Franklin Hatchett eCom Elites Dropship Course Review

Do you want to read eCom Elites reviews? Franklin Hatchett’s lessons can help you make money in eCommerce.

You may have found eCom Elites through your interest in eCommerce or because you want to open an online business.

Although you may read a lot about eCom Elites’, I find that to be very suspicious.

eCom Elites affiliates write most of the positive reviews. Those websites get compensation for promoting eCom Elites so their words don’t seem trustworthy.

You can be sure that my reviews of Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites will not be biased because I am not an affiliate. This review is not sponsored by eCom Elites.

I’ve done extensive research on Franklin Hatchett, eCom Elites and other topics to help you make informed decisions. I have all the information you need about it.

Who’s Franklin Hatchett,

Franklin Hatchett, an Internet entrepreneur claims to have made his fortune through dropshipping.

He had also tried his hand at other businesses before he started this venture. He started by creating websites and ranking them. Then he began to charge advertising fees. However, the profits were not enough to support the lifestyle he envisioned for his laptop.

He tried affiliate marketing where he earned a commission selling products for an affiliated company. It worked well until his affiliate company went out of business.

Because there are so many online affiliate programs, the whole thing is quite confusing. Why did he abandon his entire business to become an affiliate marketer?

He tried dropshipping, which he did with Facebook ads. It seemed to be a great success.

Franklin says that success takes time, dedication, and hard work. He also warns that success is not guaranteed immediately after purchasing his course.

Franklin Hatchett is active on YouTube. At the time of writing, his YouTube channel had around 412K subscribers. His YouTube channel is devoted to promoting his online courses, which include eCom Elites.

Let’s now discuss what eCom Elites really is in the next section.

What are eCom Elites and

Franklin Hatchett created eCom Elites. This course teaches you how to use real examples and not marketing theories.

Franklin founded his dropshipping company in 2009, and is now a guru who promotes this model. Dropshipping can be traced back to 2004, according to Franklin, via a website called

He believes dropshipping is not a new trend, but something that can last a long time. Or you can see it as part the global economy.

Here’s what you can expect of eCom Elites from Franklin Hatchett.

  • Franklin provides an overview of Shopify dropshipping.
  • How and where to source products
  • Methods for product research
  • How to launch a Facebook Ads campaign
  • How to get Google organic traffic
  • Email marketing
  • Sales tactics
  • Videos that show off different themes and Shopify store customization
  • This course video contains 34 hours of video and 32 minutes.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (provided that you have seen at least 50% of the eCom Elites training and running a FB Ad, and have a complete store set up and running )

A Review of eCom Elites

Welcome video

Duration9 minutes 43 second

Franklin Hatchett presents the welcome video for eCom Elites members.

After a brief introduction, he assures you that eCom Elites is unique and will give you the best value for your money.


Duration28 Minutes

Franklin clarifies that this course is appropriate for those who are just starting out in eCommerce. Most of the content is irrelevant if you are already familiar with dropshipping basics.

Franklin also warns that you should not expect to make quick money after taking this course.

Sourcing Products and Research

Duration 4 hours 37 minutes

Franklin will share some of his tips and tricks for finding the best products. He gives you examples of how to source products from different sites and apps.

These products are not featured on any other dropshipping courses. If you are willing to search Google for them, they will be found.

Setting up Your Shopify Store

Duration 2 hours 43 minutes

This module is part of the Shopify standard setup process.

Franklin walks you through the steps of setting up Shopify. You will then be able to set up payment and shipping options as well as which apps you can use on your website.

He also teaches you how to set up contact information, abandoned cart email, product automation, and store funnels.

You can skip the majority of this content if you are an experienced dropshipper and have already established your own store.


Duration: The total video time for this module is 10 hours and 12 seconds

Modules 3 and 4 are where Franklin shows you how to use Facebook for sales. Here are his Facebook Marketing techniques:

  • How to create Facebook Ads accounts
  • Different Facebook Ads
  • How to reach a specific audience
  • How to set the Facebook pixel
  • Split-test and create different types of FB ads
  • How to interpret campaign data
  • Scaling Facebook Ads Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads optimization and bidding strategies
  • Data mining

However, if you’ve done Facebook marketing before, there won’t be any new information.

