Product Mafia Dropshipping Review, Pros, and Cons

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Product Mafia, an advanced dropshipping platform, features a curated list of over 1000 dropshipping products from top AliExpress suppliers.

Product Mafia offers free access to all features, including sales analytics and full product data. It is also one of the most affordable research tools available.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Product Mafia has a 4.8-star rating by TrustPilot from over 280 customers.

Product Mafia allows you to find the best-selling products, with high demand and high profit margins, whether you are selling on Shopify, WooCommerce, or eBay.

What is Product Mafia?

Product Mafia was founded in 2018 by David Linder. It is a market leader in dropshipping research and features a handpicked list of over 1000 winning dropshipping items from a large network of AliExpress suppliers.

Product Mafia has thousands of members around the world and a glowing Trust Pilot rating of 4.8 stars as well as an impressive 4.8 star rating from over 450 Google reviews. This makes it one of the most reliable, trustworthy, and highly rated dropshipping research tools.

Product Mafia is fast becoming the top choice for dropshippers all over the world, including well-known online sellers and Shopify shops.

Product Mafia offers a free plan that includes all features and data. It is also one the most affordable dropshipping research tools.

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PRO membership is only $49/month, or $29/month with our discount code (details are below). It also includes priority access the most successful dropshipping products.

Product Mafia can help you build a profitable dropshipping company, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced online seller.

Features & Benefits

Product Mafia has many high-tech benefits and features. Product Mafia offers everything you need to find dropshipping products that are fast moving for your marketplace or online store. It includes a database of over 1000 winning dropshipping items, advanced performance analytics, including cost price, selling prices and profit margins, and suggested ad targeting options.

Product Mafia also has one of the most current and well-maintained dropshipping research tools. It provides accurate sales data, live links and live links with competitors, Facebook ads, and top AliExpress suppliers.

  • Experts handpick the top AliExpress products
  • Advanced product data, including selling price, cost price, and profit margin
  • Here are links to several AliExpress suppliers, with average ratings and totals sales
  • Here are links to Shopify competitors and live Facebook ads with profit estimates
  • In minutes, you can add unlimited products to your Shopify and WooCommerce stores
  • Example Facebook Ad Copy with Suggestions for Targeting Options and Videos
  • Access the most winning items with a low-cost PRO membership.
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Pros & Cons

Dropshipping research tools are a lot easier with Product Mafia. It does have some drawbacks, however.

Here is a side-byside comparison of Profit Mafia’s pros and cons. Profit Mafia helps you find dropshipping products that make the most profit.


  • Database of the most accurate and up-to-date winning products
  • Simple dashboard and user-friendly website make it easy to use
  • Find the best products for your store from almost all categories
  • Advanced filters allow you to quickly find the products that best suit your needs
  • This section contains links to suppliers, sellers, and successful ad campaigns
  • Shopify and WooCommerce integrations for fast imports
  • Full access to all products and sales data in a free version
  • PRO membership to access the most recent daily winning products


  • Dropshipping is not the most popular business model.
  • AliExpress – Products sourced from China-based Suppliers
  • Products not shipped from the US, UK, or EU warehouses
  • There is no way to see performance data for any AliExpress item.
  • You could have many other sellers competing with you if you have free access


Product Mafia can be used with AliExpress and Shopify to import winning dropshipping products. Product Mafia is also able to help you find quick-moving products that can be sold on any ecommerce platform, including Amazon and eBay.

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Product Mafia is a great tool for any seller looking to generate sales, profits, and interest on social media platforms.

Product Mafia can be used to find the best products for drop shipping on Shopify and Amazon FBA.

Setting up & Usage

Product Mafia makes it easy to find dropshipping information. You can instantly login to the database of over 1000 winning products after creating a free account.

Navigate to the homepage, then use the advanced filters for further refinement by country, category, social engagements and shipping location.

You can sort the results by highest engagement, most orders and selling price.

To view more information about a product, click on the listing after you have found it. The following page will give you an instant overview of the product’s selling price, cost, profit margin, and product description.

There are also buttons that allow you to save the product or import it to WooCommerce and Shopify. The date the product was added to the site will be at the top.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Further down, you’ll find additional product data, including links to Shopify competitors, as well links to live Facebook ads, and multiple AliExpress suppliers.

Also, you will find detailed analytics on social media including comments, likes, shares, and engagements. This example shows that the Non-Stick Grill Rack has received more than 4,000 likes and 400 comments, as well as 1000 shares.

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To view the live ad, click on the link “View Facebook Ad”.

Scroll down to find the list of top suppliers for the product on AliExpress. You will also find basic performance data such as total sales and overall rating.

To view detailed product reviews and more information, click on the “View Product” button. You can also find additional AliExpress suppliers that offer US-direct shipping in the ‘Suppliers” section.

You will find many examples of Facebook ads copy further down the page with live links and engagement statistics such as total likes and comments.

There are also suggested Facebook targeting options, including age, gender, and country estimates. You can also download product videos. You will also find an Instagram influence list to contact regarding advertising partnerships, if available.

Product Mafia gives you all the tools you need to find dropshipping products that are profitable and then successfully sell them via multiple channels, including social media.

Product Mafia makes advertising on Facebook easy by allowing anyone to quickly locate a fast-moving product using tested targeting options and high-converting copy.

You have all the information you need, from cost price to profit margins, suppliers and competitors, at your fingertips.

Pricing & Billing

Product Mafia offers a free version that includes full access to all products and comprehensive data and analysis.

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PRO membership is $49/month. It includes priority access to new winning products every day and the most profitable (locked), products.

You can still get Product Mafia PRO for $29/month with our 40% discount code This is a significant savings of over $200/year and unlimited access to the most popular products on Product Mafia.

Product Mafia also offers a trial offer that allows you to purchase the PRO membership for $1 within the first 30 days.

Get a free membership

  • Access to the winning product database
  • Access to sales analytics and product data

PRO Membership ($49/month).

  • Access to the winning product database
  • Access to sales analytics and product data
  • Priority access for daily new winning products
  • Unlimited access to premium items (locked)
  • Untapped potential for big profits

Exclusive Offer: Save 40%

  • Unlimited access to all data and products
  • 40% Discount on Monthly $49/Month Plan
  • Only $29/month for a 30-day trial with $1

Pricing Summary

Product Mafia offers one of the most feature-rich, free versions of dropshipping research tools on the market. The free version allows you to access most products and features as well as detailed performance and insight data.

The PRO version however includes all the features of the free version, including exclusive access to top-performing locked products and daily new products.

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PRO membership is best for those who want to have priority access to the most successful products, with less competition and greater opportunity.

Our exclusive coupon code will allow you to lock in a huge 40% lifetime savings on PRO memberships for only $29/month.


Product Mafia is a trusted dropshipping research platform. Product Mafia’s TrustPilot rating is higher than its 3 largest competitors, AliInsider, Niche Scraper, and Ecomhunt.

Product Mafia also has one of the most current and well-maintained dropshipping research tools. It includes live links to competitors, Facebook Ads, Shopify stores, product listings, and multiple AliExpress suppliers.

Product Mafia’s dropshipping tool is constantly updated and monitored. Other tools may have outdated data or links. Product Mafia also offers one of the most feature-packed versions of a dropshipping search tool on the market.