EPICA AI Shopify Product Recommendation APP Review

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Do you want to boost your Shopify sales and simplify the purchasing process for your customers? If the answer is yes, you should consider purchasing an artificial intelligence (AI) product recommender like the EPICA AI Product Recommendations.

When using this kind of program properly, you ought to be able to:

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  • Boost the conversion rates.
  • Simplify the process for customers to find what they want
  • Make consumer shopping easier
  • To better understand your target audience, analyze consumer data.
  • Use search suggestions from smart devices.

As we’ve already mentioned, EPICA’s AI Product Recommender is one such program that claims to accomplish all of the goals above.

Do you think it would be a good idea to look at what this app is, what it does, and how much it costs? Great. Let’s start now!

Information on EPICA Shopify’s AI Product Recommender

“A product recommendations system that helps Shopify Merchants enhance conversion rates by personalizing their offering in real-time with AI” is how EPICA promotes their app.

The program makes real-time predictions about the things your consumers will most likely purchase from your eCommerce store using strong AI. According to EPICA, using their AI-generated product recommendations should result in an average 25% boost in sales.

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The app’s goals include more than just predicting sales and improving client involvement; they also include giving you useful information about your customers. Consequently, you may design a more specialized purchasing experience for them.


Your customers will see suggested products based on their browsing and purchasing activity. The software can forecast what your customers will buy by gathering and analyzing their preferences to understand their behaviour better.

Ten minutes is all it takes to complete installation, and your hand is held the entire time. A ” wizard ” guides you step-by-step, showing you how to activate the widget on your Shopify store, among other things.

EPICA Shopify: The Key Features

Two key elements of the AI Product Recommendations app include:

  • AI-Based recommendations
  • Smart Search

AI-Based recommendations

The app’s machine learning algorithms, as we just mentioned, gather information about your customer’s online behaviour, browsing, and buying trends.

The software then uses this data to predict events using widgets that you can personalize automatically. Products are displayed and divided into groups according to:

  • Just arrived
  • Most viewed
  • Most likely to purchase – shown to your clients as “recommended for you” on your website
  • Trending
  • The longest duration of any page, including blog pages
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Smart Search The Predictive eCommerce Site Search

Thanks to the predictive eCommerce site search tool, customers can precisely and quickly locate what they’re looking for. It goes without saying that by making the purchasing process simpler for clients, you improve customer service and increase your sales rate.

When your customers search for a product, they won’t have to go through many irrelevant results; instead, they will find relevant results thanks to AI. This is a simple method to provide clients with a more individualized experience.

This function recognizes that customers generally search for products using natural language, which contributes to the accuracy of the predictive search tool.

How Much Will the EPICA Shopify App Set You Back?

Four options are available when purchasing the AI Product Recommendations app from the Shopify App store: Startup, Saga, Heroic, and Legend.

  • Beginning: This bundle is cost-free and supports up to 1,000 sessions per month.
  • Saga: You may get up to 10,000 sessions per month with this $9/month plan.
  • Heroic: You can access up to 25,000 sessions with this $19/month subscription.
  • Legend: You can receive up to 100,000 sessions per month with this $59/month bundle.
  • Before committing to any of those mentioned above, there is also the option of signing up for a 14-day free trial.
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What Are Users Saying About the EPICA Shopify App?

The software is relatively new, so there isn’t a lot of online discussion about it. What we did observe, though, was largely encouraging. Reviewers claim that onboarding was easy and that the AI tools helped them raise their sales. They like the advice from the EPICA team and how the software makes it easier for them to predict customer behaviour.

Users also enjoy the recommender widget that appears for their clients, promoting sales. There were few complaints, mostly about slow servers and sporadic comments about customer support.

What We Consider

To us, adding something to your online store seems obvious. This is particularly true if you are a startup with a tight budget. Based on its accolades, EPICA is a company with AI capability gaining some serious traction.

The app can be used for free before choosing which pricing option is appropriate. The free program can be all you require if your store is a small company.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Otherwise, when you consider that the program guarantees to raise your sales by an average of 25%, the Saga plan or Heroic package is affordable.

If you choose to use this app, please let us know how it works for you and whether and by how much it enhanced store sales. Good fortune!