Dropship Spy Alternative Tools – Free and Premium

Dropship Spy is known for its dropshipping tools. It is great for finding influencers and uncovering ads.

Some product niches are not represented on Dropship Spy. However, the majority of featured products are generic.

Dropship Spy doesn’t allow users to import product reviews.

There are many better options available. Let me tell you about the top 10 Dropship Spy options you should consider.


Ecomhunt is a dropshipping platform that takes care of all the work. It offers the top dropshipping products, which have been proven profitable by AliExpress or Facebook, just as Dropship Spy.

Ecomhunt, however, is much easier than Dropship Spy. You can view the winning products you are interested in without having to create an account.

You will find valuable information about each product such as the profit margin, retail price and analytics. To access all this information, however, you will need to log in.

Dropship Spy is a great alternative for Oberlo users. Ecomhunt products can be imported directly to Oberlo stores with just one click. Ecomhunt, like Dropship Spy supports selling on Shopify. eBay. WooCommerce. Amazon. Wix also allows you to sell.

The Ecomhunt Tracker will help you stay ahead of your competitors. You can track and monitor the sales of marketplace products so that you can identify the next great product to sell. The Ecomhunt Lucky tool randomly selects hot products to help you decide what product to sell.

Ecomhunt offers more dropshipping and eCommerce resources than Dropship Spy. Ecomhunt offers a masterclass, help center and FAQ. There is also a podcast, YouTube videos and a community for users to interact with.

Sell The Trend

Another Dropship Spy option is here.

Dropshippers can find thousands of new products in their database. Each product also comes with detailed information.

Sell The Trend is more efficient than Dropship Spy because it uses AI. It is also known as the Nexus Search Machine. This tool finds winning products on all major eCommerce marketplaces.

The Sell The Trend Product Explorer makes it easy to find the right product type. You can filter the product explorer by keyword or niche. Dropship Store Explorer brings thousands of dropshipping shops to your fingertips. Dropship Spy offers a similar feature called Store Spy.

A Video Ads Creator is available to dropshippers that advertise on Facebook. This tool allows you to easily create high-converting videos adverts for your campaigns. You can use the Instagram Engagement Calculator and Twitter Advertising Calculator to advertise on Instagram and Twitter.

Sell The Trend is compatible with Dropship Spy and more platforms. It integrates with Amazon and AliExpress. With one click, you can import products into your WooCommerce and Shopify stores.

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper can be used as a Dropship Spy alternative to those who sell on Shopify. WooCommerce. Amazon. This tool allows you to spy on other stores and find the products that are making them money.

Niche Scraper has a product scraping tool that is similar to Dropship Spy Products. This tool searches marketplaces like AliExpress or Shopify for winning products. These products are available to you every day so that you don’t have to spend time searching for winning products.

The store analysis tool is next. Niche Scraper allows you to analyze a store and not only see their winning products, but also their traffic data, sales estimates, and audience. The Niche Scraper store analysis tool is very similar to Dropship Spy.

The store analyzer allows you to sort the database by business type and store relevance when searching for stores. You can also search directly for any store by keywords or store URL. Niche Scraper also allows you to access hand-picked products.

Niche Scraper is superior to Dropship Spy because of the Facebook Video Ad Generator. This tool allows you to create Facebook ads videos in the simplest of ways. Upload images, choose from any available royalty-free sounds and then enter the text. Click on the generate button to create the video.


Dropshipping dropshippers will love Thieve, an AliExpress exclusive Dropship Spy alternative. This list features products hand-picked by dropshipping professionals from all over the globe. You can sell something you’re proud of with Thieve.

Thieve, just like Dropship Spy brings you new products daily. You will find about five to ten new AliExpress bestsellers. You can also analyze the most popular product niches, keywords and stores. AliExpress offers 100,000+ keywords every week.

The advanced filtering and sorting options make it easy to find products in the Thieve database. You can save favorites and organize them into collections as you search for products.

Thieve provides you with consumer data, which is different from Dropship Spy. It’s gathered through user interactions. These data are real and can give you insight into customer behavior. These data can also be used to determine popularity and conversion scores.

Thieve, as mentioned previously, is only available to AliExpress. This is in contrast to Dropship Spy, which supports other marketplaces such as Amazon and EBW.

Thieve is a great Dropship Spy alternative. You can access the academy to learn everything you need about Dropshipping, and can also talk to experts if there are any issues with your store.


Pexda was created to stop dropshippers from spending money on inferior products. Dropship Spy is very similar as this tool, it will bring you winning products every single day. This tool allows you to discover new products and better understand your target market for increased conversion.

Pexda’s winning products are manually selected. Dropshipping experts spend a lot of time finding the best-selling products for you. With the highest plan you have access to special products and unlimited product access.

Dropship Spy doesn’t require you to create an account in order to access the best products. You can still access the top products without creating an account. However, this will allow you to get less information and insight about them. All the information you need is available upon registration.

Pexda is similar to Dropship Spy. It supports AliExpress and Amazon as well as eBay. All these eCommerce marketplaces allow you to obtain sales reports. The tool is best suited for dropshipping products via AliExpress.

