Dropship.io Chrome Extension Review

Dropship IO is a Chrome extension that makes product research simpler. With features like product databases, sales trackers and competitor analysis as well as posting sourcing requests directly on 1688, Taobao or AliExpress marketplaces. Dropship IO also enables import and sourcing requests through these marketplaces for added ease.

This Chrome extension is free to use, though many of its features require paid plans such as opportunity scores and ad analysis.

Product database

Dropshipping has quickly become a popular business model, but selecting suitable products to sell can be difficult. Ecommerce automation tools provide an efficient solution by automating product research processes – saving both time and money along the way! These tools offer features like product databases, sales trackers, competitor analysis reports and portfolios; some may be free while others require subscription fees or credit systems – the choice depends on your needs and budget.

Dropship IO offers access to millions of products available across various ecommerce platforms. Utilizing search filters, this software enables you to narrow your results and locate those most suited to your business. Furthermore, Dropship IO imports information about each product – names, variations, prices, descriptions and reviewer comments; plus several preset filter presets from which you can choose; it even helps connect you with trusted industry-leading suppliers!

Dropship IO offers another useful feature with their Sales Tracker tool, enabling you to monitor real-time sales of any Shopify store and identify best-selling items so that data-driven decisions can be made for your online store. It also provides historical sales data, which helps optimize advertising campaigns and copy order addresses so fulfilling orders manually becomes much simpler.

While using this tool has many benefits, some users may dislike that its primary focus is to display products from stores rather than suppliers pages. While this feature can make searching simpler, it could create issues for those trying to build profitable ad campaigns.

Dropship IO offers more than just its Product Database – its services also include Facebook Ads Collection, Store Analysis and App Discovery as well as its portfolio of 40 potentially winning products that is updated weekly. Their Chrome extension makes using their features easy while browsing other websites or marketplaces; plus they come equipped with a free trial period so you can test each item before deciding if its purchase makes sense – for more information visit their website today!

Sales tracker

The Sales Tracker is an indispensable tool for monitoring and analyzing winning products, spying on competitors, making informed decisions about product selection and marketing, finding niches with less competition – giving your dropshipping store an edge against others! Featuring sales tracking and historic sales data analysis capabilities; this user-friendly tool makes finding what products best suit your Shopify store easier than ever!

With this extension, you can easily track up to 50 Shopify stores and import their data, such as products, revenue, Facebook ads and more. Furthermore, you can analyze their theme, apps and details. Furthermore, this tool enables you to import product names, variations, prices descriptions reviewer comments from competitors Facebook ads using one-click feature; additionally the platform features various other research tools including Interest Explorer and Discord community for added analysis.

Peeksta’s Product Database is an impressive repository with millions of products that provides in-depth details for each. This tool allows you to search by various criteria such as monthly revenue, price and creation date. Furthermore, built-in filter presets help save both time and effort when finding profitable ecommerce products. It makes an invaluable asset in helping find profitable ecommerce items.

The Peeksta Sales Tracker is an invaluable tool for analyzing the popularity and potential profitability of products. It provides metrics like daily sales, top countries to sell the product in, profit calculator and more – providing insight into exactly how much money a product could potentially make you.

Paid plans unlock additional features, including competitor research and an analytics tool to analyze TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest ads. In addition, Peeksta sales trackers notify you instantly of new products or stores so you can keep an eye on competition.

Competitor research

Researching products that will sell is crucial for any dropshipping business, and there are various tools online available that can make the search more efficient and help increase profits. Before selecting one of these tools, there are certain considerations you should keep in mind such as price and features available; whether your goal is product discovery, workflow automation or tracking sales/competitor analysis there are plenty of choices out there.

There are more than 175,000 Chrome extensions available through Google Web Store; some are free while others require subscription or one-time payments. Many are compatible with various platforms and websites such as Amazon, AliExpress and Facebook and offer demo versions that allow customers to test out these tools before committing. Among the more popular extensions are Koala Inspector, Keeper and Alitool which each provide different features.

Dropship IO extension boasts an impressive feature set, including competitor research. Use it to spy on stores and products, track their sales revenue, analyze Facebook ads, Pinterest pins, Instagram photos and TikTok ads plus analyze Facebook, Pinterest Instagram Snapchat TikTok ads as well as use its search engine, profit calculator and live sales tracker features.

Dropship IO offers another unique feature with their Portfolio feature. This service adds 40 potentially winning products each week to your Shopify store, making this useful for newcomers in dropshipping industry and helping avoid mistakes while making smarter decisions.

To take full advantage of all the features, it is necessary to sign up for one of Dropship IO’s paid plans. With multiple pricing plans to select from, you are sure to find something suitable for your business needs. Plus, you can try the extension free for 7 days before deciding to purchase any plan!

Dropship IO may appear expensive at first glance; however, its premium features could save time and money in the long run. Furthermore, its browser extension makes installation quick and painless!


Dropshipping has quickly become a lucrative business model, enabling entrepreneurs to develop and sell products online without inventory requirements. Unfortunately, selecting winning products can be time consuming and difficult. Luckily there are tools that can assist with streamlining this process so you can select winning items more efficiently for your store as well as automating tasks like importing and fulfilling orders more easily. Identifying the appropriate tool for you needs is key as each offers different features and costs associated with usage.

Start out right by using free tools – Chrome extensions may help streamline product research and competitor analysis, save both time and money, as well as provide high-quality images or videos of products for analysis.

SimilarWeb is another outstanding tool that can assist in analyzing competition and optimizing websites. It shows which keywords your competitors are using as well as providing detailed traffic metrics reports of their website traffic. Furthermore, SimilarWeb also tracks sales for individual products so you can see what they are doing to increase them.

Dropship IO offers numerous tools that will make your ecommerce business more profitable and efficient, including Product Database, Sales Tracker and Portfolio features. Dropship IO also displays successful dropshipping products to give inspiration and serve as a starting point for product research. This free download also comes equipped with these features as well.

Product Database can be easily browsed by price, monthly sales volume and more to quickly locate the ideal products for your store. Sales Tracker helps identify best-selling items to determine profitability as well as identify new trends to remain ahead of competitors.

Dropship IO is available for both Shopify and AliExpress stores, importing items from multiple marketplaces including Amazon and Etsy. With its intuitive design, Dropship IO makes the whole process straightforward – saving both time and energy when searching for products to promote.