List of Best Websites to Sell Stuff Online

There are various online selling platforms that provide sellers with numerous ways to sell items online. Some, like eBay and Craigslist, allow auction-style sales while other services like Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark and VarageSale focus more on local buyers.

Nextdoor is another popular platform that enables users to buy and sell items within their neighborhood without incurring fees, making this perfect for selling furniture, cars and collectibles.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a peer-to-peer resale site that enables people to buy and sell items locally. With one billion monthly visitors, it competes with local options like Craigslist as well as global marketplaces such as eBay for popularity due to its easy interface, social media integration, customizable features and wide variety of products hard to find elsewhere – yet sellers need to be strategic about pricing, communication and customer experience in order to maximize profits and maximize profits.

On Facebook Marketplace, sellers should focus on selling durable yet low-priced items such as electronics, furniture and glassware. Furthermore, advertisers can post ads targeted towards specific Facebook users which will help increase traffic and sales.

To sell on Facebook Marketplace, it is essential that you create an account and abide by community guidelines. Once completed, upload products or offer services through this platform but be mindful when meeting people to complete transactions – for safety’s sake meet up in well-lit, public places where appropriate meetings may occur.

Facebook Marketplace is an effective way to sell goods and services online, thanks to its large user base and range of marketing tools available through the platform. Ideal for both small businesses as well as larger ones alike, its simple-to-use interface makes managing inventory effortless; in addition, payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards make this feature particularly helpful when selling physical products. Furthermore, multiple languages are supported on Facebook Marketplace’s user friendly mobile website!


Craigslist is one of the most visited websites on the Internet and an increasingly popular way for people to buy and sell items. Its emphasis on local listings makes it simple for buyers and sellers alike to locate specific types of goods or services easily, while offering users security and trust by enabling communication among members without divulging full names. Although some posts may violate privacy laws or safety standards, Craigslist works tirelessly to remove those violating such legislation as well as spamming schemes or any other malicious activities found within its forums.

Craigslist stands apart from its competition by not charging fees to post ads or purchase items, which makes it a popular online marketplace for goods and services. Furthermore, its user-generated content and community engagement help it compete against paid classified advertising platforms like eBay and Amazon – it remains privately owned without ever seeking venture capital funding or becoming publicly traded.

Their website boasts a simple design that puts content first. The home page showcases text-based categories with intuitive navigation features. In addition to listing ads, this platform features numerous forum sections where users can ask questions and engage with one another – making this feature particularly helpful for beginners looking to start selling online.

Craigslist was launched as an email newsletter in 1999 and has since expanded into a global network of classified ads, serving over 700 cities in 70 countries. Small businesses, real estate agents and event organizers appreciate its ease of use and low costs; plus its local approach allows it to quickly reach an array of potential customers in an efficient manner.


Nextdoor stands apart from traditional classified listings sites by acting more as a social networking platform that connects neighbors in real life. Residents can share items for sale and recommend local businesses while finding information about neighborhood events and activities, pets, cars and houses for sale on Nextdoor as well as various ad formats that meet different budgets such as sponsored posts, Local Deals or event promotions.

Nextdoor’s unique position as a neighborhood-focused site provides business owners with an ideal advertising opportunity. Businesses can promote their products and services directly to residents while remaining trusted brand image. Furthermore, Nextdoor users are highly-vetted and verified; helping it prevent trolling online.

Start exploring Nextdoor easily: to post a new discussion, simply click on the plus sign at the top of your homepage or app’s homepage or app homepage, select an appropriate category (local recommendations, items for sale, safety concerns, lost and found, public agency updates or general news) then decide who can see your post (private, entire neighborhood group or just friends and family members).

Real estate agents can use Nextdoor to connect with potential buyers and sellers in their community. But it’s important to be aware of its limitations, such as not able to post listings without an agency agreement or multiple listing service (MLS) affiliation. To stand out from competitors on Nextdoor it is crucial to create a well-branded profile and regularly upload quality content – further increasing visibility by participating in conversations or promoting local events.


Bonanza is an attractive online marketplace that provides sellers with numerous advantages. The low seller fees and user-friendly tools make Bonanza ideal for small businesses and individuals, while its array of security features helps prevent fraudsters. However, selling on Bonanza presents certain challenges such as its return and refund policies as well as lower traffic levels than larger marketplaces; by adhering to best practices and avoiding scams you can maximize sales potential on this platform.

To start selling on Bonanza, simply visit its website and click “Start Selling.” You will then need to create an account by providing your username, password and booth title – once this step has been completed you can begin listing items and managing inventory – even synching your Bonanza listings with other platforms such as eBay or Amazon for increased exposure!

As you create your Bonanza store, pricing and shipping options should be top priorities. Although you should aim to provide competitive prices, don’t overprice as that could turn away buyers and lead them away from your listing. Be sure to include accurate product descriptions as well as shipping information in each listing you create.

Bonanza allows you to upload photos and videos of your items for sale onto social media, helping your listing stand out from competitors and attract more customers. A social media management tool can automate posting to multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram saving both time and money!


eBay is one of the world’s premier online marketplaces that enables individuals to sell used items safely and securely. Its decentralized model and buyer protection program create a safe space for transactions between buyers and sellers to take place safely and seamlessly, while offering sophisticated search tools and payment processing services – making eBay an attractive option for small businesses too! However, before making a final decision it’s essential that both sides consider its benefits before settling on a decision to sell items on this platform.

eBay’s marketplace is free for members, enabling users to buy or sell items. Furthermore, EBay provides an easy mobile app that makes browsing listings on the go simple. Buyers have options of purchasing items at either fixed prices or auction-style formats; furthermore feedback ratings help users gauge seller reliability.

To start selling on eBay, first create and verify your user account. Afterwards, listing products and services should become much easier – additionally you may purchase Terapeak Sourcing Insights to optimize listings and sales performance.

eBay can be especially advantageous to high-volume sellers. Its auction feature makes selling products quickly and at higher prices easier; and with many people searching the platform every day searching for specific items that could increase your sales exponentially.

Some individuals make a career out of selling used items on eBay. They scour garage sales and thrift stores for high-quality items they can then list for sale on this platform. Such individuals require ample storage space as well as computer savvy to run an eBay store successfully.