Fashiontiy Dropshipping Company Reviews and Features

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We source and wholesale cheap clothing, jewelry, accessories, beauty, bag, shoes, home&garden, wedding&party, etc for women, men, and kids at FashionTIY.70% CHEAPER + NO MOQ + CUSTOMIZED SERVICE + FAST SHIPPING + CUSTOMER SERVICEThis article will answer the following questions:

  • Why did we create FashionTIY?
  • What’s FashionTIY?
  • What services does FashionTIY offer? Why should you choose FashionTIY?
  • Why FashionTIY?

Why did we create FashionTIY?

Are you a professional wholesaler and are you experiencing the following issues?

  • Your profit margins will be greatly reduced by the high price of the offline wholesale market.
  • You have too many options and risk when you wholesale on many online platforms like Wish or Alibaba.

You will likely face the following issues when placing an order on Alibaba:

  • You will be overwhelmed by the number of stores and repetitive products available. It will take you too long to find the right product and store. It is difficult and complex to choose the best product from among 10,000+ suppliers.
  • You were about to finish the book and go on your break when you realized that worse things had happened. You may need to contact multiple suppliers for the products you buy this time.
  • Each store has its own product quality control system. After the sale, you will need to negotiate with several stores.
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Only the most experienced people can see how terrible this is. Everyone wants to know if there is a platform that can assist small and medium-sized wholesalers in solving these problems. No, but not yet. FashionTIY was created in 2014 to create the best online wholesale market available for wholesalers as well as retailers.

What’s FashionTIY?

FashionTIY can be used to create an online wholesale market. Our goal is to be the most reputable online wholesale market for retailers, wholesalers, and resellers.

We are primarily in the wholesale business of apparel, jewelry, and accessories.

What services does FashionTIY offer? Why should you choose FashionTIY?

Through years of development, we are more than just an online wholesale market. We aim to be a procurement expert around your company and can offer the following services:

All products can be operated

Wholesalers don’t have to choose from among 10,000+ suppliers who are trustworthy when buying a book. We do that for them to ensure that your products are packaged in our warehouse, we have directly signed agreements with suppliers. All products pass our rigorous quality inspection.

100,000+ non-repeating products

We don’t produce products. We just collect great products for you. You can choose from over 100,000 products at the moment. FashionTIY allows you to purchase apparel, jewelry accessories, beauty, bags and home products. Our products are unique in that they can be used repeatedly. It doesn’t take much energy to tell the difference and ask “Are these goods the same in both stores?” Are they made of the same materials? Why is the price difference so large? Etc.

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Competitive price

FashionTIY offers a significant price advantage over the suppliers you already know. We can offer you a lower price while maintaining the same quality. You can save 40% or more compared to other online wholesale markets. Here are some reasons why:

  • Because of our stable cooperation with factories, we can obtain the lowest price for the product.
  • Wholesale platforms like Alibaba don’t require you to pay high advertising and store fees.
  • As a major customer, we have lower shipping costs.

Quality control and after-sales support

All products purchased will be shipped from our warehouse following strict quality inspections and packaging. If an abnormal product is discovered, we will immediately intercept it. After your order has been shipped, you can track all of the logistics information online. We also offer a 30-day after-sales support period. If you receive products that are not as described or have quality problems, please contact us immediately. We handle all after-sales. You don’t have to spend extra time or energy communicating with suppliers.

Fast customer service and customized

For any custom requirements or questions regarding the product, please contact our live chat via PC or APP. We will provide one-stop assistance. If you are having trouble finding the product you need on our platform, you can contact us to get one-on-one assistance.

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All services are free

All the additional services mentioned above (negotiation, pre-sales and after-sales negotiations, quality inspection, packaging, etc.), are free. They are completely free and you won’t have to pay any fees. These are the only expenses you will have to pay:

  • Actual cost of the product purchased.
  • Shipping cost for your products (DHL/UPS / FedEx).

Our platform makes a lot of money from cooperation agreements with factories, as well as a small portion of product price differences.

Grow your business now

Over the years we have provided quality services for more than 100,000 wholesalers and retailers. Our customers are located all over the United States and other countries. Many customers have seen a reduction of 40% or more in their purchasing costs, which has helped them increase their profit margins. We will also take away the hassle of daily purchases so you can spend your time with your family. You might need something similar, so why not give it a shot? Join us today to get rid of all the hassles and confusion that comes with buying. Let’s make this simple, easy, enjoyable, and more fun.

Dropshipping FashionTIY supports dropshipping with our partners. All you need to do is make a comment when placing an order. There is no additional fee and no license required.

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How do I start dropshipping in FashionTIY

Please make dropshipping orders as follows: Please enter your customer’s information, including their name and telephone number.Please enter “Dropshipping + Your Company” in the Order Comment. Make payment. You can forget to include the Order Remark when you place an order. Contact us via Online Chat to have customer service add it.

About product images

Our product catalogs and CSV files are not available. This means you can’t import our product information directly into your shopify store. Please download the product images and descriptions manually from our website.

After-sales for drop shipping

Dropshipping has the same after-sales policy as wholesalers.