Instagram Traffic

Time: 1 hour 12 minutes

Franklin will show you how to use Instagram for traffic generation and reaching out to influencers at a fair price. He also teaches you how to schedule Instagram posts and run Instagram ads to keep your followers engaged.

Dropshippers prefer Instagram ads over Facebook ads, which are less effective at driving traffic.

Organic Google traffic (SEO).

Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes. Franklin shows you how to drive organic Google traffic. This topic is not often covered in other courses. To my dismay, he does not go into detail and cover the finer points that could influence the Google Algorithm ranking of your products.

Email Marketing

Duration: 2 hours 31 minutes

Franklin will show you how to use email marketing for more sales.

Learn how to create a Shopify store and lead generation list, and how to design a landingpage. He then teaches you how to automate your email marketing campaigns.

Franklin also reminds you about some common mistakes in email marketing.

Sales and Business

Duration: 57 minutes

Franklin will show you how to create a business plan and hire virtual assistants in order to increase your sales.

He then talks about taxes and business issues from the perspective of a New Zealander. You can often apply the principles of New Zealand to other countries. He warns you about financial risk and recommends that you consult an accountant to determine the right tax to pay.

Top Secret Videos

Duration: 52 minutes

Module 9 offers you many ways to increase sales. These include:

  • Trust – Use warrants
  • Use coupons to increase sales
  • Use review websites to improve trust
  • Create a fan page.
  • How to spy on your Facebook competitors

You can find most of the features by searching other Shopify stores.

Ongoing Videos

Duration: 52 minutes

This module gives you updated information about changes to Facebook Shopify, Google, Instagram and Google. These platforms, particularly social media sites, are constantly changing their policies, algorithms, and features.

It is important that your Facebook campaigns continue to evolve and adapt. Your ads account could be suspended if you break any new rules.

Video Request

Time: 1 hour 41 minutes

Franklin makes it clear in this module that he is here to solve your problems. You can request a new video to address your problem.

There are videos that have been covered such as how to use multiple Facebook accounts, Shopify, Adwords, custom conversions, and what to do with a PPE once you’ve converted.

Here are some tips for writing ads copy.

Video time total for the module is 1 hour 41 minutes.

Weekly Video

This module deals with Q&A sessions. Franklin shares some insights into common issues that have plagued students in this course. Franklin answers questions about a range of topics, including being banned from Facebook Adwords and spying on your competition on Facebook.

eCom Elites Pricing

eCom Elites are not expensive. There are two options: Ultimate and standard.

The Standard package is $197, while the Ultimate package is $297.

You get the Ultimate package with additional resources.

  • Complete Step by Step Sales Funnel Academy
  • Complete Google Shopping Ads Academy
  • This is the Complete 7 Figure Funnel
  • BOOK: Top 6 Figure Selling Products
  • BOOK: My Top Selling Niches Of All Time

eCom Elites are not expensive but it does not mean they are worth it. It is not worth $100 if it can’t help you make a dime.

Let’s now see if eCom Elites scams or not.

Are eCom Elites Scams?

I can’t say that eCom Elites scams. There is not enough evidence to support this.

Franklin Hatchett will introduce you to dropshipping basics and marketing techniques. This book is full of useful information and real examples. Dropshipping is a great option for beginners.

It is priced at $197 and relatively less than other Shopify dropshipping programs. However, does this guarantee you will make a living from the eCom Elites program?

My personal experience is that testing Facebook ads can easily net you a few thousand dollars. You won’t be able to recoup the cost of the course.

Franklin Hatchett acknowledges the issue and says he will teach you how to be conservative and safe when spending money on advertising. It takes longer for your ads to reach the right audience with Facebook manual bidding.

It can be tedious to make adjustments every few days, which can lead to lower returns.

One of the most surprising truths about Facebook ads is the fact that there is a potential for a return on investment.

If you want to make 6 sales per month, aggressive advertising spend might be the best approach.

Reasons I don’t recommend eCom Elites

I did dropshipping before. Dropshipping is becoming more difficult, I can tell ya. To build a 6-figure dropshipping business you will need to put in a lot of sweat, blood, and tears. If you’re doing it as a side-hustle, it is not for you.

These are a few reasons why I wouldn’t recommend eCom Elites or dropshipping.

