8 Top Health and Beauty Shopify Stores With Theme Link

It doesn’t matter if you are already operating a online health and beauty store and need inspiration or if you’re considering starting one, it can be helpful to look at the success stories of merchants in this niche.

This article is for you if health and beauty are your passions. We are going to be looking at the best online beauty and health stores on Shopify for 2019. We’ll be looking at what makes them stand out from the rest. Shopify’s most successful beauty and health stores are distinguished by their innovative marketing strategies and smart product selections.

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shopify dropshipping store set up


Flex offers a life-changing alternative for tampons. Shopify raised $4.6 Million in the first half 2016 alone. It’s still going strong today.

Flex is a product that requires customers change their behavior. In this instance, they have to stop using tampons and start using Flex. Flex solves this problem by publishing lots educational blog posts, FAQs and customer testimonials. These educational posts are what convert sceptical customers into customers, and even monthly customers.


What’s not to love about that brand name? Nutriseed, a Shopify store, is all about nutrition. Nutriseed sells seeds, powders and other ingredients that can be used to supplement a variety of healthy diets.

In the past few years, Nutriseed’s growth has been exponential. Nutriseed is now a British manufacturing company.

Nutriseed now sells more than 200 products per day. To spread their brand’s message, Nutriseed uses some innovative marketing strategies.

They encourage customers to take selfies with their products to be eligible for a chance at winning a Nutriseed gift certificate. You think this is a great promotional strategy?


SkinnyMeTea, an Australian company, sells all-natural detox teas. Their mission is to assist people in achieving their health and wellness goals. SkinnyMe Tea had $600k in monthly sales within 9 months of its Shopify store opening.

How did they do it?

Their marketing strategies were a key part of their success. A pop-up offers 15% off if you provide your email address. SkinnyMe Tea will need the email address to use email marketing techniques to convert the browser into a customer.

SkinnyMe’s success can also be attributed to people trusting the brand to keep its promises regarding health and wellness. SkinnyMe has earned this trust through collaboration with Instagram influencers such as Lydia Millen who shared this post to her 721 thousand followers.

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shopify dropshipping store set up


Concrete Minerals was established in 2009. Concrete Minerals is a Shopify business that creates high-quality, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics. Concrete Minerals believes that less is more, which means there are fewer ingredients and more pigment.

Concrete Minerals cosmetics are free from parabens and preservatives, and they are 100% gluten-free. Concrete Minerals emphasizes these facts in their Shopify store. This attracts customers who are passionate about cruelty-free, natural cosmetics.

Concrete Minerals, a Shopify store that specializes in health and beauty, is very attractive to look at. Concrete Minerals uses eye-catching, vibrant photography and simple, bold icons to show their different selling points in an easy to understand way for their customers.

Concrete Minerals offers free shipping to all customers worldwide for orders above $50

 KKW Beauty

KKW Beauty is the next Shopify store to rock the beauty and health market. KKW stands for Kim Kardashian West, also known as the famous Shopify merchant. Kim Kardashian West founded KKW, a hugely successful beauty brand.

These products are of high quality and sell quickly. This is one of the most popular Shopify cosmetics stores. It is obvious that Kim’s brand is associated with every product. It’s worthwhile to study the layout of the store.

It is easy to see all the products at once. The product photos are clear and the descriptions are simple. Even if you don’t have a celebrity endorsement, it will be a great help to design your online beauty shop.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that offers a comprehensive and easy solution to beginners who want to start their own online store. You can sell products online, add a blog section to your website and customize your online business to suit your needs.

Shopify vs. Free CMSs – Which one is better for beginners?

Shopify is often preferred by eCommerce beginners over CMSs such as WordPress. WordPress, for instance, requires some basic knowledge of hosting and website management. Sometimes, you may also need a little coding knowledge.

Shopify, on the other hand, is for people who just want an easy, intuitive, and simple way to create an online store. Shopify is a great option for those who are just starting out in online business.

ThemeForest’s Top Healthcare and Wellness Shopify Themes

ThemeForest offers hundreds of Healthcare Shopify themes, with live previews. You can buy a one-off license to get access to all of them.

These are six beautiful, new themes that you can use for your Healthcare and Wellness Shopify website.

Medizin – Medical Equipment Shopify Theme

This theme is great if you are looking to sell medical equipment online. Medizin has many additional features, such as a mega menu that allows your customers to explore your products and quickly find what they are looking for. You can also find daily deals to encourage customers to buy cheaper and quicker.

Esteva- Nutrition and Wellness Shopify Template

Esteva is a theme that will help you establish an online presence if you are a dietitian or nutritionist. The Shopify theme features include five attractive and ready-to import home pages, popup newsletters, AJAX carts, and many other unique designs.

Medicia-Health and Medical Store Shopify Theme

Medicia is a Shopify theme that can be used to sell healthcare products such as medicines and drugs. It is a well-documented theme that has been recently published and offers excellent performance and speed.

It supports AJAX shop filters, cart and search bars. You also have three customizable homepages. There are many other features and inner parts like a parallax countdown, different header styles and footer styles, as well as a color editor.

Uray Fashion, Furniture, Cosmetics & Beauty Shopify Theme

The beauty and cosmetic market is one of the most crowded in the healthcare and wellness sector. Uray is a minimalistic and attractive theme that can be used to create an impressive Shopify store for selling beauty products. This theme is very popular on ThemeForest and comes with a lot pre-made demos that will help you build your online store quicker and easier.

Organica – Cosmetic, Food Organic, Beauty Shopify Template – Sections Ready

This theme is multi-purpose and can be used for healthcare Shopify sites. The Organicia Shopify theme allows you to sell nearly any type of health-related product, such as organic food, nutritional drinks, and medicines.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

It’s a professionally designed theme that includes six pre-designed home pages, fully functional features and SEO-friendly inner sections.

MyMedi- The Fastest Multi Languages Shopify They

MyMedi, another theme that can help you sell medical equipment and healthcare products through your Shopify store, is another powerful theme. This theme’s blog section is also care-oriented. It’s a great choice for medical writers who wish to share information and news through blog posts in order to increase their sales and attract more customers.

Looki – Beauty & Cosmetics eCommerce Shopify Theme

Looki lets you choose from a variety of designs for your shop and home pages. It is responsive and user-friendly and includes many features such as an AJAX contact form and mega menu.

Mallon – Medical Store, Health Shop eCommerce Shopify Template

Another high-performance theme for Shopify’s medical stores is this one. This theme is SEO-friendly, customizable, and fully compatible with all Shopify apps. You can offer any type of product or service to your customers using it.

Lammer Beauty and Cosmetics Shopify theme

Lammer Shopify is a great theme if you’re looking to launch an online cosmetic shop in a short time. The Lammer Shopify theme comes with many pre-made designs to help you design your website. These include four stunning home pages, eight product layouts and six styles for your shop page. There are also several other features that can be added to speed up the process.

Monspa Elegant Wellness & Spa Shopify theme

Monspa is a minimalistic and clean theme for beauty and spa salons. You can easily import five home pages from the theme to your website and begin selling products. Monspa can also be used to create appointment booking sites that allow you offer services in addition to your products.