Examples Of Facebook Ads For Inspiration

Facebook ads can be an effective way to build awareness, drive traffic and increase event responses, video views or exposure – but creating exceptional creative requires both art and science.

Spotify uses an eye-catching pink background and captivating line to draw the viewers’ attention, as well as providing them with something exclusive that makes them curious about its product.


Facebook ads allow marketers to gain unprecedented control over reaching and engaging their target audiences, while simultaneously providing an outlet to showcase a brand’s creativity and artistic style.

Feather utilizes visuals and limited text to portray an appealing lifestyle and appeal to social good, keeping users engaged throughout.

Sephora breaks away from traditional static-image ads by employing a carousel format in their ads. Each slide offers something special; including buzzwords like “finally” or highlighting product features ensures maximum attention is drawn.

Create attention-grabbing Facebook ads by personifying objects. Blue Diamond’s ad does just this, featuring salt and vinegar running toward each other before colliding in cute fashion. Plus, its sound-free format makes it ideal for people who don’t like having their music playing while working!


High-quality graphics are key when it comes to Facebook ads; they help capture the attention of your target audience while effectively communicating your message.

Burrow has done an outstanding job at showcasing their product and its benefits in one simple image. By using a white backdrop with vivid product shots to draw viewers’ eyes and highlight their offer.

Burrow is one of the best examples of customer testimonial ads on Facebook. Their Ad features an engaging quote from an existing customer alongside stylish images that display their product – creating an eye-catching ad that’s hard to miss. Plus, this one includes an action-oriented Call To Action (CTA).


When it comes to social media ads, there are numerous techniques you can experiment with. A carousel ad can be an effective way to showcase multiple product features or video demos; SnackSurprise did just this and delivered an ROI by showing real customers unboxing their snack boxes!

Bolden’s video advertisement does just this by offering product-neutral tips about how to properly cleanse one’s face using their cleanser.

Don’t forget to include your value proposition in your ads – Raising Cane has done this brilliantly by showing how their online ordering makes life easier, increasing click-through rates and driving conversions.


Facebook Ad Creatives play an essential part in engaging audiences and effectively communicating your message. To ensure high-quality ad creatives for Facebook ads, use professional software tools to design and manage artwork.

Slack’s advertisement provides a light-hearted way of explaining their product’s benefits. By featuring colorful imagery such as rainbows and unicorns, they manage to communicate that Slack can help people get work done more easily without unnecessary meetings.

Hyatt showcases their sophisticated live chat capabilities by showcasing an expert thought piece that can guide customers when booking hotels. Furthermore, this advertisement promotes their feature that tracks customer attributes and inserts product tours directly in-app – this will enable them to provide tailored support throughout their customers’ lifecycles.


ShipStation provides an ecommerce retailer with everything they need to import, organize, process, and ship orders seamlessly. The software connects with over 150 shopping carts, marketplaces, carriers, and fulfillment services and includes inventory syncing, order management features such as bundling/kitting/bundling capabilities as well as labels. Ideal for small to midsized ecommerce businesses.

Zapier has employed video ads on Facebook to show potential customers the solutions for their issues. Their copy emphasizes how this app will streamline to-do lists and save them time in their backend tasks.

Austin Bazaar Music’s Facebook ad showcases their free shipping and returns policy to attract both existing customers as well as attract new ones, while also featuring discounts for large orders to drive sales. Furthermore, their call to action button (CTA button) was specifically and relevantly named “Learn more”. Keeping this in mind when creating ads for ecommerce businesses is crucial.


Facebook ads can be tricky for marketers to navigate; it can be challenging determining what strategies actually work. IDP provides some static ad examples from their ad agency that highlight some best practices such as concise copy and distinct calls-to-action (CTAs).

Learn More is often more effective at driving Facebook ad conversions than “Shop Now”, as its inclusion of date and location ensures people who click through are truly interested in learning more.

Grind Coffee utilizes their Facebook ad to demonstrate how they can alleviate their audience’s pain point of expensive barista-style coffee, using both vertical video and carousel ads to showcase multiple products simultaneously, while still allowing viewers to focus on one specific one. They use buzzwords that resonate with their target market for maximum impact. Sephora also shows us the value of using retargeting with eCommerce ads on Facebook.


Though video ads on Facebook have proven highly successful, photo content still works just as effectively if done well. Project Repat’s advertisement shows just how simple images can draw people in.

Tight copy and powerful words are key components to creating advertisements that stand out on Facebook. Take, for instance, Sephora’s use of the buzzword “finally” as an attention grabber and emphasising an important new feature of their Afterpay service.

Bayrite does an outstanding job demonstrating their product options with this ad by showing their necklace comes in gold, silver and pink variations; making it easier for potential customers to locate products that suit them perfectly. Plus, their description clearly states online ordering to avoid lines. Overall this ad delivers value proposition.


Soylent stands alone among consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) when it comes to food companies; with its target demographic being under 34 year old digital natives. Soylent’s fanbase remains extremely dedicated.

Soylent was developed by Rob Rhinehart after becoming frustrated with the cost and hassles associated with grocery shopping and meal prep. He wanted a solution that could provide all necessary nutrients without incurring high expenses and time commitment. Soylent provides all this and more – an innovation which revolutionized nutrition through simple daily doses!

Soylent takes its name from the horror sci-fi film Soylent Green, in which people disguised as plankton appear. This has led to Soylent developing an image as a doomsday preparation product; therefore distinguishing itself from other meal replacement options. Their Facebook Ad campaigns employ customer testimonials as a powerful hook for clicks – providing another great example of making ads about customers rather than brands or products!


Quip makes it simple for teams to collaborate and create documents from any location on any device with ease, including documents, spreadsheets and chat all integrated seamlessly with Salesforce. Whether your sales teams use emailing files from standalone word processing software or messaging through multiple chat apps – Quip can help accelerate sales for one low cost allowing more work to get done more quickly!

Grind’s Facebook video ad capitalizes on their unique selling point of providing expert advice on making barista-style coffee at home, appealing to their target audience’s desire to save both time and money. They use playful phrases as well as emojis for extra engagement in this captivating ad.


Marketers must always strive to find creative ideas to grab people’s attention and drive conversions with their advertisements, no matter their ad objective. This collection of real-life Facebook ads provides inspiration and will allow you to push the limits of your advertising strategies while connecting with audiences in unique, engaging ways.

Facebook video ads can be one of the most effective marketing tools available, but creating engaging visuals that stand out in users’ feeds is key for success. Slack’s ad shows just that with its relatable content.

Social media users tend to have short attention spans, making it imperative that content remains short and snappy for maximum engagement. Grin’s ad does just this by directly targeting audience pain points with engaging copy. Readers will likely stick around long enough for it reach its CTA.