Five Best Shopify Plugin APPS for Supplements

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Shopify’s user-friendly and robust ecosystem makes it easy to create a new store for Health Supplement and Nutrition brands and get started selling. Choosing the right apps is crucial to your success in this highly competitive market. Shopify has more than 4200 apps.

To help you find the right app for your business, we have created a app list.

SUPLIFUL on‑demand supplements

Zero upfront costs

Only pay production or dropshipping fees after someone has placed an order in your store.

Branding services

You can choose from over 100 white label products to customize your look.

Automated fulfillment

All incoming orders will automatically be sent to your customers. We don’t exist, as far as your customers are aware.

Supliful is the best platform to launch and grow your dropshipping business. Select from over 100 white-label products and add your design. You can also set your price, upload products to your shop with just a click. We automatically handle orders placed by customers in your name.

Benefits of Supliful

  • Dropshipping is free of startup costs
  • Branding services
  • Fully automated

What are the benefits of collaborating?

  1. Select from over 100 white label products
  2. Your personal brand design can be added
  3. Start selling products by publishing them to your online store
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About Supliful

Supliful, an on-demand fulfillment and dropshipping service, fulfills orders and ships products for online businesses. Our platform allows nutritionists, fitness coaches, and small-scale entrepreneurs to create their own supplement or coffee brand. Without any risk, you can test different store concepts or product portfolios.

Nutrition Facts

Great for SEO

Images are not allowed. You can get your nutrition data from Google by adding the nutrition text directly to your website. Support for metadata too

Inform your customers

Nutritional/supplemental information is one of the most important considerations consumers make when purchasing food & beverages

Manage Product Nutrition Data

You can track the nutritional information of your products. The app can help you find information about vitamins, minerals, allergens, as well as supplement facts.

Supplement Facts and Nutrition Facts Labels for Foods, Beverages and Supplements

When purchasing food or beverages, nutrition information is one of their most important considerations. Your site will look professional if you include nutrition facts labels. This makes it easier for customers to make informed food decisions and allows them to easily find the right products.

The Nutrition Facts app allows you to easily add nutrition facts and supplement information labels to your website in a standard, well-known and simple format.

Supplement facts and nutrition labels for both American and Canadian are also supported.

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Include Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts Labels in the Product Description

Consumers may find it difficult to find information if you mix nutrition facts and ingredients into your product description. Do not force customers to read through product descriptions looking for nutrition facts or ingredients. A nutrition facts label will make them stand out.

Export Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts Labels to PDF

You can download your label as PDF with our Unlimited and Premium plans.

You can add Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts Labels on any page of your site

The Nutrition Facts app can be used to add labels to product pages. You can create labels and add them to any page of your website. This is great for advertising new products on your blog, or to promote your homepage.

Improve the management of your product’s nutrition data

The Nutrition Facts app is a catalog of the nutrition data for your products. It provides information about vitamins, minerals, allergens, and dietary labels.

Relish AI

Instant and relevant nutritional/supplemental information is vital to help shoppers make an informed decision especially when it comes to health-related products.

Relish AI’s chatbot app for Shopify customer assistance is conversational AI powered by Relish AI. This dedicated FAQ Shopify app allows store owners to configure relevant information about products and health for FAQs. Customers can access relevant product information instantly in the chat window by using conversational FAQs.

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Chatbots can also be used to increase engagement and store conversions. They can reduce cart abandonment by offering personalized incentives, cross-sell, and up-sell products, and help with cart abandonment. Automate all support functions, from tracking orders to cancelling them.

Bold Product Choices

Like groceries, nutritional and health supplements also require bi-monthly, quarterly, or monthly purchases. You can generate revenue by setting up subscription plans for these products without worrying about remarketing to shoppers for repeat purchases.
Bold Products Options is the right app for you if you have multiple products or need an app that makes adding additional items to your order much easier. Bold Products Options allows you to easily customize your orders.


Shopify’s sustainable growth is dependent on your ability to understand the source of your traffic and determine which products are in high demand. RevTap allows you to make better choices when stocking your products. allows you to gather and display ratings, and use reviews about products and Shopify storesSocial proof and other user-generated content such as videos and photos can help increase conversion rates, organic traffic, and customer engagement.

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