eCom Tom Dropshipping University Review – Is it Worth?

Who is eCom Tom (Tom Cormier)?

eCom Tom’s genuine name is Tom Cormier. He is extremely active on YouTube. At the time of composing, he has around 28.6 K fans.

I have actually enjoyed his videos on YouTube and just got some standard details. I didn’t discover any motivating material. It’s regular as the channel is simply to promote eCom Tom’s courses.

eCom Tom likes demonstrating how much he makes with dropshipping. Many of the time, the figure he reveals does not consist of the expense such as marketing.

In reality, his net earnings ought to be much smaller sized since the revenue margin of dropshipping is usually low.

What is Dropshipping University?

Dropshipping University is developed by eCom Tom. There are 2 courses. One is for eBay; another one is for Amazon.

Personally, I do not believe eBay is the ideal option for dropshipping nowadays. Many people choose Shopify rather.

Anyhow, let me inform you exactly what these courses teach you.

eBay Course

The eBay course is rather standard. I can not see any unique info inside this course. There are 14 modules and 67 videos just.

You will discover the standard procedure of dropshipping eBay.

Module 1-2: Intro to Manual eBay Dropshipping

This module is simply the intro to what you require to do with dropshipping on eBay. ECom Tom will talk about how to comply with the guidelines on eBay.

Module 3-4: Sourcing Extremely Successful Products

This design has to do with investigating rewarding items to offer. You will likewise find out how to discover an excellent provider for your items.

Module 5-6: Listing and Stock Management

This module has to do with noting your item on eBay. You will find out how to compose item descriptions and optimise the title and images for greater conversion.

ECom Tom will talk about stock management so that you can make sure you have adequate stock.

ECom Tom does not cover running advertisements to drive traffic. Just noting your items on Ebay is not going to get consumers.

Modules 7-8: Processing Sales and Customer Support

This module has to do with taking payments and supplying client service.

The consumer ranking on eBay has a substantial effect on your sales, so you need to find out how to make your client pleased.

Modules 9-10: Feedback and Company

This module has to do with getting favorable feedback from your consumers to construct a credibility on eBay.

Module 11-12: Taking Full Advantage Of Margins and Tax Exemption

This module has to do with taking full advantage of the revenue margin. eCom Tom will recommend you to utilize cashback charge card. You will discover how to lower tax.

Module 13-14: Advanced Topics

This module has to do with utilizing some sales strategies to increase sales.

Amazon Course

eCom Tom’s Amazon course is not precisely about dropshipping. It is Amazon FBA, which needs you to send your items to the Amazon Fulfillment.

Amazon will then assist you ship the items and get returns.

This course has 14 modules and you need to invest around 15 hours to complete it.

15 hours of material is rather brief, so you can not anticipate to find out whatever about Amazon FBA in this course.

You will discover the essentials that include the following:

  • How to discover items and excellent providers
  • How to note your items on Amazon
  • How to process sales
  • How to get favorable feedback from clients
  • How to prevent being suspended by Amazon

Dropshipping University Prices

Dropshipping University is not low-cost. The eBay course is $479 and the Amazon course is $697.

I believe the courses are overpriced. The majority of the details can be discovered free of charge somewhere else.

There are likewise less expensive however much better options on the marketplace.

Issues of Dropshipping That eCom Tom Does not Inform You

I did dropshipping years earlier, so I can inform you dropshipping has actually ended up being significantly hard.

Here are a couple of points about why I would not suggest dropshipping:

1. Financial Risk

Your dropshipping shop will not offer ANYTHING if you do not PROMOTE. The marketing expenses from social media marketing such as Facebook advertisements will consume away your EARNINGS.

You may require weeks or perhaps months to simply recover cost, prior to revealing any earnings.

In another word, it is a substantial FINANCIAL RISK to begin dropshipping.

2. Facebook advertisements are Costly and Hard

After observing most dropshippers’ outcomes, at best, the overall Facebook advertisement expense will represent a minimum of 30% of your overall sales.

Facebook advertisements rarely remain efficient for too long. After your target market is tired, you will see a much lower conversion rate. This may require you to increase the marketing budget plan.

According to Forbes, Facebook saw a boost in Advertisement expenses of 90% year-on-year.

Even worse still, the finding out curve of Facebook advertisements is rather high due to the fact that Facebook alters its algorithm all the time. You need to invest a great deal of money and time in knowing and screening Facebook Advertisements.

If you run Facebook advertisements with no experience, your advertisement account will be quickly prohibited for breaking their stringent policies.

Numerous dropshippers stop working to cover their Facebook advertisement expense and lead to a bottom line.

3. Consumer Assistance

Although you do not need to handle stock and logistics, you do need to invest a great deal of time interacting with providers and handling customer care.

If your client has any problems with the item, you need to await your provider to assist you. If your provider is not valuable, you need to bear the loss yourself.

Numerous dropshipping shops have bad consumer evaluation and have no returning clients. That’s why it’s hard to construct a sustainable dropshipping brand name.

In the worst case, you would anticipate a great deal of credit card chargebacks, which risk getting your payment entrance closed down.

4. A great deal with item research study

For your shop to keep earning money, you constantly need to search for a brand-new winning item by screening items with Facebook advertisements.

In dropshipping, a lot of items reach their peak in 1-2 months and even weeks. This is because lots of rivals will begin offering the precise very same item once it ends up being popular.

You require to keep discovering brand-new replacements to keep producing revenues.

Many people who prosper in dropshipping are doing it full-time due to the fact that it needs devotion, consistency, effort and a great deal of perseverance.

Handling Facebook advertisements alone can take up your entire day.

eCom Tom Veridct

It’s uncommon to come throughout a master who is promoting both Amazon and eBay dropshipping. Generally master’s adhere to one platform. From his Youtube videos it’s clear he’s making many of his earnings from eBay first of all and Amazon. He’s really transparent and does understand what he’s speaking about.

Both of these platforms are infamous for being exceptionally challenging to master and consist of lots of competitors and the expenses of company are hardly ever pointed out in such courses.

It’s most likely why a lot of people take a look at beginning their own eCommerce service utilizing platforms such as Shopify or Bigcommerce as you can hang on to much greater revenues.

EBay and Amazon can take up to 20% of income in charges, storage and shipping. A lot of eCommerce companies operate on a 20-30% margin so how can you reasonably make much earnings?