Ecomhunt Masterclass User Review and Guide

This masterclass, which is an optional paid addition, provides step-by-step training.

This program is separate from the platform, but it was developed by the same man who created the platform.

This masterclass is divided into 14 chapters and contains 70 videos. It aims to take you from having no knowledge about DropShipping to having your website up and running with ads. There are modules that explain why ads don’t work and how to handle shipping. It seems like there is a lot.

How do I know if my shop is good?

  • To make sales, you need to know how your store should look and feel.
  • To make sure that we have covered all aspects of the process before we build our store, we will cover it all.
  • Copy and paste our must-have pages templates

I don’t know how to build my shop!

  • The steps to building our first store are broken down into easy-to-follow step by step videos.
  • 9 videos that will show you how to create your Shopify store like an expert.

How do you choose the right products?

  • What is the difference between general and niche stores?
  • How to choose the best products every time
  • We don’t want to make rookie mistakes and lose money.
  • To bulletproof your store in time for launch, double check the list!

I don’t know how to run Facebook ads.

  • Learn the basics of PPC marketing.
  • Get your Facebook skills up to the next level.
  • There will be no need for another marketing course.

I run traffic but no sales…

  • How to reduce the problem to the core issue.
  • Advanced Facebook ads analysis.
  • Advanced Shopify store analysis and breakdown.
  • Analyzing phase is the basis for taking action.

Some information about copywriting

  • How to name your products so they stand out from the rest.
  • Create product descriptions that convert easily into sales.
  • For more clicks, learn how to create ads text!

I scaled, but sales stopped

  • Which is the best time to scale up your campaigns?
  • How to scale your ads properly for more profit
  • Learn how to scale out and make your campaigns evergreen.

I have limited funds. What should I do?

  • How to test products on a limited budget
  • What are the costs associated with running an online store?
  • Find out all about traffic channels that are free and cheap.

I don’t know how to test products!

  • Advanced product testing strategies with FB ads
  • You can see how our testing ads are constructed from A-Z.
  • To save money on testing, learn when to remove bad ads.

How can I make money using e-mails to make it?

  • How to set up abandonment emails
  • Examples of promotional emails are shown in real life
  • To gain trust in future customers, collect reviews.

Do I Need to Charge Shipping?

  • How to set up and get free shipping
  • Discover 3 additional shipping strategies to increase your profit.

My targeting is not working!

  • To easily hack into highly competitive markets, learn how to use sniper targeting.
  • Broad targeting: When and how to use it
  • Make use of the power and influence of demographics and behavior.

Get Your Facebook Skills to the Next Level

  • Advanced audience building with Lookalikes
  • The Facebook pixel in detail
  • Your ads and store engagement can help you build audiences!

I can’t do all the work. What should I do?

  • Your dream team.
  • Everything you need to know about customer service
  • You can easily fulfill your orders with Oberlo and Aliexpress.