High Financial Risque

If you don’t advertise, your dropshipping shop won’t be able to sell anything. Your PROFITS will be wiped out by Facebook ads, which are expensive and skyrocketing. It might take weeks, or even months to break even before you see any profit.

Dropshipping is a risky business.

Facebook Ads are Difficult and Pricey

The average dropshipper’s results show that the cost of your Facebook ads will be at least 30% of your sales.

Facebook ads rarely stay relevant for very long. Your ad will cease to be effective once it has exhausted its audience. Your total revenue may drop to zero, or even net loss.

According to Forbes Facebook saw an increase of 90% in Ad Costs year-on-year.

Even worse, Facebook constantly changes its algorithm so the learning curve for Facebook ads can be quite steep. It takes a lot of money and time to learn and test Facebook Ads.

Run Facebook ads with no experience. Your ad account may be removed for violating their strict policies.

Customer Support can be very slow

Dropshipping requires that you spend lots of time communicating with suppliers, and dealing with customers.

You must wait for your supplier’s assistance if your customer has any problems with the product. If your supplier isn’t helpful, you will have to take the loss. Many dropshipping shops have poor customer reviews and no returning customers.

You could see a lot more credit card charges back, which could lead to your payment gateway being shut down.

Product research It takes a lot of effort

To keep your store making money, you must find a product with the potential to become viral.

Dropshipping is a way to increase your product’s value in a matter of weeks or months. Because many other competitors will take your product and create better ads, this is why dropshipping is so popular. To outbid you, they may increase their Facebook advertising budgets.

To continue generating cash flow, you must keep looking for new alternatives.

Although you might be able to see their revenues online, they won’t give you the net revenue.

While some of these people might make money, it is not sustainable.

Dropshipping isn’t as passive as it seems. Dropshipping is a full-time job. This is because you need to continue finding new products, opening new stores, and searching for suppliers to increase your income.

Franklin Hatchett makes most of his money selling courses

Dropshipping can be very lucrative. Why would Franklin Hatchett tell you how to do it. He tells you the “secrets” to help you attract more people to do business with him. Is there not a conflict of interests?

This is the only reason. Dropshipping does not make Franklin Hatchett much money because its profit margin is very low.

Franklin Hatchett can earn more by teaching dropshipping. You can become a millionaire by dropshipping. They make more money. Dropshipping is a rare opportunity to make a profit.

Therefore, I do not recommend investing in eCom Elites.

Suspicious Testimonials

Some reviews may include screenshots as evidence of success. It is impossible to verify the accuracy of the results. It’s a marketing tactic that is often used to sell products.

eCom Elites teaches dropshipping and most of Franklin Hatchett’s revenue comes from his courses. This makes it a little less convincing.

Good Reviews by eCom Elites Affiliates

You’ve probably seen other reviews about eCom Elites, and all of them are highly regarded.

They are all paid to write. If you buy eCom Elites through their link, they will get a commission. Their words can be biased and inconsistent.

Technical Support is not available from eCom Elites

Technical support is essential for beginners in online business. eCom Elites is a video course that does not provide technical support. If you have technical problems, there is no support network.

You will feel helpless even though you paid so much for the course.

Different is my top recommendation. Your website will be supported by technical support 24 hours a day. A technical team is available to assist you whenever you have technical issues.

It’s like hiring a technical team. There are a million people online who can help you if you have any questions.

There’s no free trial

eCom Elites doesn’t offer a free trial. You will need to spend thousands of dollars in order to get started. The risk of not liking the course or feeling comfortable with it is higher.

Although they offer a money-back guarantee, there are certain procedures and criteria that you must follow to get your money back. The final decision rests with them and not you. If they don’t fulfill their promises, you can’t do anything.

My #1 Recommended Platform offers a free membership plan. This allows you to access the first level of training and build a website for free. You can upgrade to the premium plan for 50% off your first month if you love it. You don’t have to be concerned about making a poor investment.

High Return Rate

Dropshipping has a high customer refund rate. Dropshipping is a way to sell cheap, poorly-made products from China.

It is very common for customers to request a refund or return after they receive their products. Dropshipping is a high-risk business. This could cause your bank account to be closed.

It is possible to lose a lot of money as you will have to pay the product price if there is a return request.

If you follow my #1 recommended model of business, you won’t need to deal with it. I will explain in the next section.