Best ShopHunter Alternatives to Find Winning Products

ShopHunter is an all-in-one solution for market research and e-commerce intelligence. Offering real-time sales data and competitor analysis to assist businesses with identifying winning products and formulating growth-driving strategies. Flexible pricing plans make ShopHunter accessible without incurring an initial financial commitment from users who would like to explore all its capabilities before making their choice.


This tool features various features to assist in the discovery of winning products, such as Facebook ad data, store analysis and product analytics. Its user-friendly interface makes it ideal for beginners. Furthermore, there is a free trial period which enables three searches; alternatively a subscription plan offers unlimited searches.

Ecomhunt provides links to stores selling winning products, and Facebook ad insights allow you to determine whether a product has gone viral. Furthermore, its photos, videos, captions and audience selection tools enable you to see all aspects of a product’s appearance as well as get contact details of suppliers – preventing scams while helping make smart decisions.

Another outstanding advantage of this tool is its ability to help you identify the top selling products in any niche. Ad data provides targeted ads that increase sales and conversion rates while its search results are updated daily so you have access to all of the most recent and trending items within your niche.

With this tool, you can save both time and money by avoiding products that won’t sell well, enabling you to focus more on advertising your products and growing your business. Furthermore, its automated import process saves even more time; especially useful for smaller businesses who don’t have time to research winning products themselves.

This tool is available for both PC and mobile users and features a Google Chrome extension that automatically activates when browsing products on Aliexpress. Additionally, this tool can be used to download product images and reviews from specific websites – making this very user-friendly tool extremely beneficial for your business.

This tool can be very beneficial in finding new, hot-selling products that will bring in additional profits and will increase ecommerce marketing success. Furthermore, this data also reveals trend-following products which increase chances of ecommerce marketing success – this is essential as any quality product can easily be sold if it’s promoted correctly.

Product Mafia

Find winning products is essential to any dropshipper’s business, and using product research tools is one effective way of doing it. These tools help identify top-selling items which have already generated profit while saving time – but keep in mind that overuse of such tools could become addictive and obscure your focus on important goals and priorities in business.

Ecomhunt, AliShark and Product Mafia are among the most widely-used product research tools. Each tool offers its own set of features while all providing similar information and analysis; such as detailed product data including profits, sales trends and engagement scores breakdown; also including lists of suppliers and competitors as well as video ads or ad copy to assist marketers market their products more effectively.

Ecomhunt is a free service that provides comprehensive product research and marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses. With access to its extensive database of top-selling products, it allows users to easily identify fast-moving items for their websites. Furthermore, “Ad Hunter” helps users identify high-converting ad copies – all within an intuitive platform that’s accessible by any user.

AliShark is another outstanding product research tool that helps marketers select winning products for their e-commerce store. It automatically updates product orders every hour and displays which items are selling well; additionally it shows merchants which websites sell these items and their pricing information; additionally it boasts additional features such as scouting capabilities and price comparison capabilities.

Product Mafia is an advanced product research software with several high-tech benefits for online sellers. Its product details page provides valuable analytics such as resell prices, Facebook engagement rates and supplier links – not to mention a simple line graph that you can view both from desktop browsers as well as mobile phones.


When it comes to finding winning products, WatchCount can be a useful tool in helping you identify them. The platform displays products which are trending on eBay as well as whether other sellers are offering them and what ads are running – giving an indication of which items may generate the greatest return for your business.

Ecomhunt is an invaluable tool for finding winning products, providing a curated selection of profitable items that is updated daily in its database. In addition, this platform features store analysis capabilities to identify successful online stores and their pricing strategies; its “trend explorer” helps discover trending niches and niche products.

An appealing product could range from beauty essentials to kitchen gadgets; trends can shift over time and it’s important to stay current on what consumers want. There are various strategies for discovering such items; one way is using Google Trends which provides visibility of specific keywords or products that have become increasingly popular with searchers.

Wish’s best sellers offer another excellent way to discover winning products. Many are designed for impulse purchases that can work well on visual platforms like Instagram. Use specific keywords or broad search terms to search Wish for trending items at the time.

Niche Scraper can also help you quickly identify winning products in your niche. Its database features an ever-evolving selection of profitable items which can be searched by category, price range, or other criteria – as well as help analyze competition including their ads and landing pages.

Dropshipping systems offer another great way to locate successful products: these tools allow you to browse AliExpress products quickly and import them easily into your online store, plus many offer Facebook Ads and SEO features as added bonuses.