Tundra Wholesale Marketplace Website Review

Many business owners find that buying wholesale online is the most effective model. The digital world makes it easier to source products from both local and distant locations. It’s also easier than ever to find unique products thanks to the large number of suppliers available online.

Finding the right place to buy the products you need at a reasonable price is the biggest challenge. Tundra is an online wholesaler that bridges the gap between suppliers and retailers. Tundra understands that finding amazing products can be challenging. There are often many administrative steps and complicated paperwork involved.

Tundra has created a new kind of wholesaling. Independent retailers and business owners can quickly find and stock up on products from US and Canadian brands through the modern marketplace.

Let’s take a closer view.

What is Tundra?

Tundra was founded in 2017 by husband-and-wife founders, Arnold Engel and Katie Engel. Tundra was created to streamline the buying process and reduce inefficiencies.

You get no transaction fees and a great business-to-business deal which can help you save a lot on stock. You’ll get free shipping if you purchase the PRO package. Tundra will cost you approximately $500 per month to access this package.

Tundra was founded by a team that previously owned a supply chain company called Vox Supply Chain. However, they know that the wholesale market can be inefficient. Would-be retailers are often scared away by disorganized shopping experiences and high transaction fees.

Tundra allows suppliers to display their products on the platform. It looks and feels exactly like a B2C marketplace. The platform allows you to search for products by selecting specific tags or segments. You can search keywords to find products and view ratings.

Each item has a wholesale minimum that you should consider. You can also check supplier performance metrics before signing up.

How Does Tundra Work for Buyers?

Tundra is the ideal platform for business leaders who want to create an online store that sells unique products. Tundra offers the lowest fees and more than 3,000 brands. You can be sure that the brands you choose are either American or Canadian-based. Free shipping is included, which allows you to have enough stock on hand at all times.

Tundra offers incredible free transactions and prices that are below wholesale standards to increase your bottom line earnings.

Tundra guarantees applies one of the two badges to every available wholesaler on this platform. The Gold badge ensures the lowest price and minimum possible.

Tundra eliminated any unnecessary fees from suppliers to ensure you get the best deal. Instead, they make their money through advertising. Tundra allows brands to pass the savings from a non-commission process onto you.

Shop with confidence from over 800,000. Many top brands offer discounts up to 10% on standard wholesale prices. It works this way:

  • Tundra offers a free account.
  • #tags and filters can be used to locate products for your business
  • Select the items that you like from independent brands for the lowest prices
  • Order with automated freight checkout calculations
  • You can also get optional extras such as prepaid duties, taxes, and insurance
  • You will receive your order quickly and get real-time updates and notifications.

Tundra is different for buyers.

Tundra guarantees to provide the lowest prices from the most reputable suppliers and free shipping. All brands with the appropriate icons will receive free shipping

Tundra has some restrictions regarding free shipping. Tundra has some limitations. For example, shipping costs cannot exceed $150 or 10% of the total shipment cost. Standard shipping is the only option, not a premium one.

You can also get free shipping if you are a PRO user. If you pay more than $500 per monthly on Tundra, PRO memberships are available for free. You’ll receive free shipping on all orders over $150 when you activate the free shipping service.

These are some other terms that you will need to be familiar with when using Tundra

  • Net Terms This is a feature that Tundra can offer. When you pay before the due date, Net Terms are available for free. After approval, you will be able to place an order using Net Terms during the checkout process.
  • The lowest direct pricing: Customers are purchasing directly from the supplier of their products. This means that there is no markup, commission or cut to the order. This ensures that you receive the lowest price direct, especially if you have free shipping
  • Samples: To receive a free sample of any product, you must be a PRO member. If you spend more than $500 in a month on one product, this is what happens.
  • Place orders: With the dropdown menus you can place orders online for any product. You can choose to configure, deliver, or order quantity. You can review your product choices and complete the checkout process by visiting the shopping cart. You will be invoiced if you do not pay with your credit card during checkout.
  • Selling: While you can sell products from your website, you will not be able to purchase third-party products through other marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Tundra will block anyone who attempts to do so.
  • Tracking your order: Click into your account to view your Orders page. All information regarding production, payment, and shipping is available. Tundra ships to 106 countries so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to get the items that you require.
  • Tundra is a business only. Tundra customers are not allowed to purchase any Tundra products. This wholesaler is for businesses only.

