Fooevents for WooCommerce Complete Review

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Let’s say you want to sell tickets for an upcoming event. Event organizers will tell you that group booking rates, early bird discounts, referral codes and discount codes are all great options. They’re correct – a well-executed marketing strategy is a sure-fire way to succeed.

But where do you begin?

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You’re setting yourself up to have a huge headache and an organizational nightmare if you don’t plan on using an event management system.

Let’s look at this in greater detail…

Why should you use an events management tool?

If you are regularly featuring events on WordPress, it might be that the default WordPress features don’t work anymore.

It is useful to share basic information about your events, but why not go one step further? You can sell tickets and track attendance with the right tools.

This is what you want, so you might consider a clever management solution such as FooEvents.

Fooevents Review – What is Fooevents?

FooEvents is WordPress’ #1 ticket plugin. FooEvents makes it easy to sell tickets and manage registrations for virtual and physical events.

The best part?

You are in complete control of your customer data, sales process, , and. Unlimited custom tickets can be sold without any ticket fees or commission. It’s a win/win situation. It doesn’t take a technical wizard to get started. The set-up process is simple and quick. You’ll be up in no time.

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FooEvents includes one plugin (FooEvents to WooCommerce), as well as a variety of plugins that provide additional functionality. FooEvents has a variety of licenses that are all valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

There are three types of licenses available:

One-time license: You or your client can only use one plugin on one domain.

Multiple domains Each plugin can be used on up to 3 domains

Unlimited Domains Each plugin can be used on unlimited domains.

FooEvents allows you to purchase individual plugins, or a complete bundle depending on your requirements. Prices start at $59 for the FooEvents plugin for WooCommerce. Bundles range from $129 to $389, depending on which license type. FooEvents guarantees a 7-day refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Fooevents: Its Key Features

Every Fooevents bundle includes a variety of features. There are three bundles available:

  1. The basic bundle
  2. Book your bookings Bundle
  3. The premium bundle

You can select one, multiple, or unlimited site licensing when you choose your bundle. Let’s take a look at each bundle individually:

The Basic Bundle Your events can be displayed on a calendar and attendees checked in using a barcode scanner. Tickets can also be emailed as PDF documents to attendees.

The Bookings Bundle This bundle allows you to create bookable products or recurring events, display dates and slots for customers to choose, check-in attendees and manage bookings using the FooEvents app.

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The Premium Bundle This bundle lets you ask specific questions to each attendee and set events that happen more than once per day. Customers can also choose seats.

You’re in Control

You have the ability to choose exactly what your tickets will look like, how they are sent, how they are formatted, and how they will be used. If you don’t want them, all tickets include 1D and QR barcodes. You can also disable this feature via your settings.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

FooEvents has a variety of ticket templates that you can use if you are not a creative person. There are over 20 professionally designed templates that you can choose from so you’re sure you will find the right layout.

Tickets Are Printer Friendly

PDF tickets can be printed easily from any device that supports PDFs.

A Zoom Integration

Zoom allows you to sell tickets for webinars, online conferences and meetings. FooEvents securely connects to your Zoom account. You can pre-register attendees and have a hassle-free experience.

Grow Your Database

After your attendees have been issued tickets they will be registered in your WooCommerce database. This is great news if your goal is to create a CRM database that can be accessed and managed.

Manage Access with the Free Check-Ins app

The days of the clipboard are gone. All your attendees, events, booking information, and other details can now be accessed from one central location. This app is great for large numbers of attendees. This app can be connected securely to your WordPress site. It allows you to scan tickets immediately with the built-in barcode scanner.

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100% Self Service

Your website allows customers to check the availability and book their preferred date and time slots. It means that customers don’t have to call or email you. All they need is a click away.

Seating Charts

FooEvents’ seating extension allows you to create and manage seating charts. Participants can see the available seats and choose their own seat from the list.

Access Over 100 Secure Payment Methods

You can sell tickets or process payments using a variety of payment methods including bank transfers, credit cards, cash on delivery and PayPal.

Fooevents Review – How do I set up Fooevents

Here’s a quick overview of how the app works.

  1. Buy your license: Take a look at all the available license types and decide which one is right for you.
  2. Get the plugin:FooEvents will send you an order confirmation email once you have purchased a license. To access your plugin files, open this email. These files can be downloaded from the FooEvents website’s ‘My Account’ section if you are unable to access them through email.
  3. Install the plugin. Go to your WordPress admin area and select ‘plugins’. You can then upload the zip file that you downloaded from the order confirmation email, or the section ‘My Account’ on the website.
  4. Activation You should now be able to see your plugin under ‘plugins’ in your WordPress admin area. You’re done!
  5. You can activate automatic updates: If you wish to receive automatic updates, you will need to link your account with your website. Enter your website URL into the license tab. This information is located under the “My Account” section. FooEvents will provide you with a key to access the site.
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Voila, that’s it!

What about Fooevents’ Competitors

There are many ticket management options that cost less, but they can be expensive and leave you broke. FooEvents does not do this and offers bundles that include free features such as an iOS or Android app for managing check-ins.

The feature list is also one of the largest on the market. There are many features available, including ticket inventory, coupon support, email ticket themes and branded tickets. You can also export attendee CSV lists. FooEvents can only be used with WooCommerce WordPress sites. FooEvents is not compatible with other website platforms. Here are some other options for those who fall under this category:

Tippera: Tippera has similar features to FooEvents and is not restricted to WooCommerce WordPress. Tickera payment plans start at $49 per annum plus a $70 once-off fee.

Events Tickets Plus: This plugin lets you sell tickets on multiple sites. It has many of the same features that Tickera or FooEvents. The basic plan allows you to manage tickets and RSVPs free of charge. You can also upgrade to get more advanced features. For one-site programs, prices start at $99; unlimited site plans can cost up to $750.

Fooevents Review: FAQ’s

Let’s end this review by answering some frequently asked questions about FooEvents.

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Q. How can I create an event?

A. Go to your WordPress admin area and select ‘products.’ Next, click ‘add new. You can then choose the title and provide information like images and a description. The FooEvents tab can be found in your WooCommerce product settings. You’ll find various fields that you can use to create your event or your ticket. You can also create various ticket types (such VIP, student, etc.). You can also use WooCommerce’s ‘attributes’ and ‘variations’.

Q. Can I translate FooEvents into ?

A: To change FooEvents text outputs to your website’s default languages, use WordPress translation files (.PO/.MO). FooEvents can also be used with WordPress Multilingual (WPML) to translate event content into other languages.

Q. Can I create my own HTML ticket or PDF themes?

A: Yes, you can. For a more detailed explanation, see the instructions.

Q. Which FooEvents product would be the best for me?

A:Each FooEvents products comes with different features. The size of your event as well as the amount of functionality you require will determine which bundle you choose. You can also check out our other pricing options to see which features are best suited for your needs and budget.

Q. What payment gateways do FooEvents support

A: WooCommerce is used to process payments. This means that you have the option of using over 100 payment gateways such as Stripe, Square and PayPal.

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Q. Can I modify the design or layout?

A: FooEvents is compatible with most WooCommerce themes. This means that you have many options when it comes to setting up your store or marketing your events to customers. WooCommerce templates make it easy to customize the event page and make your own.

Are you ready to use Fooevents?

We hope you are now more confident in your decision about whether Fooevents is the right app for your company. You can give the seven-day guarantee of your money back if you are still unsure.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Talk soon!