offered by distributors or wholesale suppliers. They have a minimum MOQ of $100 for dropship members and wholesale members.

Wholesale buyers can get special pricing by creating an account. You can also see the prices for different electronic products on their website. Most orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped immediately. Orders above USD 500 qualify for free shipping


Megagoods, Inc, based in California, USA, is also a large distributor of consumer electronics products. It was founded in 2002 and has made great strides in the electronics and video games niche.

Products of Car accessories such as Car Security, Car Audio and Video and Kitchen Gadgets. Megagoods offers a wide range of products that you can wholesale.

Private label shipping, also known as blind dropshipping, is offered by Megagoods. This means that the customer does not know the seller. Megagoods is known for its fast, efficient processing and safe shipping of products to your doorstep.

It’s also EDI- and PCI-compliant. You can find a great variety of brand names at wholesale prices that are difficult to find elsewhere.

NovaTech Wholesale

Novatech Wholesale, a family-owned business, was founded in 2005. It is a dropship and wholesale supplier based in Alabama, USA. NovaTech’s US warehouse houses more than 80,000 products. You can view the product prices on their website by signing up as a wholesaler or dropshipper.

They offer fast shipping. Once you place your order and the product is ready for delivery, the dashboard will show the status. It also includes tracking information and an estimate of delivery time.

You can also order as many products as you like and receive free shipping for 30 days if your product is damaged or defective.

Dropshipping wholesale rates is possible with their automated inventory tools.

Suma Distributors

Suma Distributors, a Miami-based USA company is located in Florida. Its mission is to provide only high-quality brand products for consumer electronics and computer peripherals. Suma Distributors provides a service that delivers high quality brand products to your business.

They are authorized distributors for some of the most well-known consumer electronics brands, including Acer, Apple and Logitech as well as Sony, Asus, Lenovo and LG.

Send them a query, and they’ll get back to your with a quote of product prices and their shipping costs.

Europe’s Electronics Wholesale Distributors

Since the advancement of technology, the wholesale market has seen a boom. Europe is known for its electronic wholesale distributors. We are here to share the names of some of the most prominent distributors in dropship and wholesale electronics business.

This will allow you to save money and price your products according to your choice. Let’s take a look at the top wholesale electronics distributors in Europe that you can dropship and wholesale bulk.


Mrs. Gaby Veiders founded SMACCESS in 1999. It is located in Luxemberg, and is the only European mobile phone wholesaler. SMACCESS sells all types of Mobile phones and accessories.

The company’s main objective was to provide b2b services in Central Europe at the lowest wholesale prices and of the highest quality. SMACCESS’s growth was aided by its reliability, flexibility, and competitive prices. They also provide a platform for repair in the retail market.

SMACCESS looks forward to including consumer electronics, especially home appliances, in their catalog. This will allow them to increase the value of the European Electronics market and position themselves as leaders in the sector.

Central Point Europe

Central Point Europe is an internationally based company located in Slovakia, Europe. It is a wholesale business that mainly deals in mobile phones of all major brands, including Apple, Samsung and Huawei, Nokia, Lenovo, and Nokia.

They also sell consumer electronics such as Go Pro Cameras and Game consoles. They stay up-to-date with the latest gadgets and trends in the marketplace and optimize them for customers to increase sales.

DHL Express Shipping Europe has partnered with them and can deliver all goods or products in less than one day. You can work wholesale and not worry about logistics, warehouse, or shipping. Central point Europe can handle it all.

Duna Electronics

Slovakia, Europe is another European wholesaler of new and original European mobile phone models. They deal in mobile phones and tablets, as well as wearables, cameras, games consoles, and accessories.

Duna Electronics has developed close relationships with major producers and has been able to negotiate for lower prices on their products. People regard Duna Electronics as a trustworthy company that provides exceptional services in the wholesale sector.

Duna is the exclusive distributor of waterproof nanotechnology. They are believed to be the pioneers in Nano technology, especially in Europe. You can reach them to learn more about this opportunity.

BigBuy Europe

BigBuy Europe is a one-stop shop for all your business needs. It offers reliable b2b Wholesale services in all areas, including electronics, across Europe.

