17Track International Parcel Tracking Complete Guide

As an ecommerce seller, providing accurate international parcel tracking to your customers is one of the keys to efficient fulfillment. Apps like Deliveries and 17TRACK make this simple for you.

17TRACK provides tracking services for multiple carriers such as ePacket, postal registered mail, EMS and express couriers such as Fedex or DHL, in addition to API integration for marketplaces or ecommerce platforms like Shopify.


Tracking information provides details such as an estimated delivery date. A listing of various shipping carrier options and their statuses are also included, with “Electronic data received” meaning the parcel has reached the carrier facility but still needs airline arrangement or import customs clearance – typically taking 30 to 45 days depending on rush season conditions before it reaches its final destination country. If it does not reach you after this timeframe has elapsed then please reach out to the seller to inquire further about it.

17TRACK is an international tracking website specializing in providing tracking services to users of ePacket parcels. Its primary function is tracking packages from one country to the next and works by scanning multiple websites for courier company tracking information related to an ID number assigned by 17TRACK; once found, all available details will appear on user screens.

Users of 17TRACK can also utilize its website to track shipments currently in transit. This feature can help identify whether a package has been lost or delayed; users are advised to open a dispute with their seller if it doesn’t arrive within 35 days after the date printed on its shipping confirmation email.

Only disadvantage of this service is requiring users to know their tracking numbers; however, multiple numbers can be added at once by using “Add more.” After adding multiple numbers at once, track them using “Update.”

17TRACK has long been recognized for providing an effective tracking service, yet lacks some of the more useful content found elsewhere. By contrast, Ship24 takes a more focused approach to shipment tracking, used by millions worldwide each month and capable of tracking parcels from thousands of online shops and couriers around the globe – its popularity being due mainly to this factor – while their team of customer support is available around the clock for any inquiries regarding parcel delivery tracking that arise.


If you have the tracking number for an order from an online shop, 17TRACK provides a convenient and straightforward way of quickly checking its status by connecting directly with multiple postal, courier and express companies – making life simpler for e-commerce businesses with millions of customers around the world! Plus you can even monitor multiple carriers using one account!

Operating information typically indicates that your parcel has been shipped or left its originating country and reached its transit country, at which point a local carrier usually arranges delivery – although its timing can depend on various factors like distribution network coverage, airline arrangements or local customs inspection requirements, which means it could take longer than anticipated in certain circumstances.

Failure information indicates that the carrier attempted unsuccessfully to deliver your parcel, so contact them directly about arranging a new delivery arrangement. If the addressee fails to pick up their package by its designated deadline, local carriers will return it directly back to you as the sender. Be patient; soon your parcel will arrive! A note will typically be left notifying the addressee where and when to pick up their parcel. Alternatively, contact your local carrier for new delivery arrangements either by phone or email – don’t give up hope just yet! 17TRACK is China’s most popular online shopping service and allows users to track packages from over 1,200 carriers. The platform’s wide carrier integration, API service with eCommerce platforms and mobile apps for iOS and Android provide a comprehensive overview of your package information in one location.


Sprinter tracking is an indispensable service for e-commerce, providing real-time updates to millions of online shoppers around the world. 17TRACK offers comprehensive global package tracking services with carrier integration for multiple popular shipping methods like ePacket, EMS, postal registered mail, flat rate surface delivery and international express. Users can easily track orders on mobile apps or web platforms with real-time update and extensive search capabilities; reminders can easily be set with options including Date/Time/All Day Repeat; URLs or Notes can also be added via an Info button when editing or swiping to right in detail view for easy management of reminders! 17TRACK makes global package tracking services easily available!


Notification alerts inform you when your parcel has been processed by the carrier and is being prepared for delivery. Usually this means your parcel has left its originating country/area and is traveling through transit countries to its final destination country; tracking information may take days to update due to carrier distribution networks, customs inspection, airline arrangements etc. Please wait patiently while regularly monitoring your tracking status if it remains unchanged for long. Alternatively you should directly reach out to seller to get help if it remains unchanged for too long.

When creating or editing an alert definition, you can choose either primary or optional means of notification as well as its frequency. When creating an alert you can add sites and roles that correspond with it so users that fall within that combination will subscribe automatically to it.

If you have subscribed to an alert, navigating to Tools & Settings > Alerts/Workflows > Manage allows you to change its subscription mode or delete it as necessary.

Duplicating an alert can be accomplished by performing a search and selecting it to duplicate. Once selected, renaming and assigning NotesandAttachments as applicable; specifying whether this instance of the alert should be saved as new or duplicated and specifying its criteria (new/duplicated/equal). Once saved to your list of alerts you can activate or deactivate as necessary ensuring timely notification when systemic changes take place. This feature helps ensure timely notifications about changes within your system are delivered promptly to ensure prompt notifications about systemic changes can take place quickly when changes take place within systems.