Easy Businesses to Start with only 10k Investment in India

Starting a business is never about the investment, it is the idea that matters the most. 

Yes! Entrepreneurs are always searching for ways to gain a certain amount of funding but the value of the funds is limited to zero if you do not have the potential to make the generated idea work. 

We have heard of many big shots who are making millions in just months but how they started is yet another story. 

For instance Amazon, an American multinational technology company was started as an online marketplace for books from a garage by Jeff Bezos. Even Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Businesses to Start with 10k In India

Thus, you can surely start a business with 10k in India, some of the ideas for the same are mentioned below:

Food Blogging

If you are a food enthusiast and have the urge to promote food and the different delicacies, then food blogging is the sure thing you can start with some minimum investment and further gain profits. You need to note that the content you are posting is genuine and targeting the consumers as it has a vast impact on them.

Through this, the individual not only earns from their reviews on their social platforms but they even earn from different restaurants for posting their food reviews.

Thrift Shops

Another example of a business to start under 10k is that of thrift shops. With the covid wave, many entrepreneurs started the trend of thrifting where they used to sell second-hand clothing at an affordable cost through their online handles, such requires minimum investment.


Freelancing is yet another business that can be done with a minimum capital of 10k. There are plenty of organizations that look for people for certain jobs, there are writers, video editors, photographers, etc. who work as freelancers and earn hefty salaries.

Fitness Trainer

With health being the topmost priority, fitness has become a passion for many. Withholding this particular aspect you can start your business journey as a fitness trainer and earn. You can be a yoga instructor or even a Zumba instructor. There are many to look at.

Investment Consultant

If you have sound financial knowledge then investment consultancy is a big business in India. You can always have a tie-up with different institutions or high net worth individuals for the same.

If the business gets tiresome you can shift to individual investing from the amount of knowledge you have gained through the experience.

Travel Agency

With the shift in the pandemic situation, we have clearly seen an increase in the number of people going out to travel. We Indians are travel enthusiasts who love to travel whenever they find a certain day out for them.

Even statistics say that the tourism industry contributes 9.9% of the GDP, thus a travel agency is a one-shot business that will provide sufficient returns with minimum capital.

Affiliate or Network Marketing

This is yet another business that does not require lots of money. All you need here are to join with some companies who are doing such business and promote their products on your social network platforms, mobile applications, or through blogs.

All you need to create a network and the larger the network the more you earn. Such businesses hardly require any investment.

Coaching Classes

Today students are more dependent on their tuition teachers rather than on their schools. If you are an expert in a particular domain and have a zeal to teach, being a coaching teacher is the best business you can do.

It hardly requires any investment, all that is required is the knowledge and domain expertise. Additionally, today you can even tutor online, through different platforms by registering through them.

Online Bakery

If you have the skills for baking you can sell your expertise through online mediums as well. During covid, many individuals started their online bakery business and are now profiting and enjoying their passion for baking.

There are many instances for the same where they market their products through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Once you are able to market it perfectly then your orders surely will not stop.


If you want to be your own boss and work remotely, start your dropshipping business. Once you set the business, it should not take you more than 20-25 hours a week to maintain it, leaving you ample time to focus on other things while earning a good amount of money.

Starting it isn’t so easy though. You need to find a niche, do a thorough competitor analysis, create and market the store, and analyze and improve it. This takes practice, hard work, and lots of learning. 


Money is regarded as something which gets extinguished very easily, you might have a lot to start your business with but if the idea that you decide to come up with is not as per the consumer preferences then it becomes impossible for the business to thrive. 

Even with meager capital, you can start your business. There are several more examples of businesses to start with 10k in India but all you need to remember is that they must be unique and within customers’ reach and for this thorough research and planning is a must. 

Remember that every business might hold chances of risk but if you have the perseverance and the potential then no one can stop you from succeeding.