Wholesale packs are required to become a wholesale buyer. You will need to pay a monthly registration fee of EUR90 or EUR60 for the one that includes E-marketplace integration, fully synchronized dropship shops, and full-featured dropship shop.

You can shop from thousands of products and they also ship internationally. Bigbuy Europe may have restrictions and custom clearance fees that you should be aware of before placing an order.


Difox headquarters is located in Germany, with branches in Italy and France, Spain, Spain, and the Netherlands. This could be your best partner as a b2b platform, with over 40 years of experience in selling consumer electronics.

Difox claims to be an international distributor partner of choice for wholesale products. Difox stocks over 30,000 high-quality products. They offer the lowest prices possible with no minimum order quantities.

The warehouse covers an area of over 10,000 square meters. With the dedicated dashboard channel, you can view your orders, invoices, and shipments in real-time. You can keep track of inventory availability and pricing with the CSV file.

You might also be interested in dropshipping from Sverige. Wholesale electronics for sale in Europe sounds great because of the large customer base and high level of consumption.

Wholesale Top-Profitable Electronics

If you do your research, electronic products can be a lucrative niche. You must consider your profit margins before you start thinking about profitable electronics that you can wholesale.

Your business’s profitability margins are essential. Margins are your E-commerce store’s Emperor. A higher profit margin will allow your business to be profitable and sustainable. Less margins can mean that your money and your business are more secure. A weak ruler cannot run an empire well. This is widely known.

You cannot keep your margins so low that you are unable to make any sales.

Let’s look at a few products that we believe could be profitable to wholesale and then sell for profit.

Mobile Phones & Accessories

Mobile phones and their accessories are the first thing that comes to mind. Mobile phones and accessories are in constant demand. You can make a good profit if your products are priced correctly.

TV Accessories

There are many TV accessories that can be used to increase your profit margin, including TV wall mounts and table top stands.


Gaming is a popular pastime for both children and adults. Wholesale sales of video games, consoles, and accessories is a profitable way to make a living in the electronics market.

Bluetooth Headphones

You can increase sales by showcasing cool and trendy gadgets to your customers. Bluetooth speakers can be used to create outdoor entertainment, home theaters, and gaming environments.

These are just a few of the many electronic products available for dropshipping or wholesale. These products can be found at many wholesale electronics distributors, including Chinbrands.

Where can I buy cheap electronics wholesale?

China is the best place to buy quality and affordable wholesale electronics. Depending on your choices and budget, you can find low-end consumer electronics and high-end electronic products.

Although there are markets in the USA and Europe, they won’t come cheap. If you are looking to buy wholesale electronics from China and increase your profit margins, then you need to find reliable wholesale electronics distributors.

Which are the top wholesale electronics online marketplaces for your products?

There are many online wholesale electronics marketplaces such as Alibaba, Chinabrands and DhGate. There are many other places where you can find reliable and trustworthy electronics wholesale suppliers.

You can order products online from china electronic market online if you’re unable to attend trade fairs.

Which is China’s largest wholesale electronics market?

Shenzhen is known as the center of electronic products wholesale in China. Seg Electronics is Shenzhen’s most popular wholesale market for consumer electronics.

These products include mobile phones, tablets and headsets, as well as many computing accessories. Shenzhen is well-known for its Private Labels. You can also outsource electronics products to a Shenzhen supplier.

Chinabrands is one of the companies mentioned above. It is based in Shenzhen, and could be a good choice for you if your only option is to rely on them as suppliers of electronic products.

Dropshipping electronics on Shopify can make anyone a millionaire.

The short answer to this question is yes. Many people dropship on shopify, making more than six figures per month. However, not everyone can make a living.

You must first analyze the products and decide which ones are the most profitable. Proper marketing will also help increase sales.

Chinabrands can help you get an idea of what products to sell. Register as a Dropshipper on Chinabrands to integrate your Shopify store with Chinabrands.

It’s simple and all of the steps are automated. Chinabrands manage inventory, order fulfillment, and delivery. To be successful, you only need to market correctly.

Which dropship electronics supplier is the most reliable?

When it comes to being the best, there are many suppliers and companies that can meet all of your business requirements. Depending on the products you select, one supplier might perform better than another.

You can choose from any Gold supplier in China of Electronic products or Chinabrands, which offers flexibility and security when it comes selling electronic products wholesale or dropship internationally.