What does Tundra mean for suppliers?

Tundra can be joined in two ways. You can either become a buyer or a supplier. If you are a wholesale supplier, you can apply for listing your products alongside the best market leaders around the globe. Tundra lets you create your own online storefront and allows you to keep 100% of your sales revenue. There are no transaction fees or commissions.

Tundra is available 24 hours a day to provide you with orders and reorders. It also allows you to upload your products directly into the system. It’s simple to get started with the Tundra platform as you already have tons of exposure. The following premium features are available to sellers:

  • To help you increase your sales, get free shipping
  • A custom storefront can help you reach an existing audience.
  • Analytics dashboard to track key metrics
  • Placement of preferred product orders
  • Email marketing functionality
  • Scalability is limitless
  • Additional fees and commissions at 0%

All you have to do to get started is to set up your Tundra storefront. Just like Faire, upload the products to your wholesale marketplace storefront. Tundra can be uploaded from Shopify. You can also send Tundra a CSV file of all the products you sell.

Tundra.com will help small business buyers find your store, much like Etsy customers find sellers. Tundra receives payment within 1-2 days after the buyer orders. It is quite simple.

This zero-commission website offers free shipping for many store owners. Tundra will take care of the rest. All you have to do is print and attach the Tundra wholesale label.

Why do suppliers love tundra?

The Tundra is a great option for suppliers who exhibit their products at trade shows but want to reach a larger audience.

Tundra was a popular choice for buyers last year, and it certainly gained attention during the pandemic.

The platform is easy to set up and you don’t have to pay any long-term fees. Tundra makes fulfillment much simpler than many e-commerce websites. Tundra also takes the hassle out shipping.

Tundra also blocks Amazon resellers from purchasing, which means that you can be sure that your products won’t get sold on third-party marketplaces. Tundra also screens all buyers who make purchases.

This may be a problem for buyers but it also means that fraud is less likely if you use Tundra to increase profit margins. Redpoint and other solutions won’t offer the same protection.

It’s easy to track who is purchasing products from your supply chain company and manage all of it from one wholesale platform. Tundra.com makes it easy to add MAP to products. Tundra.com enforces this with buyers.

Quick Questions About Tundra

Tundra is worth contacting even if you have read the reviews online and the insights here. You can access the FAQ page of the brand to find answers to common questions such as “what should I do if my order arrives damaged?”.

These are just a few other facts about Tundra.

Is support available?

Tundra can be reached if you have concerns about damaged products or payment terms. PRO customers get dedicated phone and text support.

How are orders shipped

Tundra partners with top logistics companies in Canada and the US to ensure that items reach buyers as quickly as possible. DHL, FedEx and UPS are the most common methods of shipping. Larger shipments are delivered by trucking, air, or ocean.

What shipping options do you have?

When you make your purchase, you can choose from several shipping options. Ground shipping is the most common option for free shipping.

Tundra makes money.

Tundra’s income is somewhat like that of social media sites. Tundra doesn’t charge subscription fees nor markups. The brand receives the money from advertising services. Brands can pay extra brand exposure, promotion features, and expedited shipping.

Tundra ships everywhere

It does not ship internationally, but it can deliver to approximately 206 countries. If you need help finding the right shipping option for your company, please contact the brand.

What if I want to pay by invoice?

Payments can be made by wire transfer or credit card. An invoice will be emailed with order confirmation and includes banking details.

Can I request a proforma invoice?

If you click on the “Download quote” option, Pro-Forma invoices will be available for all products that have been added to your basket. To add products to your basket and request a quote, you will need to log into your account.

To place an order, do I need a website?

Tundra only available to business buyers You don’t need a website to purchase a product. If you can show proof that you are a business or organization, you will be able complete a transaction. To prove your status, you can add a link to the social media pages of your company to sign up.