Dropship Spy is an alternative to Pexda if you use Facebook ads to promote your campaign. This tool scans Facebook to find the most successful ads. These ads can be quickly copied and edited to make your own.


AliShark, a unique Dropshipping tool, is one of the best Dropship Spy options. It will help you find the best dropshipping products online.

Dropship Spy gives you thousands of dropshipping products every day. AliShark delivers them every hour. AliShark’s database is always online and the products are updated as soon as they are placed so you will always know which products are winning.

All you have to do is click on any product and you will get all the information you need. The products featured on this page are from AliExpress. There are advanced filters that allow you to sort the database. You can view the product price, reviews and order count as well as information about top dropshippers and top countries. You also get the product sales history over the past two to six month.

AliShark allows you to analyze product performance. This analysis is done by looking at product sales history and adding to the wishlist. You can identify trends in the data that you receive by looking at sales history and wishlist adds’ for certain seasons.

AliShark’s Matched Pages allows you to find your competitors while Dropship Spy Store Spy helps you do the same. This tool allows you to spy on the pricing strategies of other merchants selling similar products.


SaleSource, like Dropship Spy supports dropshipping with Amazon and Shopify. It also offers over 100 dropshipping options.

SaleSource software is great to use for competitor research and analysis of marketing and advertising. Machine learning is used to determine which products are most popular. You can view all available suppliers and shippers for each product. You can also view the product score.

SaleSource can be used to gather competitor intelligence, similar to Dropship Spy. It uses the VolumeFind2 algorithm to allow you to analyze Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon stores. You can see the list of apps and themes installed in a Shopify store. Also, sales estimates are available.

Notably, SaleSource features Sales Trends. This dashboard provides detailed insight into the sales trends over the past six months for any product. This dashboard shows you the daily sales units for these products, so that you can see which season a product is most popular.

Shopify Dropshippers who source AliExpress products can use SaleSource as an alternative to Dropship Spy.

AliExpress Dropshipper Center

Dropshipping from AliExpress is possible if you have other platforms. Dropship Spy is more complicated than this tool because it’s simple.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center makes it easy to quickly find winning products. You can also search by keyword, product type, price ranges, shipping conditions, availability video, and other criteria. You’ll only see the most popular products from AliExpress, if you don’t specify any criteria.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center is different from Dropship Spy. Hot products can be sorted by the country from which they are shipped. You can browse hot products by country, including Brazil, Italy, Turkey and Turkey.

You can view details about each product such as price, DS price and order count. Click on analyze to see more information about product sales volume trends, stores that sell them, logistics reliability, and other factors.

Dropship Spy does not have the AliExpress Dropshipper Center Search By Image feature. You can upload a product photo to your device and the platform will show suppliers who sell the product. You can get results within seconds.

Apps and other tools can be used to increase your performance. Dropship Spy is limited to AliExpress.

Verdict: AliExpress Dropshipper Center can be used for free, which means you can save money. Even if you do not dropship AliExpress products, it can still be used.

Ali Hunter

This tool allows you to dropship from AliExpress to Shopify shops. Ali Hunter is not available for dropshipping businesses that use any other platform than those mentioned. Dropship Spy does support AliExpress and Shopify.

The Ali Hunter app can be downloaded from the Shopify App Store. You can also visit the Ali Hunter App and enter your Shopify URL to connect.

Ali Hunter helps you save time and stress by only presenting the most popular products. With just one click, you can easily find your competitors. It is actually faster than the Dropship Spy Store Spy Tool.

They are all Shopify shops so you don’t need to visit them every day. Follow them to get all the latest information. Ali Hunter can be set to notify you whenever there is a new update.

Ali Hunter, like Dropship Spy has a Chrome extension. The Chrome extension is more versatile than the Shopify app. You can also use it within AliExpress’s website. This extension provides more information about products, suppliers and price history. It also allows you to view order history.

You can also spy on Shopify stores and see their app lists and product lists. AliOrders, Ali Reviews and Ali Hunter integrate with the Ali Hunter dropshipping software. You can import AliExpress product reviews to your Shopify store.


Shopify users love FindNiche, a dropshipping analytics tool. This Dropship Spy tool is ideal for targeting product niches rather than products.

AI is used to find the most popular product niches in AliExpress and Shopify every day. Each day, you get at most 20 product niches.

The advanced product filter option makes it easy to sort the product niches and find the right product. The database can be sorted by order count, order increase, country, and so on.

FindNiche’s product analysis gives you all the information you need about a product. You can view information such as product price, reviews and order count. Also, you will find previous month’s sales history. Video, ePackets, and stores that sell the product.

FindNiche offers a matching seller score feature. You can examine the stores that sell similar products to see their pricing strategy, layout strategy and ads. These can all be copied and used to your benefit.

FindNiche helps you find the best dropshipping shops on Shopify by using the matched seller score.

Wrapping up

Ecomhunt is the best Dropship Spy alternative out of all the 10.

Ecomhunt is more feature-rich than Dropship Spy. It is also ideal for experienced dropshippers as well as newbies.